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SenpAI Joins Forces with Monster Notebook!

senpai monster notebook collabration


Hardware and software combined in a perfect partnership for gamers all around the world!

Innovative all in one gaming assistant SenpAI joins forces with Monster Notebook. Gamers in Turkey, Germany, MENA region, and GCC Countries will have new 10th generation Monster Notebooks delivered to them with SenpAI Desktop App installed. In addition to this, they will also benefit from the free SenpAI premium. By partnering with SenpAI, Monster Notebook proves once again how they care for their gamer customers.

Being a better player is one of the most crucial criteria for competitive players to purchase a new gaming computer.

OEMs used to realize this by providing excellent performance by hardware such as better GPUs, Ram, CPU, etc… In the era of AI, on the other hand, AI-based tools are becoming a mandatory service to improve gaming performance and enable an end-to-end experience for their customers. OEMs should combine superior hardware with cutting-edge AI to make video gamers a better player.

SenpAI utilizes cutting edge artificial intelligence technology to provide gamers comprehensive assistance in the games they play in order to increase their skills, enjoy the games more and defeat their opponents! Gamers who have SenpAI Desktop App installed will have the opportunity to analyze their games, get critical insights to improve their gameplay, take advantage of professional pregame tips and start their games one step ahead of their opponent teams and players.

SenpAI currently offers its services in the games League of Legends and VALORANT. Soon, SenpAI‘s services will expand to more competitive games.

If you’d like to get better at League of Legends, Download SenpAI to your computer and reach all your data from one place! SenpAI analyzes your opponents, their picks, suggests counters and offers pro-player runes-builds regarding your pick to import before the game starts besides analyzing millions of pro player games, giving you customized videos, suggestions, and AI analysis.

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