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Prehistoric Beast Hunters: Skin Lines in League of Legends

A world where characters exist as either mighty prehistoric beasts or powerful prehistoric hunters. Hunts that defy every sense of battle and struggle for survival. Welcome to the universe of the Prehistoric Hunters.

It was a time before Mankind developed automated or sophisticated weaponry and combat was limited to crude arsenals. Beasts as huge as mountains terrorized the lands and roamed free until the hunters arrived. At the current stage of the lore, we have four hunter characters and three monsters.

The Prehistoric Hunters skin line represents a world of survival and battle prowess. It is said to be linked to the Battle Academia skin line and the Tribal Ryze skin. I believe it is as unique as the Blood Moon skin line except, in this case, the monsters are hunted not worshiped.

The Prehistoric Beasts

Prehistoric Hunters - The Beasts
The Beasts

These aren’t mere creatures of old, these are beasts of immense size and power. Their continued existence is only a testament to their prowess.

Prehistoric Anivia

With the power to form and wield ice, Anivia is the only surviving bird from the old times.

Skin Story

A gargantuan beast capable of creating vast ice fields, Anivia is a nightmarish opponent for even the most seasoned hunters. She is drawn to the sound of hunts, dive-bombing the area before retreating with a hunter or two to snack on.

Prehistoric Cho’Gath

Cho’Gath’s endless appetite and unique gene removed the limit to which he can grow. Yes, he dwarfs mountains in sheer size.

Skin Story

A titanic beast feared for its massive size and endless appetite, no sane hunter would ever think of taking on Cho’Gath. Seeing as there are no sane hunters, Cho’Gath enjoys a steady supply of lightly armored food.

Prehistoric Renekton

The only beast known to demonstrate intelligence both in speech and combat, Renekton sends hunters to their graves.

Skin Story

A rare intelligent beast, Renekton is an erudite speaker and skilled wielder of the crescent blade. He’s also six stories tall and not particularly friendly. Hunters are advised to make their final arrangements before engaging.

The Hunters

The Hunters
Tryndamere and Draven

These aren’t your regular hunters, they have the abilities and strength to go toe-to-toe with beasts of legend. Their continued existence is proof of a string of successful hunts.

Prehistoric Hunters – Beast Hunter Draven

A hunter with exceptional skill and mastery of spinning axes, Draven has the ability to take down any beast. Although he’s more of a show-off who cares less for fellow hunters.

Skin Story

In addition to being one of the best beast hunters on the mainland, Draven is a master of the spinning blade, and also an incorrigible showboat. This quality has led to many of his hunting partners being eaten, which he likes because it causes dramatic tension.

Prehistoric Hunters – Beast Hunter Sejuani

Sejuani is inhumanly strong. Her strength and the bravery of her mount are always enough to reel in any beast.

Skin Story

A beast tamer as well as hunter, Sejuani rides her trusty mount Bristle into the thick of combat before snaring massive creatures in the chain of her flail. An almost supernaturally strong woman, she can—temporarily—hold down beasts weighing several tons, which is exactly the window her fellow hunters need.

Prehistoric Hunters – Beast Hunter Tryndamere

With a fury that practically renders him unable to die and strength for cleaving flesh from bone, Tryndamere is a hunter of legend.

Skin Story

Tryndamere isn’t the smartest beast hunter, but he is the strongest—possessing a stubborn rage that quite literally refuses to let him die. A single swing of his blade can cleave a beast’s limb from its body, and he has the hunting trophies to prove it.

Prehistoric Hunters – Boneclaw Shyvana

Prehistoric Hunters - Boneclaw Shyvana

Shyvana exists as the combination of both hunter and beast. Within her lies a dragon that only comes out when she rages. Nothing fuels her fury more than the height of a hunt.

Skin Story

Many hunters claim Shyvana holds an unfair advantage when it comes to slaying the giant beasts that roam the land. Shyvana herself cares little about their opinions, preferring instead to channel her rage into her true form—a massive, fire-breathing dragon… that proves the hunters’ point.


The prehistoric hunters is another world with more than enough room for lore and character development. I can only hope that we get more content from this skin line in the future.

Stay tuned!

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