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Skin Lines in League of Legends: The Sentinels of Light

Just as the Ruination spreads out to cover all of Runeterra, the Sentinels of Light also return to destroy its advance. This skin line represents characters and champions who have chosen to protect their world by swearing allegiance to the Light.

It all began when Viego the king of ancient Camavoor, lost his love Isolde to an assassin knife meant for him. He became bent on bringing her back from the dead and his relentless efforts led to the destruction of his kingdom. The Ruination also began because of his actions on the Blessed Isles.

Although the destruction was originally restricted to the Shadow Isles, Viego has now unleashed the Mist on all of Runeterra. Champions from several regions got corrupted and became the Ruined. However, other champions joined the ancient order of the Sentinels to fight the Black Mist. Because only a relic of the Light can kill creatures of the Black Mist.

While this post will focus on the Sentinel skins, I will explore the story in detail in an upcoming post. For now, let’s concentrate on the warriors of light.

The Sentinels of Light

For this skin line, we have only gotten the first set of champions to join the fight. Riot will release the others as the story progresses in the world of Runeterra.

Sentinel Olaf

LoL Patch 11.14 Notes (Sentinel Olaf)

Olaf has always been in pursuit of a glorious death in battle ever since a prophecy spoke of him having a peaceful death. As a warrior, dying peacefully is the worst way to exit the world. As a result of this, he seeks out the grimiest of battles to prove the seer wrong.

However, he is blessed or cursed with a rage that kicks in when he is close to death, allowing him to unknowingly cheat death.

Skin Backstory

After a vicious encounter on the Freljord front, Olaf is convinced to join the Sentinels of Light to satiate his hunger for battle. Only then would he have the power to challenge Viego, the greatest threat the world has ever known, and satisfy his urge to fearlessly face death in glorious combat.

Sentinel Irelia

LoL Patch 11.14 Notes (Sentinel Irelia)

Ever since dancing the blades to halt the invasion of Ionia, Irelia has been dedicated to protecting the First Lands. Being the last of her bloodline, she now leads a force that has prevented any semblance of an invasion.

Despite Ionia’s connection with nature, Karma became corrupted in the second Ruination. Irelia joined the Sentinels of Light to protect the Spirit of her land and by extension, her people.

Skin Backstory

After the fall of the Grand Ionian Temple, Irelia could not stand idly by while her home was ravaged by the Black Mist. Deputized by the Sentinels, she fights the Ruination as one of their comrades: a natural-born leader who understands the threat that Ruined Karma poses, she will stop at nothing to save the Spirit of Ionia.

Sentinel Vayne

LoL Patch 11.14 Notes (Sentinel Vayne)


With hatred for night creatures born out of losing her parents and village to a rampaging demon, Vayne is all for fighting the Ruination. She has spent all of her life cleansing the world of night creatures, one silver bolt at a time.

However, her weapons proved useless against the creatures of the Black Mist. Since only a Light relic can get the job done, she decided to join the Sentinels of Light to continue her war against the Darkness.

Skin Backstory

Ever striving to become a better monster hunter, Vayne joins the Sentinels primarily to learn from their battle with the Black Mist. It doesn’t hurt that she is also defending Runeterra from evil, of course. If she must endure the friendship of a fool like Graves to do so, she will. The cause is worth it.

Sentinel Riven

LoL Patch 11.14 Notes(Sentinel Riven)

Driven by the need to redeem herself for her past misdeeds against Ionia, Riven has been looking for a way to make amends for her past. The Ruination presents an opportunity for her to protect the Land she once fought against and to find redemption.

She regards her decision to join the Sentinels of Light as a positively life-changing one. Her wishes are finally granted.

Skin Backstory

Riven joins the Sentinels hoping to atone for her role in the Noxian invasion of Ionia. After fighting her way out of a rapidly destabilizing Noxus Prime, she understands that her time may be fleeting. However, she believes her life is a small price to pay to make amends.

Sentinel Diana

LoL Patch 11.14 Notes (Sentinel Diana)

Despite being hunted by the Sun Warriors, the Aspect of the Moon, Diana understands that both Moon and Sun are two halves of a whole. If the Ruination succeeds, all will be destroyed regardless of whether they follow the Lunari or the Solari.

This is one of the two reasons why she joined the Sentinels of Light. It takes an Aspect to defeat another Aspect – the second reason for her decision.

Skin description

The Ruination of Targon and the loss of the Aspect of War devastated the Rakkor Tribes. But the only way to fight an Aspect’s power is with another Aspect-and so Diana takes up her blade as a member of the Sentinels, knowing that Viego would destroy everything the moonlight touches.

Wrapping up

I don’t know about you but this skin line follows a story that interests me. Since more will be revealed as the Ruination event progresses, let’s stay put.

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