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TFT 11.4 Patch Notes – Chosen Rework!

TFT 11.4 Yama Notları - Seçilmiş Sistemi Yenilemesi

Hello, Summoners! We are once again here to share TFT 11.4 Patch Notes with you! This patch brought a total rework to Chosens, and surprisingly this patch contains many changes to the Items. Although our last patch had nothing too much to offer, we can easily see Riot held the desert for this week. Let’s hop into the TFT 11.4 Patch Notes!

You can follow the link to compare PBE changes for TFT 11.4 Patch Notes.

TFT 11.4 Patch Notes Highlights

tft 11.4 patch notes


TFT 11.4 Patch Notes

Lucky Lanterns

 Rollin into Club 2, DJ Ox what ya up to? Loaded up with those dice, Dango life’s lookin nice. Target dummies all around, all these Lucky Lanterns astound. Edge cases swing games, but using em takes brains. So we’re keepin them around, for there’s fun times abound. 

  • Stage 3 Lantern: It is no longer possible to get 2 Loaded Dice or 2 Target Dummies
  • Stage 4 Lantern: It is no longer possible to get 2 Loaded Dice or 2 Target Dummies
    • Stage 4 Lantern: It is no longer possible to get 3 Item Components


 Let it go like Frozen, didn’t roll no Chosen. Maybe in the next shop, bout to break my laptop. Now we get em more times, under all new confines. Chosen bonus stats down, 200 hp sticks around.

Important stuff here. By toning down the power of Chosens and increasing the rate at which you see them we’re aiming to make the feel bad moment of missing your ‘just hit(s)’ less punishing. An increased ‘hit rate’ on Chosens allows you to consistently swap out Chosens as your comp evolves without being punished by not getting a desirable Chosen nor losing out on powerful Trait synergies (see Traits for more).TLDR: more choices for Chosens, Chosens will feel less chosen, choose more Chosens throughout the game. 

  • Chosen Base Odds: 33%⇒50%
  • Rolling Odds for Level 4: 60/40/0/0/0%⇒80/20/0/0/0%
  • Chosen Bonus Spell Power: 30⇒15
  • Chosen Bonus Attack Damage: 20⇒10
  • Chosen Bonus Mana Reduction: 25%⇒15%
  • Chosen Bonus Health: 400⇒300 (The bonus 200 health baseline that Chosens receive just for being Chosen is not affected here)


TFT 11.4 Patch Notes

 Traits are too strong, something’s goin wrong. Can’t adapt in mid game, reroll comps put me to shame. Brawler’s AD and Health goin down, Elder still makes me a clown. Warlord, oh lord, this one really strikes a chord. Galio, free-throw, Dragonsoul won’t make ya go.

By decreasing the strength of the dominant traits we can allow players to adapt more effectively to changing game states. Currently, we find that powerful traits lock them into comps based on the first few rounds of the game. This change, paired with our Chosen changes will open up more pathways throughout the game to give players the agency to run more creative, and potentially memey, comps.A note on Dragonsoul: it was performing decently well on 11.3, but the changes to other traits made it dominant during 11.4 testing, resulting in a soulid nerf to the trait. The odd trait out, Cultist, is getting a buff at Cultist 9 to ensure our Supreme Overlord doesn’t get two-shot by anyone running Dragonsoul. 

  • Assassin Crit Chance:10/30/55 ⇒ 10/30/50
  • Assassin Bonus Crit Damage:25/60/100 ⇒ 25/55/90
  • Brawler Health: 400/700/1000/1600⇒400/700/1000/1400
  • Brawler Attack Damage: 10/20/60/120⇒10/20/40/80
  • Cultist Supreme Overlord Galio (Cultist 9): Bonus Magic Resist: 20⇒60 (100 total)
  • Dragonsoul Blast Damage: 50% ⇒ 40% max Health
  • Dragonsoul Spell Power and Attack Speed: 40/80/160% ⇒ 40/70/140%
  • Divine True Damage & Damage Reduction: 35/45/55/65 ⇒ 25/40/55/70
  • Duelist Attack Speed: 15/25/40/60% ⇒ 12/20/35/60%
  • Elderwood Armor and Magic Resist: 15/25/40⇒15/20/30
  • Elderwood Attack Damage and Spell Power: 5/10/20⇒5/10/15
  • Warlord Health: 250/500/850⇒250/400/700
  • Warlord Spell Power: 25/50/85⇒25/40/70


