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TFT 11.3 Patch Notes – Divine and Elise Rework!

TFT 11.3 Yama Notları - Ulviler ve Elise Yenilendi!

Welcome festival-goers! We are here to share TFT 11.3 Patch Notes with you!

We’re one and a half patches into the festival, but the party’s just begun. We are a bit light on updates here, as the B-patch last week had quite a few. This patch brings a mini-rework to Divine, some updates to 1-costs, and a few other changes. Let’s hop into the patch notes!

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Patch Note Highlights

tft 11.3 patch notes

Trait Changes

TFT 11.3 Patch Notes

Dragonsoul is getting a vengeful quality of life, or should I say death, improvement, Spirit 4 is losing some of its spirit, and Slayer 6 is embracing its heavy metal late game identity.

But the real topic here is Divine. With only its duration scaling in the past, Divine has struggled to find its foothold as a trait worth investing deeply into. We want to make Divine worth devoting your comp to by giving Divine units a powerful moment of ascension that escalates in potency with each level. 

DragonsoulUpon passing the blessing after death, the ally’s next basic attack will immediately trigger the Dragon Breath
Divine Buff Duration3/6/9/15 ⇒ 6 seconds across all
Divine Buff Damage Reduction45% ⇒ 35/45/55/65%
Divine Buff Bonus True Damage45% ⇒ 35/45/55/65%
Spirit Attack Speed20/40% ⇒ 20/35%
Slayer Lifesteal%15-30/%25-50 ⇒ %15-30/%30-60
Slayer Damage%20-45/%30-75 ⇒ %20-45/%35-80

Champion Changes

TFT 11.3 Patch Notes

 The changes here are meant to empower some of the underperforming units.

Tier 1

Brand Attack Range: 660 ⇒ 890
Elise’s attacks in Spider Form now increase the cost of her target’s next spell by 35/35/50%
Elise Health on Spider Form
Transformation: 35/40/45% ⇒ 25/30/45%
Tristana Rapid Fire Attack Speed: 50/60/80% ⇒ 60/70/90%
Diana Pale Cascade Orbs now spawn further away from her body when her size increases (ie: Titan’s Resolve)

3. Aşama

Darius Fortune’s Guillotine Damage: 550/800/1300 ⇒ 550/850/1400

Item Changes

TFT 11.3 Patch Notes

 This is part of making our Mana Reave system consistent. 

Shroud of Stillness Mana Cost Increase: 33% ⇒ 35%


TFT 11.3 Patch Notes

I was not the first to reach Challenger. I know, I know, we’re all disappointed. But let’s still give it up for Coralie…

That’s all for TFT 11.3 Patch Notes. It was a minor patch that focused on minor balance changes. See you on the next patch!

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