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TFT 11.3 PBE Patch Notes – 01/20 – 02/03 Collection

Since the live patch released we all know that TFT 11.3 PBE Patch Notes cycle has begun, although many of the changes are made for testing purposes, following these changes are good to be prepared for Riot’s releases. We are once again here to share TFT 11.3 PBE patch notes.

This article will be updated with additional information provided until the live-release of PBE Patch 11.3.

PBE Content is tentative and subject to change – what you see below may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers at the end of the cycle! Manage your expectations accordingly.

Let’s move on to our article where we collected the information that emerged from 01/20 to 02/03.

1/25/2021 Mid-Patch Update

TFT 11.3 PBE Patch Notes



  • Pale Cascade Orbs: 4/5/7 ⇒ 4/5/6


  • Fixed a bug where Rakan could start to gain Mana while his shield was still active near the end of its duration.
  • Mana: 40/80 ⇒ 60/120
  • Disarming Diversion Shield: 300/550/950 ⇒ 200/400/800


  • Contempt for the Weak Attack Damage Steal: 20/30/40% ⇒ 20/25/30%

Aurelion Sol

  • Voice of Lightning Damage: 350/550/1750 ⇒ 325/500/1750


  • Mana Lock after spell cast duration: 1 second ⇒ 1.5 seconds


  • Seal Fate Armor/Magic Resist Shred: 40/40/40% ⇒ 60/60/80%
  • Tooltip Fix: Katarina’s Tooltip has been bugged for a few patches, oops. The correct damage numbers for her spell, Death Lotus will now be accurate on the tooltip: 600/900/1650″

Trait Balance Changes

TFT 11.3 PBE Patch Notes


TFT 11.3 PBE Patch Notes, Divine

[Changed] Upon attacking 6 times or dropping below 50% Health Divine champions remove all crowd control and ascend, taking 35% reduced damage and dealing 35% bonus true damage for the duration.

  • (2) 35% damage reduction and 35% true damage
  • (4) 45% damage reduction and 45% true damage
  • (6) 55% damage reduction and 55% true damage
  • (8) 65% damage reduction and 65% true damage


  • 6 unit lifesteal increased from 25-30% to 30-60%
  • 6 unit bonus damage increased from 30-75% to 35-80%


  • 4 unit attack speed lowered from 40% to 35%

Champion Balance Changes

TFT 11.3 PBE Patch Notes

1 Cost


  • Chosen Bonus: Max Mana Reduction >>> HP


  • [New] Attacks now inject target with venom, increasing cost of next spell by 33%
  • Ability bonus health lowered from 35/40/45% to 25/30/45%
  • Enemy next spell cost amp increased from 33% to 35/35/50%

3 Cost


  • Ability damage increased from 550/800/1300 to 550/850/1400


  • Spell Damage: 600/900/1800 (incorrect tooltip) >>> 600/900/1650

4 Cost


  • Mana: 0/70 >>> 0/60
  • Wave Damage: 90/165/500 >>> 100/180/500


  • Known Bug: Doesn’t reduce magic resist of targets hit (This hasn’t worked all PBE and will not work on Live, even though the tooltip says it does. We will be re-evaluating if she even needs it in Patch 11.3)


  • Mana: 60/120 >>> 70/130

5 Cost


  • Spell Shots Per Second: 3/4/10 >>> 3/3/10


  • Fixed a bug where he would not gain Mana after casting his spell for the first time each combat 

Unfortunately, that’s all for TFT 11.3 PBE Patch Notes for now, although there aren’t many changes made to TFT this patch, many skins and chroma packs released for League of Legends in this PBE cycle. If you want to learn more about the new patch of League of Legends, read our LoL 11.3 PBE Patch Notes!

Finally SenpAI.GG’s LoL Tier List is here, follow the link to experience our AI’s assessment of the current meta and feel the technology to the ground! Go ahead with SenpAI!

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