TFT 11.4 Patch Notes

Tier 1

 I musta stumbled on a construction site, champs getting nerf hammered with no fight. Diana nerfs again, no this can’t be right. We nerfed her last patch, but she’s back like a satellite. Bad dog so we gotta nerf his bite. These Yasuo numbers, oh what a sight.

(And now a little faster) Nidalee, oh my, oh me, she’s generally, the cause of my therapy. Spears hitting like a felony, teaching me how to spell ‘OP’, these changes coming conscientiously. I can assure thee; tomorrow we’ll be free.

And now let’s get into it. One cost carries are getting nerfed across the board. Nidalee’s mid-close range spears are a lot less deadly, but her long range snipes can deal even more damage than before at max ranges. Overall, this will be a nerf to Nidalee, but it will highlight the occasional max range snipe. 

  • Diana Attack Speed: 0.7⇒0.65
    • Pale Cascade Shield: 200/300/450⇒175/250/350
    • Diana Pale Cascade Orb Damage: 90/100/110⇒80/85/90
  • Fiora Mana: Mana: 0/75⇒0/95
  • Nasus Mana: 0/60⇒0/80
    • Magic Resist: 50⇒40
    • Wither damage: 400/600/850 ⇒ 350/550/750
  • Nidalee bugfix nerf: fixed a bug where the range calculation was adding 1 extra Hex of distance
    • Javelin Toss Damage: 225/300/600⇒100/150/250
    • Nidalee Javelin Toss Bonus Damage per Hex: 20%⇒80%
  • Wukong Crushing Blow Attack Damage Scaling: 250/265/280%⇒240/250/260%
  • Yasuo Striking Steel Attack Damage Scaling: 180/200/225%⇒180/185/190%

Tier 2

 Teemo hits my carry, there goes my hail mary. I rage like Tom at Jerry.

But now I got Braum here, maybe he’ll tank a spear. Gunna get his cast off, or end up like mom’s stroganoff.

Nautilus viable, as more than a Fable, go ahead pick him up, as long as you are able. 

  • Braum Attack Speed: 0.6⇒0.75
    • Mana: 30/70⇒30/60
  • Nautilus Armor: 45⇒55
    • Magic Resist: 30⇒40
    • Fabled Shield Damage Reduction: 60%⇒50%
  • Teemo Sporecloud Dart prioritization: Highest Attack Speed⇒Current Target
  • Zed Attack Speed: 0.8⇒0.75

Tier 3

 Fable champs boom or bust, getting all three a must. Neeko gets a power thrust, even without Fabled trust.

Hoppin’ in the backline, taking me to level 9. Pop off with no notice, too many targets with Death Lotus.

Past the point of no return, Shyvana carries with the burn. Magic Resist on full blast, survivability is unsurpassed. 

  • Irelia Bladestorm Disarm Duration: 2.5/3/3.5⇒2.5/3/4 seconds
  • Katarina Death Lotus number of targets: 4/6/8⇒4/5/6
    • Death Lotus total Spell Damage: 600/900/1650⇒600/900/1500
  • Kennen Slicing Maelstrom Damage: 150/225/375⇒200/300/400
  • Neeko Blooming Burst: 150/225/375⇒200/300/400
    • Fabled Bonus Multiplier: 200%⇒150%
  • Nunu Consume Damage: 450/650/1800⇒450/700/1500
  • Shyvana Health: 750⇒700
    • Magic Resist: 80⇒60
    • Burn Damage: 150/300/600 ⇒ 125/250/500

Tier 4

 Olaf blocks AD debuff, Morgana life is gettin tough. Three star balance changes galore, Cho buff sneaks in like the Trojan War.

