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Senpai Explains; League of Legends Patch 10.14 Notes

10 14

League of Legends Patch Notes 10.14 is live and Volibear is in its final form! As we have mentioned in our PBE Notes, ADCs now have the anticipated health buff and attack speed items are more dangerous. Let’s begin with the champion stats and continue with our thoughts upon the new update.


Available with patch 10.14

Buffs & Nerfs

  • Alistar: Q cooldown decreased.
  • Ezreal: E cooldown increased.
  • Karthus: Base health and movement speed increased. Q damage increased; damage to monsters decreased. E mana restore is now always active; AoE damage tick rate per second increased.
  • Kha’Zix: Isolated target bonus damage increased.
  • Pyke: Base magic resist growth and armor growth decreased. Q cost decreased and now scales; cooldown decreased early; base damage increased. W bonus movement speed now constant at all ranks. E base damage increased.
  • Riven Passive bonus damage increased.
  • Sejuani: E base damage increased; Frost cooldown on stunned enemy champions decreased and constant at all levels.
  • Trundle: W bonus attack speed decreased early.
  • Varus: Q maximum bonus damage ratio now scales. E base damage decreased early.
  • Volibear: Base attack speed decreased. W heal now halved when targeting monsters.
  • Wukong: R knock up duration decreased.
  • Zed: W missile speed increased; cooldown decreased early.



Headbutt: Alistar got a big buff on his Q which sometimes is more efficient than his ultimate. This buff will help him to play more aggressively & will show itself in team fights. 

I may be dead, maybe not: Riot wants Karthus to go back to mid lane. He’s been played as a jungler for huge pick rates compared to his mid lane rates. It should feel safer to play him in mid now.

That Bug: A massive buff for Kha’Zix players. The updates will increase his jungle clear speed as well as his control over neutral objectives. We hope this doesn’t make him too much to handle.

My Sword is Broken: We haven’t seen Riven around for a while. Perhaps the reason is that she was underperforming. Riven was too weak & this will boost her for a bit.  

Get out of my way!: Sejuani is a team player and this team player just got stronger with the CD buff. She will be able to lock the enemy down easier than ever before.

That was my Shadow: Huge. Huge buffs. Zed will be more aggressive with W & will find faster ways to engage. We feel nervous about his enemies that they would be dead even before they can see where that Q came from. 


Arcane Master: Ezreal is strong, yet with this nerf will lower his chances to evade from hard trades. It will be easier to take him down in team fights and won’t feel as strong as before in the laning phase. 

Is that…Venom?: This one got a hit. Pyke will have more damage yet his tankiness got ripped away. This is to take away some power on his solo laning & move him to duo plays.  

That Troll Agin: You wouldn’t want to cross ways with Trundle. He’s been overperforming & needed to be selected as a situational pick. His early game attack speed is also affected & will help establish him back as a counter-tank.

Evil Ashe is going down: Varus players won’t about this since they got too many nerfs upon what he relies on most: Abilities. Most players will feel the effect when playing him.

The Beaaaar: Volibear is getting a jungle nerf. Will have a slower jungle clear speed & have a harder time sustaining in extended fights since he won’t be healing often. This does not mean he’s not OP. He’s OP, he stays OP.

Monkey In-Monkey Out:  Since his ultimate rework, Wukong is dominating. He’s on top of the tier lists & never backed down. The nerfs target his utility & will affect his ultimate more than you think since it can be cast twice.


