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SenpAI.GG 1.8.6-BETA Patch Notes

SenpAI League of Legends


We have been working on Pregame’s response time, build quality, import cycles, and various quality of life improvements. Let’s see what happened:

senpai patch 1 8 6 notes new pregame

Launch Cycles

  • Pregame now is way faster than ever before
  • Now able to launch after you open the game. Pregame will pick up where you left off, so if you are already in-game, it will show the Most Common build for your selected Champion, even though it is not able to import runes for you at that moment. Here to help as much as we can 🙂

Build Import Flows

  • Pregame has a new flow of data (see attachments) that allows you to see build options and previews more clearly.
  • Community Builds & My Builds sections are added. You can now directly save a build to My Builds from pregame if you have slots available.
  • When Auto-import is OFF, SenpAI will no longer show builds you clicked under YOUR FINAL BUILD. This was confusing for some of you even though SenpAI was not actually importing the build.
  • If you change your Flash, SenpAI will remember it regardless of which build you import. (Keep in mind that re-installing the app might reset your preferences.)

Quality of Life

  • User tags are improved for readibility.
  • Premade indicators are renewed.
  • A message are is added to let you know of the state of your build and general import cycle.
  • Button highlights added to aid which actions you need to take after you make changes to your build or when the Auto-Import is OFF.
  • Click & hover effects added to several actions for clarity.


A brand new look and fancy mechanics for LoL Overlay! It is now way easier to navigate and reach what you need from Pregame analysis. Let’s go:

senpai patch 1 8 6 notes new overlay

Main Functions & Menus

  • We have switched the activation key from CTRL+Z to TAB.
  • SenpAI’s Overlay does not interfere with game’s functions in any way; you will still be able to see everything from the game itself when you press TAB.
  • While you’re pressing the TAB, a menu will appear on the left, where you can click and see whichever you need. You can also use assigned key bindings to open them instantly.

The Tracker & Jungle Rotation

  • The Tracker will be available for every role except Support and will automatically appear on the top right corner.
  • Jungle Rotation only appears if your position in the game is set as Jungler.
  • You can drag & drop the Tracker or Jungle Rotation while you are pressing the TAB.
  • You can also interact with Tracker & Jungle Rotation while pressing the TAB.
  • If you do not want to see these two on your screen, just UNPIN them while you’re pressing the TAB. They will disappear from the screen but will be there when….wait for it….pressing the TAB.
  • Other counters & trackers are on the way for the Tracker; currently only CS Counter will be available for use.


  • You are now able to save any build you see from the Champions page to MY BUILDS, if you have slots available.
  • Fixed an issue causing builds for a Champion to be sorted incorrectly. This was causing you to see low-rated builds first instead of highest.
  • Added axis info to the Trends graphic.

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