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Senpai Explains; League of Legends Patch Notes 10.6

League of Legends Patch Notes 10.6 is out! There are tons of changes, most notably new Wukong and new TP mechanics. Let’s dive into it!

Autofill Balance in Ranked

Fill system has been an issue since its launch on the Soloq. You may encounter a full premade enemy team while you are random 5 players. There are more cases like this, such as a difference of autofill player number on your team vs enemy team. Riot wants to change it so there will be no more imbalance regarding role distribution. This will be implemented on Soloq only, for now.

Anivia got a decent buff in the Patch Notes 10.6.


  • Anivia: R Iced duration increased.
  • Aphelios: Severum’s innate heal and Infernum’s innate damage to minions decreased. Crescendum’s empowered damage decreased.
  • Darius: W bonus damage decreased; cost increased. E cost increased but now scales down with rank.
  • Draven: W decaying movement speed increased.
  • Garen: Base magic resist growth decreased. E crit strike ratio decreased.
  • Hecarim: R fear duration increased.
  • Kayn: Passive orb gain speed increased later.
  • Kindred: Base attack damage growth and mana regen increased. W health restore increased. R heal increased.
  • Morgana: Base movement speed increased. E shield increased early.
  • Ryze: Base mana regen growth increased. W damage increased later.
  • Senna: Passive AD per soul decreased; Mist cooldown now scales.
  • Shaco: R clone basic attack damage decreased.
  • Soraka: Q Rejuvenation heal increased; movement speed bonus increased.
  • Twisted Fate: W blue and red cards’ AP ratios increased.
  • Urgot: Q slow duration increased. E stun duration increased.
  • Veigar: Base AD, AD growth, and armor increased. Q base damage increased.
  • Wukong (NEW): Passive increases stats for fighting champions instead of based on proximity. W now has a dash and a decoy that mimics basic attacks and abilities. R can now be cast twice.
  • Xerath: W center damage amp increased. R damage per shot increased later.


We have to mention the new Wukong here. The old version of him was too clunky and non-functional, he had less damage and had no strong side. These changes and buffs gave him a characteristic. Now, Wukong has a dash on his W, can cast R twice and has really low cooldowns.

Aphelios has been dominating bot lane meta since release. However, nerfs to his Severum and Infernum weapons mean that he’ll get less playtime, allowing other ADCs to enter to meta.

Morgana will be stronger in the laning phase.

Morgana is buffed in Patch Notes 10.6. She has more shield on her E in the early stages. Basically, her utility never changes during the game. She is more of a Q and E bot later in the game. Her real weakness was the laning phase, now she has more utility in the early game.

Another bot lane champion Senna got nerf too. Her passive will give less AD per soul but we still think that Senna has the potential to be an A tier support.

I’m sure you got sick of Ryze and don’t want to see him but Riot buffed him on Patch 10.6. His mana regen growth increased so even if it looks really small buff, we will definitely see him in the Soloq & pro-scene.

Jungle Champions

As you remember Riot Games buffed several unconventional champions for the jungle role. Most of them got damage buffs and now, new champions enter that “buffed jgl champions” pool. Changes are:

  • Brand: Ablaze now deals 120% damage to monsters
  • Morgana: W – TORMENTED SHADOW MONSTER DAMAGE Now does 150% damage to monsters
  • Shen: Q – TWILIGHT ASSAULT MAXIMUM MONSTER DAMAGE 75/100/125/150/175 ⇒ 120/140/160/180/200
  • Teemo: Q – BLINDING DART BLIND DURATION Now lasts 100% longer vs. monsters, E – TOXIC SHOT POISON DAMAGE Now does 150% damage to monsters
  • Yorick: PASSIVE – SHEPHERD OF SOULS FINAL SERVICE Yorick now raises graves on large monster deaths and Mist Walkers take 50% reduced damage from monsters
  • Zyra: PLANTS DAMAGE TO MONSTERS Zyra’s plants now deal 150% damage to monsters

Funnel Mechanics

Riot has taken action against funnel since the beginning of it. Funneling is easy to implement and has really high win rate amongst all divisions. So Riot once again nerfed the lane minion and jungler interaction in the Patch Notes 10.6, here is the change:

  • Lane Minion: 13 less gold from lane minions if more than half of your farm gold is from minions; removed at 14 minutes ⇒ 13 less gold and 50% less XP from lane minions if more than half of your farm is from minions; removed at 14 minutes

Top Lane Changes

Master Yi is the most used champion in the funnel comps.

We are aware that Riot wants to increase the top lane impact on the map. So there are some changes in Patch Notes 10.6 to items and most importantly; teleport.

  • Death’s Dance
  • ITEM BUILD Caulfield’s Warhammer + Pickaxe + Vampiric Scepter + 625g ⇒ Caulfield’s Warhammer + Aegis of the Legion + Vampiric Scepter + 500gSTATS 80 attack damage, 10% cooldown reduction ⇒ 50 attack damage, 30 armor, 30 magic resist, 10% cooldown reduction
  • UNIQUE PASSIVE Stores 30% of all post-mitigation damage received and takes it as damage over time true damage ⇒ Stores 30% of all post-mitigation damage received for melee champions (20% for ranged champions) and takes it as damage over time true damage
  • Teleport
  • COOLDOWN 360 seconds ⇒ 420-240 (levels 1-18) seconds
  • NEWCAN’T (CATCH ME) Grants 3 seconds of 30-50% movement speed upon teleport completion based on character level (increased by 10% at levels 6 and 11)
Death’s Dance and TP have changed!


Death’s Dance changes will be impactful, however, TP buff is way more important than it. In the early levels (pre-level 6) TP has more CD. But after that threshold, its cooldown decreases dramatically. Plus, it’ll give movement speed based on the character’s level. This will make TP stronger in terms of its solo lane usage and movement speed buff.

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