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Storybook – Skin Lines in League of Legends

Hello Summoner, this time we have another skin line that involves fairy tales. Like the Fables universe, the storybook lore presents characters that represent popular stories in our world. Although similar in nature, the two universes are in fact similar.

Where the Fables’ characters represent popular monsters or myths, Storybook characters all exist in the Alice in Wonderland and Little Red Riding Hood stories. As you might have guessed, Annie represents Alice and the Little Red Riding Hood in this world and fits the role perfectly.

Storybook – Alice in Wonderland

Annie in Wonderland

Storybook - Annie in Wonderland

Annie followed Tibbers into a rabbit hole introducing her to a brand new world.

Skin Story

Down the rabbit hole, Annie went, following the White Tibbers she had spied at the riverbank until she emerged in a world much more curious than the one she had left. “Perhaps I shall stay,” she said to herself—and so she did.

Caterpillar Kog’Maw

Caterpillar Kog'Maw load screen

Kog’Maw has a never-ending hunger that pushes him to devour everything within sight.

Skin Story

Kog’Maw, ever lost in thought, sat upon his toadstool until he was famished. “Wonderland is full of such delights,” he mused, gulping down the toadstool entirely. “It would be a shame not to devour them all.”

Mad Hatter Shaco

Mad Hatter Shaco

Shaco keeps ruining tea time by killing every guest at the table. No one likes this except him of course.

Skin Story

“It’s always tea-time,” said Shaco, cleaning his knife. “You can’t drink tea without a nice, clean knife.” No one else responded, of course, because they were dead—which Shaco much preferred.

Count Vladimir

Storybook - Count Vladimir

Count Vlad draws on the life force of others in order to stay young. While the villagers are aware of this, they are yet to work up enough courage to do something about it.

Skin Story

Once upon a time, in the heart of a dark and gloomy castle, there lived an eternally youthful count who the people greatly feared. Every night, a terrible red mist would seep into the villages, and some poor soul would vanish without a trace—another life lost to Vladimir’s growing appetites.

Storybook – Little Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Annie

Red Riding Annie

In the story, Little Red Riding Hood got devoured. However, in this lore, Annie is more than capable of taking care of herself. The wolf found out too late.

Skin Story

Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house, Annie went—not once suspecting that Warwick the Wolf was waiting for her. Of course, Warwick didn’t know Annie could shoot balls of magic flame or summon a fiery bear, so really this was a larger issue with communication.

Big Bad Warwick

Storybook skin line - Big Bad Warwick

Warwick had a 100% success rate in eating grannies and their unsuspecting children…until he met Annie.

Skin Story

Having recently eaten three stubborn hogs and a duck who couldn’t run very fast, Warwick has pivoted into devouring kindly grandmothers and wearing their clothes. He then impersonates them to get close to their grandchildren, who he also devours. Warwick is a really bad guy.

Storybook – Wrapping Up

You can see that some parts of the stories have changed. That is because the characters here are not powerless, in fact, do not be surprised if subsequent updates take a different turn.

Thanks for reading!

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