(And now a nice chant to invoke an Aatrox buff. Works better upon repeating) It’s the rise of the cult, better find an adult, to feed the catapult, demise through the occult. 

  • Aatrox Infernal Chains Damage: 350/550/1500⇒400/600/2000
  • Aurelion Sol Voice of Lightning Damage: 325/500/1750⇒325/500/1400
  • Cho’Gath Armor: 40⇒60
    • Updated his Rupture targeting to be slightly less random and hit crowds more frequently, because that’s what crowd control is for.
  • Kayle Divine Ascension Wave Damage: 100/180/500⇒100/150/400
  • Morgana Hallowed Ground Damage: 250/400/2000⇒250/400/1600
  • Olaf Ragnarok Cleave Damage: 40/45/50%⇒50/50/50%
    • Ragnarok now blocks the AD Reduction debuff
  • Talon Truestrike Attack Damage Scaling: 240/250/275%⇒240/250/300%
  • Tryndamere
    • Spinning Slash now looks for targets in a slightly larger range to spin towards
    • Spinning Slash dash speed increased
    • Mana: 50/100⇒60/100
  • Xayah Featherstorm Attack Damage Scaling: 250/275/325%⇒250/275/350%

Tier 5

 High-risk and high-reward, Samira wins with gun and sword. Overpowered, let’s cut the cord, will still be strong and not ignored. Yone’s about to pwn. Unforgotten to well known. Your units, a stepping stone.

(Let’s slow it down for the Adept) Who’s that over there in the corner? Turning your lil legend into a mourner. Brother of the blade like he a Warner. Adept with the Duelists like he’s a foreigner. Here for your comp, he’s a real coroner. 

  • Ornn Artifact, Eternal Winter hits until Frozen: 5⇒7
    • Artifact, Manazane Mana Restore Duration: 8⇒4 seconds
  • Yone Seal Fate Damage: 600/1200/9999 ⇒ 800/1200/20000
    • Unforgotten Damage: 350/600/1500⇒350/750/9999
  • Samira Attack Range: 660⇒420


TFT 11.4 Patch Notes

 Stoneplate’s been weak for a while, components best left on stockpile. Shiv’s in the same boat, Bach’s item needs a power bloat. 

  • Deathblade AD Per Stack: 20 ⇒ 10
    • Starting Stacks: 1 ⇒ 4
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate Bonus Armor and Magic Resist: 15⇒20
  • Statikk Shiv no longer deals bonus damage to Shields
    • Can now critically strike
    • Crits reduce the Magic Resist of targets hit by 60% for 6 seconds
    • Damage: 80⇒60
    • Targets Hit: 4/5/6⇒4
  • Sunfire Cape now applies its burn every 2.5 seconds instead of 2. This nerf will result in fewer enemies on fire as the Cape needs slightly more time to heat up.
  • Quicksilver now blocks the AD Reduction debuff


  • Fixed a bug where critical strikes triggered by the Executioner trait did not add stacks to Titan’s Resolve.
  • Fixed a bug where combined Ornns don’t give you the proper amount of progress towards making an artifact.
  • Fixed a bug where if your bench is full and you make a 3 star Chosen that Chosen doesn’t get benefits.
  • Fixed a bug where Olaf could be kicked off the board by Lee Sin while Ragnarok was active
  • Fixed a bug where The Boss did not trigger its true damage buff if Sett was healed to full health by sources other than sit-ups (e.g. Anima Visage)
  • Fixed a bug where Zilean wasn’t properly deprioritizing summoned units with Rewind Fate
  • Tryndamere’s Spinning Slash now runs through his attack flow (applies effects like Statikk Shiv’s bonus damage or Guinsoo’s Rageblade’s bonus attack speed)
  • No consistent tempo can be found in reading the rhyming sections of these hip hoppin’ patch notes. Have fun trying to rap it. I dare ya. Double Nasus dare ya.

That’s all for our TFT 11.4 Patch Notes!

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