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Senpai Explains; League of Legends Patch 10.15 Notes

10 15

League of Legends Patch Notes 10.15 is live Lillia is here, Nexus Blitz returns with the Spirit Blossom event and Swain got buffed, got changed & got stronger. We had only gave a glimpse of it in our PBE Notes, now let’s take a comprehensive look into all updates & changes.


Available with patch 10.15

Lillia, the Bashful Bloom

“Intensely shy, the fae fawn Lillia skittishly wanders Ionia’s forests. Hiding just out of sight of mortals—whose mysterious natures have long captivated, but intimidated, her—Lillia hopes to discover why their dreams no longer reach the ancient Dreaming Tree. She now travels Ionia with a magical branch in hand, in an effort to find people’s unrealized dreams. Only then can Lillia herself bloom and help others untangle their fears to find the sparkle within. Eep!”



  • Mana: 410
  • Mana Per Level: 50
  • Base HP: 580
  • HP Per Level: 90
  • HP5: 9
  • HP Regen Per Level: 0.15
  • Base AD: 61
  • AD Per Level: 3.1
  • Base Armor: 20
  • Armor Per Level: 4
  • Base MR: 32.1
  • MR Per Level: 0.75
  • Attack Range: 325
  • Attack Speed Per Level: 2.7
  • Base Move Speed: 330

P – Dream-Laden Bough

“Lillia’s skills apply Dream Dust, dealing 5% max Health magic damage over 3 seconds.

Dream Dust deals a max of X damage over the duration to jungle monsters.” 

  • Max damage starts at 40 and scales up to 100 at level 18

Q – Blooming Blows

Cooldown: 4s
Mana Cost: 45

Passive: Lillia’s skill hits grant 7%/8%/9%/10%/11% (+[~1% per 100 AP]) Move Speed for 5 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.

Active: Lillia whirls her censor, dealing 30/45/60/75/90 (+40% AP) magic damage plus 30/45/60/75/90 (+40% AP) true damage at the outer edge.” 

W – Watch Out! Eep! 

Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10s
Mana Cost: 50

“Lillia winds up a huge strike, dealing 70/85/100/115/130 (+30% AP) magic damage. Enemies in the center take 210/255/300/345/390 (+90% AP) damage instead.

Lillia does not dash over terrain with this ability.” 

E – Swirlseed

Cooldown: 12s
Mana Cost: 70

“Lillia lobs a swirlseed overhead, dealing 70/90/110/130/150 (+40% AP) magic damage where it lands and revealing and  Slowing them by 25%/30%/35%/40%/45% for 3 seconds. If no enemies are hit, the seed rolls until it hits an enemy or collides with terrain.”

R- Lilting Lullaby 

Cooldown: 130/110/90
Mana Cost: 50

“Lillia causes all enemy champions with Dream Dust to become Drowsy for 1.5 seconds. Afterward, they fall Asleep for 2/2.5/3 seconds. 

When awakened by damage, they take an additional 100/150/200 (+30% AP) magic damage.

Drowsy units are increasingly slowed over the duration, and fall Asleep afterwards.

Asleep units can’t move or act until damaged by an enemy with non-periodic damage. “


Buffs & Nerfs

10 15 senpai lol


  • Aphelios: Q sentry activation radius decreased; sentry activation time increased. Q Runaan’s bolt pass-through effect removed; Infernum: Critical AoE splash missile count decreased, Runaan’s AoE splash missile count decreased, critical Runaan’s AoE splash missile count reduced, Runaan’s AoE splash missiles size reduced.
  • Caitlyn: Base attack damage and movement speed increased.
  • Fiddlesticks: W healing from minions reduced.
  • Gragas: W damage ratio increased. R damage ratio increased.
  • Irelia: Passive bonus attack speed per stack increased later.
  • Lee Sin: W cooldown increased.
  • Ornn: Base armor decreased.
  • Rakan: Passive cooldown decreased later and now scales per level, capping at level 18.
  • Shen: Passive shield value increased.
  • Skarner: Q damage ratio and bonus damage ratio now scales with target’s maximum health; buff duration increased, cost increased and now flat.
  • Swain:
    • Base movement speed decreased.
    • Passive cooldown decreased and now scales with cooldown reduction; no longer restores mana.
    • Fixed a bug where Swain could pull enemies launched by Blast Cones.
    • Q cooldown decreased; bolt angle decreased; now passes through enemies.
    • W range increased; damage decreased; cost decreased later.
    • E cooldown decreased; cost decreased and now flat.
  • Thresh: W cooldown increased later.
  • Twisted Fate: W cooldown increased early and now scales.
  • Yuumi: Passive mana restore value decreased; now scales with maximum mana and champion level; cooldown decreased.

