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SenpAI Provides League of Legends Videos Created by AI

SenpAI Provides League of Legends Video Highlights Created by AI

SenpAI, created by FalconAI Technologies, is a League of Legends video highlights platform that helps LoL players learn by watching professional player video highlights created and personalized by Artificial Intelligence.

Learn From League of Legends Pro Player Videos

SenpAI users can visit SenpAI Video Platform and find AI created videos from the best League of Legends players. They can filter these videos by their favorite players, champions or roles. They can even filter which feature they are interested in. Features include Ganking, Fighting, Objectives, Survivability, Vision or Farming. By watching these videos, LoL players can improve themselves and unleash their potential to play like a pro!

100% Personalized Videos

Users can sign up to SenpAI and connect their League of Legends summoner names for free. When users connect their summoner names, their matches get analyzed by Artificial Intelligence and they get 100% personalized video highlights. Depending on their weaknesses, favorite champions, last played champions and preferences SenpAI will suggest unique sets of videos for them to watch and increase their skills.

LoL Coaching — AI Analyses and Play Like a Pro

SenpAI also offers unique League of Legends coaching with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Players can find out in detail what they are missing or could be doing better after matches and get feedback from SenpAI in the form of personalized text and video guides. SenpAI analyzes millions of matches between professional esports players, to help learn what it takes to win a game.

SenpAI is currently available for League of Legends players worldwide and will soon be available for Valorant and many other Esports games. Everyone in the League of Legends community who wants to improve their skills is welcome to use SenpAI Video Highlights Platform for free by simply visiting the website at

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