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TFT Beginner’s Guide, Champion Origins Cheatsheet – Set 3.5

TFT beginners guide origins

With this branch of our main TFT Beginner’s Guide, we aim to introduce you the Origins in TFT.


What is TFT?

TFT is an 8 player Auto Battler which is a new genre that pioneered with Dota 2’s Auto Chess, TFT is Riot’s sight of this new genre. In this genre, the player strategically places his champions in grids and watches them fight with other player’s placed champions. And the battle to become the last one standing, these guides aim to help you to get through basics and becoming the one that stands. To get better at the game you can use our guides, useful charts, and lists in the links below.


TFT Beginner’s Guide

TFT Classes Cheatsheet




Origins in TFT are basically named upon adventures, champions attended to. Each Origin has the same-named skin line for champions in League of Legends. Each Origin has bonuses that affect the champions sharing the same origin or the entire board depending on the story of adventure. Set 3.5’s Origin list is down below with their bonuses and champions they cover. An increase in the number of placed champions grows the bonus effects of origins depending on each origin’s threshold. 

tft origin astro


(3) Astro champions reduce their mana costs by 30

tft origin battlecast

Battlecast champions, upon dealing or taking 10 instances of damage, heal if below half health, or deal magic damage to the nearest enemy if above half

(2) 80 Healing or Damage

(4) 180 Healing or Damage

(6) 480 Healing or Damage
(8) 1000 Healing or Damage
(8 champion buff is only reachable via using Battlecast Plating on 2 other champions)

tft origin celestial

All allies heal for a percent of the damage they deal with spells and attacks.
(2) 15% Healing
(4) 45% Healing
(6) 150% Healing

tft origin chrono
All allies gain 15% Attack Speed.
(2) Every 8 seconds
(4) Every 3 seconds
(6) Every 1 second
(8) Every 0.5 seconds

tft origin cybernetic
Cybernetic champions with at least one item gain Health and Attack Damage.
(3) 300 Health and 35 Attack Damage
(6) 550 Health and 70 Attack Damage

tft origin darkstar
Dark Star
When an ally dies, all allied Dark Star Champions gain increased damage.
(2) 8 Attack Damage and Spell Power
(4) 18 Attack Damage and Spell Power
(6) 28 Attack Damage and Spell Power
(8) 48 Attack Damage and Spell Power
(8 champion buff is only reachable via using Dark Star’s Heart on 2 other champions)

tft origin mechpilot
Mech Pilot
(3) At the start of combat, three Mech-Pilots are teleported into a Super-Mech (Garen). The Super-Mech has the combined Health, Attack Damage, and Traits of its Pilots, as well as their items up to 3 (Gets items of the pilots randomly) When the Super-Mech dies, the pilots are ejected and continue to fight.

tft origin rebel
At the start of combat, Rebels gain a shield and bonus damage for each adjacent Rebel. The shield lasts for 8 seconds.
(3)150 Shield and 10% Damage
(6) 225 Shield and 12% Damage
(9) 400 Shield and 20% Damage
(9 unit buff is only reachable via using Rebel Medal on 2 other champions)

tft origin space pirate

Space Pirate
When this bonus is activated whenever Space Pirate lands a killing blow gains gold or component item
(2) 50% for 1 Gold
(4) 50% for 1 Gold and 25% for a component item

tft origin star guardian
Star Guardian
Star Guardian’s spell casts grant Mana to other Star Guardians. (Spreads among them)
(3) 15 Total Mana
(6) 25 Total Mana
(9) 60 Total Mana
(9 champion buff is only reachable via using Star Guardian’s Charm on 2 other champions)


   Stay tuned for more comprehensive TFT Guides by SenpAI! We constantly improve our platform and share insights upon new sets, tactics & compositions. See you in the next round!


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