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SenpAI Comments: 10.12 PBE Notes – Rune & Rift Updates

10.12 PBE

Another PBE Cycle, tons of notes to share! SenpAI is here to list the recent additions to the PBE server with the upcoming patch 10.12. We have new members for the High Noon skin series, a bunch of chromas, emotes, and more importantly a handful of system upgrades. Diving in!

Champion Skins

patch 10.12 PBE

Three new skins added to PBE for testing:

  • High Noon: Irelia & Senna
  • Hextech Nocturne

High Noon Irelia (1350 RP)

PBE 10 .12 notes

“A fallen angel who escaped the destruction of Heaven, now tainted by ineffable darkness. Irelia has spent years in hiding, thus her return alongside a newly resurrected Senna attests to the presence of powers who would see the heavenly kingdom restored… perhaps for the continued benefit of man, or perhaps for their final damnation.”

  • Models and textures!
  • VFX – Angel form at max stacks!
  • SFX – Whips and fire!
  • Recall – Demons or angels? 

This skin look so cool overall. However, there are some readability issues on some skills like E and mark that need a bit adjustment.

If you would like to take a look at the in-game features; check HERE.

High Noon Senna (1820 RP)

PBE 10 .12 notes

“Once the greatest gunslinger on the continent, Senna’s life would have ended when her heart was torn out by the devil– save for the intervention of a higher authority. Mysteriously resurrected with the heart of an angel and a demonic steed, she has returned to the west to restore the balance of Heaven and Hell… however she sees fit.”

  • Models and textures
  • VFX
  • SFX
  • Animations and recall
  • Voice Over

It seems Senna’s new legendary skin does not have the expected amount of VFX and changes so players have requested tweaking the skin a little bit. We will see what will be on the live version.

Wonder what it looks like in-game? Check the new Senna HERE.

Hextech Nocturne (Gemstones)

PBE 10 .12 notes

“Not every part of the Hextech renaissance led to bright innovations. A clandestine experiment to fuse Hextech with demonic energies wrought a living nightmare, a predator rumored to stalk the streets and back alleyways of the city. Authorities report that any such creation would have been terminated along with any such project, and that any missing persons reports are, of course, completely unrelated.”

That poor one at the corner… Check the in-game components HERE.


patch 10.12 PBE

  • High Noon:
    • Irelia (7 Chromas)
    • Senna (5 Chromas)
    • Jhin (8 Chromas)
    • Lucian (5 Chromas)
  • Bandito Fiddlesticks (8 Chromas)

Summoner Icons

patch 10.12 PBE

New High Noon icons beside some Little Legends are now available on PBE.

Astronaut Icons

New Emotes

patch 10.12 PBE

Loots & Others

patch 10.12 PBE

  • DX11 is now available for testing on PBE in patch 10.12

Balance Adjustments

patch 10.12 PBE

This cycle weighs on system upgrades rather than champions. A couple of changes on Runes and Rift elements are on their way to the live version but Riot added that some changes may need further investigation. We will see which ones will cross the finish line.


  • Approach Velocity (I4)
    • [Removed] Movement speed toward ally champions
    • [Changed] Now gain 7.5% Movement Speed towards nearby enemy champions that are movement impaired (increased to 15% Movement Speed for enemy champions that you impair).
  • Guardian (Resolve Keystone)
    • Range increased from 175 to 350
    • Trigger condition changed from [any damage] to [75-200 damage in the last 2.5s or lethal damage]
    • Movement speed removed
    • Shield value increased from [70-150] to [80-200]
  • Unflinching (R4)
    • [Changed Effect
      • Old: “After casting a Summoner Spell, gain 15% Tenacity and Slow Resistance for 10s. Additionally, gain 10% Tenacity and Slow Resistance for each Summoner Spell on cooldown.”
      • New: “Gain 10% Tenacity and 10% Slow Resist. These values increase by up to an additional 20% Tenacity and 20% Slow Resist based on missing health. Maximum value achieved at 30% health.”
  • Predator (Domination Keystone)
    • [Changed Effect
      • Old:
        • Channel for 1.5s out of combat to gain 45% movement speed for 15s. Damaging attacks or abilities end this effect, dealing 60 – 180 (+0.4 bonus AD)(+0.25 AP) bonus adaptive damage.
        • Cooldown: 150s – 100s. Starts the game on cooldown. 50% cooldown if interrupted while channeling.
      • New:
        • “Enchants your boots with the active effect ‘Predator’.
        • Gain increased Movement Speed, ramping up to 45% Movement Speed over 1.5 seconds, while chasing enemy champions. After ramping up, damaging attacks or abilities to champions end this effect, dealing 30-90 (+0.2 bonus AD)(+0.1 AP) bonus adaptive damage.
        • Cooldown: 100s-70s.
  • Taste of Blood (D2)
    • Now has a buffbar icon tracking it’s cooldown state


  • GHOST:
    • CD increased from 180 to 210
    • Movespeed ramp removed
    • Movespeed lowered from [25 – 45% movespeed, scaling with champion level] to [20 – 40% movespeed, scaling with champion level]
    • [New] Now extends its duration by 4 – 7 seconds on takedown, scaling with champ level

Elemental Rifts

  • Infernal Rift – Destruction of walls opens new pathing, doubling down on this idea.
    • Additional Blast Cones spawn in the jungle and alcoves 
  • Cloud Rift – Whirlwinds in the jungle enhance speed and rotations
    • Additional Scryers Blooms spawn in the jungle
    • Wind speed areas now have increased effect for champions out of combat”


We will be giving full comments on our live version of the 10.12 patch so come back next week to see what is actually applied.



  • Five Point Strike (Q) 
    • DMG increased from 25/50/75/100/125 to 30/55/80/105/130
    • AP ratio >>> 60% to 65%


  • Mana restore on ablazed kill from 6-18 to 10-30


  • Soul generation on kill >>> 2 to 8.333%
  • AS ratio >>> 0.2 to 0.35


  • Q auto-attack AP ratio >>> 55 to 60%
  • Q shield AP ratio >>> 15 to 20% (empowered 24 to 32%)

Volibear (Hotfixed Jun 1st)

  • Q movement speed 10-30% to 15-35%
  • E bonus damage 60-180% (+7-13%) to 80-200% (11-15% target’s max HP)
  • E non-champion damage cap increased by 50 at all ranks


  • Featherstorm (R) damage increased from 100/150/200 to 125/250/375



  • Base HP >>> from 575 to 560
  • Base Armor >>> from 20 to 18
  • Base MR >>> from 30 to 34


  • Zephyr (W) minion damage >>> from 60% to 50%


  • Frozen Domain (W) bonus movement speed >>> 30/35/40/45/50% to 20/28/36/44/52%


  • AD per level lowered from 3.11 to 3
  • Piercing Arrow (Q) 
    • min damage AD ratio lowered from 110% to 100%
    • max damage AD ratio lowered from 165% to 150%


  • P shield increased from 110-510 to 130-530
  • Base HP lowered from 523 to 490
  • Wind Wall (W) cooldown increased from 26/24/22/20/18 to 30/27/24/21/18

We will be giving the latest news on the patch and also share our thoughts on the official release. Tune in our guides and analysis videos while we all wait for the changes to go live!

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