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Laning Phase 101-ADC’s Role on objectives and building synergy with Jungler

Following the previous LoL 101 article on counter matchups and what to do when alone as an ADC, this extension of the LoL guide will cover roaming and how to help your jungler to secure important objectives on the map as an ADC.

Providing help to your jungler is something that all LoL pro ADC players are doing and it’s an efficient way to impact the team in a positive way in order to climb. Although the ADC’s laning phase consists of mostly farming, trading in the lane and dodging skill shots from the enemy support, it’s crucial that you help your jungler and provide support for him. Coordinating with your jungler is an important part of every role’s laning phase so this ADC guide will cover mostly bot lane perspective.

Jungler’s position on the map will determine if you can provide some help or not because if he’s on the top side of the map there’s no point in you running all the way there, miss farm and experience. If the jungler is nearby, however, you should try and help out if he’s in trouble or if he’s trying to secure an objective.

As an ADC, there are a few things you can help out with when it comes to playing around objectives and since you’re in the bot lane you could help out your jungler if he decides to take the dragon. Also, you can help him out by doing as much damage as possible to the enemy if he comes over for a dive.

League Of Legends – ADC’s Role in Jungle-Bot Lane Synergy

Even though as an ADC, it’s most important that you farm the minion wave and get as much gold as possible to reach your LoL build faster, occasionally you can help out your team, especially your jungler when he’s trying to secure an objective that will benefit the entire team like the Dragon. Regardless of the ADC matchup, if your lane is pushed into their tower and you see your jungler fighting with the dragon, you can go and lend a hand. When your lane is pushed you can choose what to do and how to impact the rest of the map by picking one of the following:

⦁ If your jungler is close by and the dragon is up you can assist in securing this important neutral objective which will get your team some extra stats to help you win the game. Going up the river together with your support will make sure that you have a numerical advantage in case a fight breaks out. Remember, priority in the lane is very important in your help choice.

⦁ Another thing you can do is to make sure he’s safe on his side of the jungle by being there to help him out if he’s trying to secure the scuttle crab and he’s getting jumped by the enemy. When your lane is pushed, you can react faster and lend a hand to your jungler that can not only save his life but also result in a kill of your own. Mind the minimap and make sure you hear your jungler’s pings.

⦁ The third thing you can do is coordinate a dive under the enemy turret with your support and jungler. This is the riskiest one of all because it can go horribly wrong and you can come out of it worse but it bears the most fruit if it goes right and you’re able to kill the enemy bot lane. You won’t just get the kill but also you’ll be able to secure some LoL plates off the turret which also hold gold that will get you items much faster. Make sure that you’re going for dive prepared and with a plan on how to get out of turret range before you die or you might end up on one of those LoL videos of failed dives where the enemy outplays dive and manages to get a triple kill.

⦁ The last thing you can do is to recall together with your support and rotate to the other side of the map and try to pick up a kill on the enemy top laner in coordination with your jungler, support and top lane. If you’re able to successfully pick up the Rift Herald and the top lane turret, it will be worth it. In most cases picking Herald would be sufficient too. This is a high-risk play that may result in nothing more but losing the bot lane turret entirely or at least a lot of plates from it.

These four situations aren’t dependent on whether or not the enemy picked your LoL counter or you were able to get an ADC counter, rather they depend on the state of the lane and if you have it pushed near their tower or you’re being pushed back and forced to farm under your own turret.

As a bot lane player it’s most important that you master the essential mechanics of farming and positioning before all but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect the other aspects of the game, especially if you want to constantly improve your gameplay and find yourself among the best bot lane players in the League.

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