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SenpAI introduces its latest feature: Video Page

We’ve been working non-stop behind the scenes for this, and finally, the day has come. We are proud to announce our newest feature Video Page!

In SenpAI, our primary goal is to give the desired information easily in order to climb. We believe that when the information offered right, rankings and gameplay skills develop faster. That’s why we regard pro player videos that much higher. Video is easier to consume and naturally more explanatory, and we wanted to create a library for our users. So what’s in it? Let’s take a closer look.

What do we have?

Just as we said, our newly launched Video Page acts as a vast library, allows users to search, filter and watch their favorite pro player videos.

Our Video Page preview

So, how do you do that? How do you access a specific video?

Filter feature

In the simplest way, you can use the search bar, it’s pretty smart that you don’t have to worry about typos. Other than that, you can use our filtering feature. You can filter the videos based on pro player or high elo players, champions, roles, and features. Features tab consists of our analysis points, such as farming, fighting, ganking, objectives, survivability, and vision.


When you click the Video Page, you see some specific categories. Top watched pro-players, top-rated videos, and the latest videos are pretty self-explanatory. In the ‘pro-player videos based on your last game‘ tab, with the information AI gave us, we categorize specialized videos for you, based on your pain points. We want to be accurate on these pieces of information so we took account last 20 matches of yours.

Video Player

Let’s say you click on a video and watched some Ekko gameplay, learned how he ganks or how he farms against a ranged enemy. Next up, you can learn the player’s item and rune choices. This allows you to compare, analyze and increase your gameplay knowledge. Also, you can switch to another video from the SenpAI Recommends section!

Keep in mind that our Video Page is still on the beta phase. We are working hard to increase our video library and we are happy to have any kind of feedback!

If you’d like to get better at League of Legends, join the SenpAI Video Coaching Platform and start playing like pro players. SenpAI analyzes millions of pro player games and gives you customized videos, suggestions and AI analysis.

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