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SenpAI.GG LoL Tier List – Follow the Meta from One Place! tier list league of legends meta champions

Hello! We would like to introduce you to the new feature of the SenpAI.GG, LoL Champion Tier List that created by our powerful AI! In this article, we will answer your questions such as how does SenpAI.GG’s LoL Tier List works, what features it has, and what it does! Let’s explore what Senpai.GG’s AI is capable of!

lol tier list

Why Should You Use SenpAI.GG’s LoL Tier List?

In every patch note, Riot makes many changes to champions and items, they get either buffed or nerfed. SenpAI.GG’s AI estimates the impact of these changes to offer you a reliable and easy to use Tier List, thereby you can easily adapt meta and use the most powerful champions which can help you to easily climb through the ranked ladder!

  • Champions that have the highest win rates get classified into three tiers, which are S, A, and B tiers which represent their power level.
  • Although champions in Tier List should be considered as powerful, it doesn’t mean champions that couldn’t make it to the list are unplayable, they’re just harder to climb and fight against a listed champion.
  • You can easily climb the ranked ladder if you use a tier list!

How Does SenpAI.GG’s LoL Tier List Work?

  • With every patch note, SenpAI.GG’s AI makes a bunch of calculations that evaluating buffs and nerfs to champions and items.
  • Our AI gives them scores based on these evaluations.
  • Classifies champions by their difficulties and their roles.
  • Creates a tier list while adding pick and ban rates to this equation.
  • Presents you the combined results as S, A, and B Tiers.
lol tier list

What is Waiting for You in SenpAI.GG’s Tier List?

SenpAI.GG App has designed to be simple and fully accessible. You can easily navigate to find the most powerful picks for the current meta in our Tier List tab.

  • SenpAI.GG allows you to view not only the tier list, but also the rankings of champions such as win, pick, and ban rates.
  • You can reach the tier list which consists of 3 categories, these are S, A, and B Tiers which are filled precisely by SenpAI.GG’s AI.
  • SenpAI.GG Tier List informs you about the difficulty of certain champions in Easy, Medium, Hard, and Very Hard categories.
  • You can compare certain champion’s performance since the last patch with Dominating, Tier Decreasing, and Tier Increasing indicators.
  • You can apply filters that can help you what champion to choose.
  • So, you can easily reach the statistics of each champion and pick the most powerful champion possible for the current meta!

What is That Tier List Based On?

Our AI creates a list of buffs, nerfs for each patch cycle which is used to evaluate champions and create a ranking system between champions and roles.

Each champion has given an indicator that describes the difficulty and power level. Champions that don’t make it into the Tier List means they have a lower win rate.

Our ranking starts from easy and goes through very hard which are calculated based on their mechanical easiness and the power score of that certain champion, which is calculated by SenpAI.GG’s strong AI.

Champions that classified in Very Hard difficulty will require a more intense effort to climb through the solo/duo ranked ladder.

What do Indicators in Tier List Mean?

The tier list is packed information that represents the value of each champion in the current meta by evaluating buffs and nerfs also pick and ban rates on our side.

All these pieces of information are presented to you in a simple design, symbolized, and colored in our tier list.

Tier Levels

These are classifications in our tier lists which represents:

lol tier list

SenpAI.GG’s AI classifies champions as SA, and B tier by evaluating champions in their pick, win and ban rates, which is fetched from big data that Riot Game provides.

S Tier

Contains the champions who have the highest impact in the current patch. S Tier champions are champions that have the highest win rate.

A Tier

Champions with high impact in the game for the current patch. Although A Tier champions have lower win rates, they are still valuable and can carry the game.

B Tier

Champions with mediocre impact in the game for the current patch. B Tier champions have the lowest win rate on that list and they either have harder gameplay or lost their power because of nerfs.


lol tier list

You can choose a patch to view older Tier Lists, and compare them.

Tier Based View

You can switch between grouping methods by toggling “Group By Tier => Role” button

lol tier list
  • You can see chosen lane’s every tier by using Tier Grouping mode.

Role Based View

lol tier list
  • You can choose to view our Tier List in role based grouping, by choosing this mode you can see chosen tier for every lane.

Champion Performance Tracker

You can also see in Tier List if champions have dropped or risen after previous patches, and their difficulty levels.

lol tier list

These indicators are used to show you the change in champions’ performance which represents a particular champion’s power level compared to the last patch.


This champion is dominating top of the tier list since last patch.

Tier Decreasing

This champion has lost power since last patch.

Tier Increasing

This champion got more powerful since last patch.

Detailed Filters

By setting a filter you can:

  1. In the Champion Section: You can find any champion that you want to inspect their statistics.
  2. In the Role section. You can choose a role to view champion rankings in that role only.
  3. From the Classes section, you can select and filter any of the classes.
  4. When you use the S, A, and B icons, the list is filtered only for the Tier level you selected.
  5. In the last section, you can select the server you want and access the data of that server.
  • You can change the listing order by clicking the column you want, when you click on them they get sorted by descending order.
  • You can sort and view the list by Tier, Win Rate, Pick Rate, Ban Rate, and Match Count.

SenpAI is cool, isn’t it? Take your place at the top of the ranking ladder on League of Legends, Valorant, and TFT with SenpAI! You can access features like Pregame Analyze, Auto-Importing Runes, and Tier List created by our AI! Download the SenpAI desktop app to be as cool as SenpAI!

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