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Rise of the Elements and League of Legends Pre-Season Changes

Between the professional and amateur seasons of League of Legends, the closest thing to the holiday time is the pre-season. This period is often chosen to make changes to the basic gameplay mechanics of the game and major balancing operations. During this year’s League of Legends Pre Season, Riot completed all touches while trying to create a deeper, understandable and satisfying player experience.

More significant changes will be made compared to other pre-season periods, depending on the announcement. These changes will focus on the map, dragons, item system modifications and runes. In terms of gameplay, is very important for this period will breathe into the players to adapt to new changes. Remember that the ranked matches you played during the pre-season will not affect your MMR either.

Summoner’s Rift

LoL Pre Season Summoner's Rift

If you remember, Summoner’s Rift map has been changed several times in texture and shape. Changes to the event, such as Winter or Harrowing maps, were engraved on the players’ minds. But this time, the change is made to change the whole gameplay. New alcoves added to the top and bot lane. While expecting to add depth to the gameplay with this update, Riot Games talked about the changes: “The side lanes offer greater outplay opportunities by allowing players to turn fights through clever environmental play.”

In addition, the Dragon and Baron pit front bush update carries strategic importance to the river path and increasing the potential for game-changing moves.

The Dragons will also cause changes to the map. But it would be better to touch this issue below “Dragons.”

Dragons – League of Legends Pre Season

The 2020 season is called “Rise of the Elements”, Dragons will take great attention throughout the season. Many changes have been made about Dragons sor far, and now, Dragons will allow to take strategic actions through the map and change the gameplay, not only in their pit.

The Dragon buffs you get when you slay the Dragon, have also had some changes. In addition, Dragon Souls mechanics can greatly change the gameplay in the new season. The Elemental Drakes themselves still grant different flavors of permanent, stacking buffs to your team when killed, but some buffs are now a little different. When a team kills their fourth Elemental Drake, instead of stacking their elemental buff, they’ll gain a powerful Dragon Soul from the dominant dragon. Dragon Souls persist through death and last the remainder of the game.

Infernal Dragon Soul – League of Legends Pre Season

LoL Pre Season Infernal Drake
Infernal Drake

The percentage increase in damage with Infernal Dragon buff remains. In addition, Infernal Dragon Soul, makes your next attack or damaging spell create a small AoE explosion, dealing adaptive damage that scales with bonus attack damage, ability power, and bonus health every 3 seconds.

The Infernal Drake sunders the Rift, creating new pathways through buff camps and burning away their brush. In addition, the dragon pit itself becomes the Infernal

Drake’s molten domain, crumbling the walls at the mouth of the pit. New paths make opportunities for a quick flank or sidestep that your opponent isn’t expecting.

LoL Pre Season Infernal Drake
Infernal Rift changes

Ocean Dragon Soul – League of Legends Pre Season

LoL Pre Season Ocean Drake
Ocean Drake

To say that Ocean Dragon brings life to the Rift is on point. The Ocean Drake brings new life to the Rift, causing the existing bush to expand, fresh patches of bush to grow around the dragon pit, and the environment to flood with pools of water. In addition, Honeyfruit plants sprout up in each jungle quadrant.

While playing Rengar, Caitlyn, Maokai, Teemo, Nidalee, Qiyana, Kha’Zix, Pyke, you can use new bushes of your Ocean Dragon Soul to your advantage, more placements for your wards, and new opportunities for ganks.

Ocean Rift changes, more bushes and more fruits to heal.

Cloud Dragon Soul – League of Legends Pre Season

Cloud Drake

The effect of Cloud Dragon has changed. It now reduces the cooldown time of your ultimate ability. Hitting enemies with abilities or attacks lowers the cooldowns of your base abilities.

The Cloud Drake’s power spawns air currents flowing through the jungle and dragon pit, speeding up champions in the vicinity.

Cloud Rift changes

Mountain Dragon Soul –
League of Legends Pre Season

Mountain Drake

The effect of Mountain Dragon has also changed. It now increases the armor and magic resistance in percentage. With Mountain Dragon Soul after not taking damage for 5 seconds, gain a shield that lasts until destroyed. The shield’s magnitude scales with bonus attack damage, ability power, and bonus health.

The effect of Mountain Dragon on the map is; The Mountain Drake triggers a seismic shift throughout the Rift. Bluffs of rock erupt from the earth, making for some scary new choke points and ambush locations, most notably across the mouth of the dragon pit itself.

While playing Qiyana, Talon, Camile, Gnar, Vayne or Ornn in Summoner’s Rift, you can use your abilities more efficient thanks to Mountain Drake’s terrains.

Mountain Rift changes

Elder Dragon

Elder Dragon is more dangerous now. On the changes of Elder Dragon, Riot Games wrote: “Elder Dragon still grants a powerful, short-term combat buff, and we’re retooling it to offer teams who failed to claim a Dragon Soul a team fight-focused hope of getting back into the game. To achieve this, we’re removing Elder Dragon’s scaling with Elemental Drake buffs (which favors the team that’s ahead) and replacing it with a new execution component. If Elder’s burn damage affects a low-health enemy champion, they’ll be consumed by a searing Elder Immolation—killing them instantly!”

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