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Space Groove: Skin Lines in League of Legends

Hello Summoner, welcome to a world where good music deserves protection. The Space Groove universe introduces us to a reality where an energy source only known as the Groove powers and sustains.

The Space Groove supports all life in the universe by putting out a steady rhythm that nourishes everything…. Until Lissandra‘s arrival. The alien invaders want to subjugate every galaxy and alter the Groove into Harsh Vibes that support their rule.

This is a tale of the fight to protect the Space Groove… Let’s get started!

Space Groove

Space Groove Gwen


Gwen will make sure that when the war gets won, the heroes do it in style.

Skin Story

It was pretty far out when Gwen applied to be Lux and Samira‘s quartermaster—after all, no one else did. Cheerfully sewing good vibes into great clothes, she amplifies disco energy through her nifty threads. Though she’s new to this whole galactic hero gig, one thing’s for sure: no way Gwen lets her friends liberate the galaxy in less-than-stellar outfits.

Space Groove Lulu

Space Groove Lulu

Lulu’s close connection the the Groove allows her spread the good news everywhere.

Skin Story

Hailing from Boogie Wonderland, a planet of Pure Groove, Lulu is uniquely attuned to the resonance of cosmic disco energy. Using her staff to conjure visions of freedom and abandon to the beat of the music, she can get even the most left-footed creatures in the galaxy tapping along.

Space Groove Lulu Prestige Edition

Fresh off a visit from the Three Party Goddesses in the center of the galaxy, Lulu’s more in tune with the Groove than ever. Her visions are even more potent, her beats are even more irresistible, and no one knows where Lulu’s going to pop up next.

Space Groove Lux


Naive but dedicated, Lux will keep standing against the Harsh Vibes. The world is worth saving.

Skin Story

A normal girl from the Normal World, Lux picked up a groove-enhancing staff to defend her planet from the Harsh Vibes… inadvertently discovering she could channel mighty blasts of concentrated disco music. Sailing into space with her mercenary bodyguard, Samira, Lux now stands as the bubbly bastion of good against an evil alien armada and their terrible taste in music.

Space Groove Nasus

Space Groove Nasus

Even someone who followed the Harsh Vibes can return to the Groove.

Skin Story

A storied disc jockey, music librarian, and leader of the Dog Planet, Nasus was once under Lissandra’s thrall—seizing all his people’s grooviest records and hiding them away, never to be heard again. Yet now, with his heart opened to the power of disco, he leads his people in rebellion against the deadly shock troopers Blitz & Crank.

Space Groove Nunu & Willump

Space Groove Nunu and Willump

The powerful Yeti has joined the gifted boy to spread the Groove to the world.

Skin Story

Blessed with the strongest boogie-channeling abilities his planet had ever seen, Willump had been recruited by Lissandra to convert good vibes into harsh ones. But when he met Nunu during the siege of Normal World, Willump broke free of Lissandra‘s control and the two deserted to travel the galaxy, and bring good vibes back to the universe.

Space Groove Rumble

Space Groove Rumble

Even good music must be protected. Rumble understands that.

Skin Story

The Retro-Futuristic Planet is tired of listening to the boring music brought by Lissandra‘s evil influence. Fashioning a Groove suit of his own design, Rumble now stomps across his adoptive homeworld, unleashing powerful rockets and a groovy bass track on anyone who’d keep the people from dancing.

Space Groove Samira


Who else to keep Lux safe while battle unspeakable dangers? Samira of course!

Skin Story

A groovy, thrill-seeking bodyguard and elite warrior from the Hot Tub Nebula, Samira took a job directly from the Three Party Goddesses to save Lux from an impending invasion of the Normal World. Now, as the pair liberate planets across the galaxy, Samira must do everything in her power to keep Lux safe—both from Lissandra and from Lux‘s own lack of self preservation instincts.

Harsh Vibes

Space Groove Blitz & Crank

Space Groove Blitz and Crank

Blitz and Crank are Cat Planet‘s fiercest warriors, and work together seamlessly (mostly) to pilot their mech, Blitzcrank. While Crank believes that he can overcome his lack of rhythm with the help of his exuberant copilot, Blitz is… well… he’s busy dancing to his own beat. Together they plan to take over Dog Planet and claim its sunbeams for themselves.


At first glance, this universe looks like a cooked up lore. However on closer look, you realize just how deep the stories go. In my opinion, this world has a lot more to offer readers, let’s stay tuned. Another exciting and fun universe to look at is the Toy Box Skin line.

Thanks for reading!

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