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Skin Lines in League of Legends: Lunar Guardians

Hello Summoner, this time we have a skin that celebrates the Lunar Guardians while revealing their enemies. There are three realms in the world of the lunar guardians and they exist for the balance of the world.

The Lunar empress and her guardians watch over the world while keeping the immortal realm safe. On the other hand, we have the Lunar wraiths who desire chaos and destruction but reside in the realm of the underworld. Finally, there is the earth realm of the Jade dragon that seeks to unleash evil upon the world.

This skin line was used to celebrate the Lunar Festival and draws inspiration from China. Let’s check them out.

The Guardians (Heaven Realm)

Lunar Guardian Warwick

Lunar Guardians (Lunar Guardian Warwick)

As a guardian of the immortal realm, Warwick serves the Empress by faithfully hunting down any who would endanger the realm.

Skin Backstory

Gifted to the Lunar Empress when she was a child, Warwick was raised alongside her to guard the immortal realm from an encroaching darkness. More beastly and feral than his companion Nasus, Warwick stands watch in the south, relentlessly pursuing foes to the ends of the world.

Lunar Guardian Nasus

Lunar Guardians (Lunar Guardian Nasus)

While Warwick hunts endlessly, Nasus stands immovable in his post. His motion is to annihilate enemies.

Skin Backstory

A gift to the young Lunar Empress, Nasus was raised alongside her to guard the immortal realm from an ancient darkness. Stoic but powerful, he stands watch in the north, annihilating all who would threaten the land.

Lunar Empress Lux

Lunar Guardians (Lunar Empress Lux)

With powers that command light, Lux guards the Lunar realm and ensures that the world never descends into darkness ever again.

Skin Backstory

Groomed from a young age to guard the immortal realm against darkness, the Lunar Empress and her companions are said to stand watch over the world. Lux, though a powerful demigod in her own right, draws aid from the ever-faithful Warwick and Nasus.

Radiant Wukong

Lunar Guardians (Radiant Wukong)

Although he started out as part of the earth realm, Wukong tested his mettle and ascended.

Skin Backstory

An ascended being of nearly limitless power, Radiant Wukong has undertaken a great journey to test his skills against history’s greatest warriors. However, overcoming his quick temper and impulsive nature might be his greatest challenge yet.

Followers of the Jade Dragon (Earth Realm)

Jade Fang Cassiopeia

Lunar Guardians (Jade Dragon Cassiopeia)

The half-human half-monster hopes and fervently works towards the day the world bows to the jade dragon.

Skin Backstory

An adherent to the teachings of the legendary jade dragon, Cassiopeia keeps its archaic rituals secret and the beast’s true nature shrouded in mystery. In recognition, it granted her a fragment of the creature’s power. She now awaits the day the dragon will drown the world in evil.

Jade Dragon Wukong

Lunar Guardian (Jade Dragon Wukong)

Wukong received a portion of the dragon’s power and focuses it on perfecting his skills. However, he remains oblivious to the prophecy surrounding his newfound power.

Skin Backstory

Imbued with the power of the legendary jade dragon, Wukong has honed his abilities to a razor-sharp point. Though he is still headstrong and brash, his newfound power remains undeniable-a worrying sign to his master, as the jade dragon carries a powerful curse…

Dragon Fist Lee Sin

Dragon Fist Lee Sin

The blind monk channels the power of the dragon but keeps mostly to himself.

Skin Backstory

A famed martial artist beloved by the world over, Lee Sin prefers to train far away from the public eye, honing his craft in solitude. Rumors claim that he can punch with the fury of a dragon. However, if anyone knows for sure, they are not talking.

Lunar Wraiths (Underworld)

Lunar Wraith Morgana

Lunar Wraith Morgana

She enjoys luring the souls of the fallen away. No one knows what becomes of them afterward.

Skin Backstory

Morgana is a dark spirit who appears during the Lunar Revel-a famed seducer of mortals, monsters, and gods alike. Legends say she ensnares the hearts and minds of her victims before dragging their souls away to an unspeakable purgatory, never to be heard from again.

Lunar Wraith Caitlyn

Lunar Wraith Caitlyn

This wraith is known for one thing which is disrupting the affairs of gods and men.

Skin Backstory

A malignant spirit said to appear during the Lunar Revel, Caitlyn is known to meddle in the affairs of gods and mortals alike. Her attention has been catastrophic to all who draw it, and even seeing her is considered an ill omen.

Lunar Wraith Sylas

Lunar Wraith Sylas

Sylas lives for the advent of chaos. He desires to cast down the heavenly beings regardless of consequences.

Skin Backstory

The hateful lord of the wraiths, Sylas has waited for eons to invade the heavenly realm and depose its godly stewards. What happens to the balance between and earth is not his concern; he simply craves chaos, and the hour of his triumph is fast approaching.

Coin Emperor Tahm Kench

Coin Emperor Tahm Kench

The river king loves anything that involves a bargain, especially the ones with coins to earn.

Skin Backstory

Craving the smell of coins over all other earthly delights, Tahm Kench rises from his river kingdom each Lunar Revel, seeking to barter with mortals. Though his targets are almost always left destitute, with the proper reverence and careful wording it is possible to escape his bargains unimaginably wealthy.

Wrapping up

There are three other skins under the Lunar Guardian skin line that are yet to fit into the story. As time goes on, I’m sure more of the plot will get developed. These skins are Lunar Goddess Diana and Guqin Sona. For now, this will be all for the lunar guardians.

You can check out the Guardians of the Sand skin line too, see you on the Rift!

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