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Senpai Explains; League of Legends Patch Notes 10.7

After two weeks of suffering from Wukong, finally, League of Legends Patch Notes 10.7 is out!

With a bunch of nerfs and buffs, Patch Notes 10.7 will bring new excitement to the Rift. Reworked Fiddlesticks got the most hype but Akali buff and Wukong nerf are also much welcomed by the community. Let’s dive into the patch:

Galio got some sweet buffs.


  • Fiddlesticks: Reworked. You can see its abilities from here.
  • Akali: R cooldown decreased.
  • Corki: W direct hit burn duration increased.
  • Galio: R now grants a magic damage shield to all allies in the area.
  • Garen: Passive cooldown increased. Q movement speed duration decreased early, scales more later.
  • Ivern: E base damage increased. R cooldown decreased.
  • Kai’Sa: E cooldown decreased later.
  • Nasus: W target range increased. E target armor reduction ratio increased.
  • Nocturne: Base health regen and magic resist growth decreased.
  • Riven: Base health and health regen increased.
  • Talon: W initial base damage decreased; return base damage decreased, damage ratio increased.
  • Wukong: Passive bonus armor decreased later. E base damage decreased later; now allows W and R to be queued up during its dash.
  • Xin Zhao: Passive base heal increased later.


  • Conditioning: Activation time increased.
  • Phase Rush: Movement speed for melee champions increased.


Reworked Fiddle feels scarier and more dangerous. It’s passive is really confusing and it can mess with you easily. So, what Fiddlesticks in the Rift!

There were arguments about Akali buff but she seemed kinda weak and buffing her ultimate CD wouldn’t make much difference. Galio buff, on the other hand, is more important. Galio knocks up all the enemies within its ultimate area and now he gives MR shields to allies. Riot effectively dumpstered him to the ground but now he can be viable against AP comps again.

Wukong is nerfed but he will still be a viable top laner.

The highlight of the patch is, of course, Wukong. After his “mini” rework, he became nearly impossible to stop. In Patch 10.7, Riot nerfed his passive bonus armor and E damage. The main problem with Wukong is he can not die. His passive is too strong, giving him bonus resistances depending on how many enemies around him. Now he will be less tanky but still, due to his “tricky” kit, he’ll continue to be a top tier pick for Soloq.

An interesting buff came to the Nasus. He is useless most of the meta champions, for sure. But his W now has 700 range and with the rise of the ranged top lane champions, he can be viable. Also, his E will shred more armor now. We’ll see how his popularity will rise.

Conditioning nerf was long overdue. It gave +9 magic & armor resist in 10 mins, and, as a bonus, it gave +%5 resist too. This was triggered at 10 min but not it will be proced at 12. min. It’s not like Riot nerfed it to the ground in the patch notes but still, this should take some importance from it and allow players to consider other runes in the line. Phase Rush is preferred nearly only three or four champions in the game, all of them are ranged. Riot wanted to make it more appealing to melee champions so its MS for melee is increased. We have our doubts that any melee champion will take it but we’ll see.

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