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Senpai Explains; League of Legends Patch 10.13 Notes

League of Legends Patch Notes 10.13 is live and Volibear is in its final form! As we have mentioned in our PBE Notes, ADCs now have the anticipated health buff and attack speed items are more dangerous. Let’s begin with the champion stats and continue with our thoughts upon the new update.


Available with patch 10.13

Buffs & Nerfs

  • Aphelios: Base attack damage growth decreased. Q Chakram reset removed for Epic Monsters; turret range indicators no longer visible in Spectator. R follow-up attack critical damage decreased.
  • Cassiopeia: Base magic resist decreased.
  • Gnar: E attack speed increased, attack speed duration increased.
  • Kalista: Base attack damage growth decreased.
  • Kog’Maw: Q damage ratio increased. R damage ratio increased.
  • Lucian: Q ability range increased.
  • Nocturne: Bugfix on Umbra Blades cooldown. Passive now always procs against monsters.
  • Nunu: Q damage and healing ratio increased. R shield now includes AP ratio.
  • Ornn: Passive health and mana items now retain previous health and mana percentages.
  • Rakan: W base damage increased later.
  • Ryze: Base magic resist and attack damage increased.
  • Syndra: Q cost increased.
  • VI: Q cooldown decreased later.
  • Yorick: R range for Maiden of the Mist’s leash decreased.
  • Yuumi: E cost increased.



He’s not a little fluffball: Gnar is now a bit stronger in his Mini Gnar form and possibly will be moving up tiers since the buff makes him quite viable up until mid-game.

Spitfire: A buff for AP Kog’Maw players and from the sight of it, seems like Riot actually want players to move Kog’Maw back to mid lane. Since he can act as a ranged mage we consider the buff on his ult a big one.

Mr. “I don’t like Thresh”: The General ADC buffs must have seemed insufficient for Lucian therefore Riot have decided to tweak his Q a bit. Lucian still need to move closer to his target yet has an advantage to snipe through units with this buff. 

Darkness Bringer: Here we have a buff intended for jungle Nocturne which would definitely increase his clear speed and help him out with more HP after those monster fights.

Snowball incoming!: Nunu & Wilump got their AP sides a bit stronger and players will have more access to outplays since the survivability is increased with the changes.

The Lovebird, SUP one: Looks like a minor buff on digits however Rakan will benefit from it a lot since his main ability got the rising digits. 

Rune Prison: Good decision for low-elo players since Ryze is all about timing. The increased MR and AD will help a lot the last hits and overall performance for the one at the lesser part of the ladder.

The Punch: Piltover’s biggest fists VI had a significant buff which will make it harder for her opponents to dodge the second punch and get a massive bruise on their heads.

The Undertaker: It was annoying that when you play Yorick, Maiden does not care at all when we were in team fights and trust us, if your own ability does not follow your commands it is bad. The buff brought an easier way to control R without making Yorick too powerful and we appreciate that. 


The Mute & The Moon: We see that Riot wanted to put and end Aphelios‘ reigning days since they have also nerfed Dance’s Death along with his skills. We consider this a huge blow on Aphelios and will see how he’ll perform during the patch cycle.

Snake Lady: Yes it was a bit too much on Cassiopeia‘s MR and yes this is a good decision to scale her better. This small adjustment will not affect her late-game power.

The Revenge: It is quite hard to sustain against Kalista in the early phase of the game. We think Riot intended to make life a bit easier against her.

Hephaistos: This nerf won’t affect lower elo yet will have an impact on the higher part. Ornn’s early game phase will be harder than it was and this is actually a big hit on his playstyle.

That Wicked Witch: Syndra is crushing people with the Domination build. We believe that this nerf on her will help Syndra players to make more clever decisions on using Q and missing it will be punished heavily from now on. It is now harder to push lanes and lost a bit strength on her pressure. 

THANK LORD:  Someone hears your prayers folks. Yuumi got a big nerf on her E which will avoid her using it mindlessly and will make it a lot harder thank you think to sustain team fights. A fair nerf for her opponents since it could get quite annoying to play against her.