VFX Updates

Available with patch 10.15


  • BASIC ATTACK Cleaned up missiles and hit effects
  • Q – ORB OF DECEPTION New missiles and hit effects, now shows the actual hitbox. Healing missiles are now green.
  • W – FOX-FIRE New fox-fires, missiles, and hit effects that are cleaned up and modernized
  • E – CHARM Cleaned up the heart missile to feel more modern and to provide accuracy to hitbox
  • R – SPIRIT RUSH New cast ground buff effects, as well as new missiles and hit effects
  • DYNASTY AHRI New dance VFX


  • BASIC ATTACK New hit effect
  • PASSIVE – MONKEY’S AGILITY New movement speed boost effect
  • Q – TIGER STANCE New transform effect and overhead symbol; Tiger form has a new DoT effect
  • W – TURTLE STANCE New transform effect and overhead symbol; Turtle form has new shield and heal effects
  • E – BEAR STANCE New transform effect and overhead symbol; Bear form has a new stun effect
  • R – PHOENIX STANCE New transform effect and overhead symbol; Phoenix form has new AoE and cone effects

Rune Updates

Available with patch 10.15



Unsealed Spellbook

INITIAL COOLDOWN 240 seconds  300 seconds
MAXIMUM COOLDOWN CAP 120 seconds  150 seconds
COOLDOWN REDUCTION PER SWAP 20 seconds with each unique Summoner Spell  25 seconds with each unique Summoner Spell



  • Spellthief’s Edge

    BASE MANA REGEN 25%  50%
  • Frostfang

    BASE MANA REGEN 50%  75%
  • Shard of True Ice

    DAMAGE 45 ability power  50 ability power


Available with patch 10.15

  • LEAGUE CLIENT: Fixed an issue with the social panel not appearing in the client
  • LEAGUE CLIENT: Fixed an issue where the home screen was not rendering after completing a game
  • Arcansist Kog’Maw’s W – Void Ooze VFX now aligns with when it actually deals damage to the enemy units
  • Jhin now properly respawns with his full Passive – Whisper ammunition
  • Annie no longer loses her Passive – Pyromania stacks upon revival if she’s at full stacks
  • Elise’s Spiderlings’ basic attacks now properly benefit from any adaptive force Elise gains from runes
  • Karthus’ W – Wall of Pain spawns properly even when cast at 0 range
  • Yorick’s Maiden of the Mist, Ivern’s Daisy, Elise’s Spiderlings, Malzahar’s Voidlings, and Heimerdinger’s Q – H-28 G Evolution Turret now properly proc Manaflow Band
  • After countering a hard CC ability, Pulsefire Fiora’s W – Riposte ground indicator no longer disappears
  • Renekton now properly gains increased passive Rage generation as well as Rage gained from casting R – Dominus when below 50% of his maximum health
  • When Riven is at three stacks with Passive – Runic Blade, the duration now properly resets when one is used
  • Dead Kindred and Syndra no longer provide vision to their team
  • Item VFX are no longer visible on Neeko’s disguised clone
  • Aatrox’s R – World Ender now properly Fears and stops Zyra’s enraged Thorn Splitters
  • Nunu & Willump no longer get more movement speed than intended by eating a Honey Fruit right before casting W – Biggest Snowball Ever!
  • Nidalee’s Passive – Prowl loop SFX is now restored to base and all skins
  • Nidalee’s R – Aspect of the Cougar vocalization when transforming from Cougar to Human is now restored
  • Dawnbringer Nidalee’s Recall will no longer play her Q – Javelin Toss hit sound during the ground hit moment. In Cougar, her E – Swipe vocalization will now properly play.
  • Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol’s dance loop SFX now no longer continues to play if the animation is interrupted
  • Fixed a bug where Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol’s E – Comet of Legend loop SFX would continue to play endlessly if the player disconnected and reconnected before Aurelion Sol lands
  • Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol’s sound that plays when he stuns an enemy with his Q – Starsurge is now restored
  • The sound that plays when Mecha Aurelion Sol slows an enemy after being hit by his R – Voice of Light is now restored
  • Elise’s Spiderlings now properly play death sounds
  • Super Galaxy Elise’s dance SFX for both Human and Spider forms now loop properly

Upcoming Visuals

Available with patch 10.15


  • Spirit Blossom Collection (1350 RP each-2000 Event Tokens Prestige Points for Prestige Editions):
    • Lillia, Teemo (+Prestige Edition), Thresh, Vayne, Yasuo



This concludes the patch 10.15 notes. We will be waiting to see how the updates will fold and what awaits us in the future. Keep following SenpAI!


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