Rune Updates

Available with patch 10.14




DAMAGE GROWTH 30-90 (levels 1-18)  40-120 (levels 1-18)
COOLDOWN 100-70 seconds (levels 1-18)  90-60 seconds (levels 1-18)





Summoner Spells

Available with patch 10.14


“Our changes to Ghost in patch 10.12 ended up being a small nerf with its increased cooldown, so we’re following up with a buff to speedily move it in the right direction. “

  • BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED 20-40% (levels 1-18)  24-48% (levels 1-18)

Conqueror Clash Tournament

  • Riot will organize a special one-week tournament which will be held July 11-12 with extra prizes for Premium Ticket entries and a streamlined VP reward track. CHECK FULL DETAILS


Available with patch 10.14

  • Syndra’s Q – Dark Sphere cast at max range now consistently fires in combination with E – Scatter The Weak
  • Karthus’ E – Defile tooltip now accurately mentions the increased mana cost per second at each level
  • Shaco now properly receives assist credit in takedowns where only his clone assisted
  • Champions with Approach Velocity will no longer keep their bonus movement speed until their movement-impaired enemy respawns
  • Singed’s Q – Poison Trail properly turns blue when in colorblind mode
  • Diana’s E – Lunar Rush cooldown no longer resets when the Moonlight from her Q – Crescent Strike is blocked by spell shields. Her Q – Crescent Strike‘s Moonlight also no longer applies to champions who’ve blocked it via a spell shield.
  • Yuumi’s W – You and Me!‘s attach icon no longer disappears on the minimap after the champion she is attached to recalls
  • When Volibear casts R – Stormbringer after activating Predator, he no longer becomes immune to all forms of displacement until death
  • Jhin will no longer deploy a E – Captive Audience trap instead of a Passive – Whisper fourth shot in certain scenarios
  • Neeko’s Q – Blooming Burst‘s cooldown time no longer immediately resets when she disguises herself as Aphelios after
  • Approach Velocity now properly triggers with Zoe’s E – Sleepy Trouble Bubble
  • Approaching and triggering Heimerdinger’s turrets from his Q – H-28G Evolution Turret will no longer proc Immolate
  • Poros in Howling Abyss will no longer trigger Immolate
  • Zyra’s, Gnar’s, and Yorick’s Recommended Items will now include jungle items if the player has Smite equipped
  • Displacing minions or jungle monsters as Sett with E – Facebreaker no longer extends their hitboxes
  • Triggering Leona’s Passive – Sunlight with Nunu & Willump’s cleave from Passive – Call of the Freljord no longer causes their passive to be unavailable for the rest of the game
  • Shyvana’s Q – Twin Bite when she is in dragon form now appropriately does two points of damage to wards and Illaoi’s tentacles
  • When Yuumi attacks Elder Dragon and then uses W – You and Me! on a camouflaged ally champion, Elder Dragon no longer loses its leash range
  • Chilling Smite will now properly grant a Conqueror stack
  • Cho’Gath’s W – Feral Scream will now properly silence Rift Scuttler
  • Sylas will no longer keep Elise’s E2 – Rappel until he steals her ultimate again if he dies while casting it
  • Gems above Taric’s right shoulder no longer disappears after he dies for the first time in a game
  • Abilities with damaging auras like Renekton’s R – Dominus no longer continue to damage nearby enemies while the champion is in a revive state (like from Guardian Angel)
  • Ivern’s W – Brushmaker brushes spawned behind thin walls are no longer partially invisible from the enemy’s point of view
  • When hovering over unleveled abilities, the ability’s tooltip now properly informs the player that the ability has not yet been learned (“You have not yet learned this ability!”)
  • Aphelios’ R – Moonlight Vigil‘s damage now properly matches the ability’s tooltip when used with critical strike items

Upcoming Visuals

Available with patch 10.14


Hoping that the readability issues with Irelia’s new High Noon skin that we saw on PBE, the new additions to the skin family looks quite cool. Players were also expecting a bit flashy VFX adjustments for a legendary skin like High Noon Senna. We can already see her earring which is now also a Summoner Icon is a bit more visible in the splash art than before. Here’s what we have with the new patch:

  • Arcanist Collection (1350 RP each-100 Prestige Points for Prestige Editions):
    • Kog’Maw, Shaco, Zoe (+Prestige Edition)

  • Infernal Collection (1350 RP each):
    • Karthus, Kennen, Vel’Koz


This concludes the patch 10.14 notes. We will be waiting to see how the updates will fold and what awaits us in the future. Keep following SenpAI!


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