Rune Updates

Available with patch 10.13




ADAPTIVE FORCE PER STACK 2-5 (levels 1-18)  1.7-4.2 (levels 1-18)



SHIELD 80-200  70-150





Available with patch 10.13


“Death’s Dance has been overperforming on ranged champions, although we think its utility as a defensive measure should still be within reach. Looking to tone down the effect on ranged champions to open up builds while still leaving the item as a viable option.”

  • POST-MITIGATION DAMAGE STORING 20% for ranged champions  10% for ranged champions

Champ Select Report & Mute Testing

  • Champ Select muting blocks messages from the muted player in Champ Select and the mute carries over in-game.
  • For now, Champ Select reporting is only in place to collect data. After the experiment ends, we’ll use that data to plan out further investment in this type of penalty system.


Available with patch 10.13

  • Updated the names of Gangster Twitch, Mafia Jinx, Mafia Graves, Mafia Braum, and Mafia Miss Fortune to Crime City Twitch, Crime City Jinx, Crime City Graves, Crime City Braum and Crime City Miss Fortune
  • Miss Fortune’s Q – Double Up now properly applies all on-hit effects like Press the Attack
  • Miss Fortune’s Q – Double Up now properly grants 2 stacks of Conqueror for her primary target and none for the secondary target regardless of whether Passive – Love Tap is applied or not
  • Glacial Augment’s tooltip no longer references targets hit by Energized-empowered attacks
  • Fixed a bug where Qiyana’s Q – Elemental Wrath would not damage its target if Qiyana died before the ability landed
  • Sylas now permanently gains health and increases in model size from successful kills with a stolen R – Feast from an enemy Cho’Gath
  • Urgot’s R – Fear Beyond Death‘s execute indicator no longer appears on enemies’ health bars while the ability is on cooldown
  • Zoe’s E – Sleepy Trouble Bubble now properly applies its debuff on Baron regardless of where she casts it from
  • Kai’Sa’s W – Void Seeker now properly applies stacks of Passive – Second Skin on Baron regardless of where she casts it from
  • When attempting to place a fourth ward on the map, the mini-map now properly indicates which of the first three wards will be replaced
  • Yorick’s Mist Walkers, Zyra’s plants, and Shaco’s Jack-In-The-Boxes are able to properly activate Manaflow Band
  • Displacement effects like stuns, charms, etc. on Feared champions will no longer expire along with the Fear debuff when it times out
  • Malphite’s W – Thunderclap no longer reduces the amount of Hail of Blades stacks
  • Nautilus’ W – Titan’s Wrath shield VFX no longer persists in the place where Nautilus enters Fog of War
  • Sion’s W – Soul Furnace tooltip now properly indicates that its passive grants 4 maximum health when activated
  • Fiddlesticks’ E – Reap tooltip now properly contains information about increasing mana cost
  • Damaging with Jax’s Q – Leap Strike followed by two basic attacks will now properly activate Phase Rush and Electrocute
  • Twitch’s R – Spray and Pray empowered attacks now properly deal damage to the Nexus and enemy inhibitors regardless of range or angle
  • Umbral Glaive now properly deals extra damage to revealed traps
  • Caitlyn’s W – Yordle Snap Trap properly empowers only one basic attack
  • Multi-attacks from Runaan’s Hurricane’s unique passive, Wind’s Fury, properly give the holder 1 stack of Conqueror instead of a stack per enemy hit
  • Guinsoo’s Rageblade’s unique passive, Guinsoo’s Rage, will not trigger on the target when the holder’s basic attack is blocked or destroyed
  • Fixed a bug where the champion details page didn’t close automatically when renavigating to the game select screen
  • Enhanced data flows on the honor screen to provide better responsiveness

Upcoming Visuals

Available with patch 10.13


Hoping that the readability issues with Irelia’s new High Noon skin that we saw on PBE, the new additions to the skin family looks quite cool. Players were also expecting a bit flashy VFX adjustments for a legendary skin like High Noon Senna. We can already see her earring which is now also a Summoner Icon is a bit more visible in the splash art than before. Here’s what we have with the new patch:

  • Pool Party Collection (1350 RP each):
  • Jarvan IV, Heimerdinger, Syndra, Taliyah & Orianna




This concludes the patch 10.13 notes. We will be waiting to see how the updates will fold and what awaits us in the future. Keep following SenpAI!


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