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TFT Economy: How to Manage Your Wealth

tft economy

Managing your TFT economy is one of the fundamentals in the game, you will either be rewarded or punished for your choices, let us help you with our guide to stay in the rewarding path.

If you have seen build guides, you will notice that oftentimes, you need very specific units to make the best team comp you can because of that keeping an eye on your future gold and leveling up in a proper stage is important.

Staying over 50 gold is very crucial for many opportunities. However, you may need to break your gold interest in certain situations. Your opponent might want to level up early to keep the winning streak or you might need an early level up for your composition or you might need to search for the champions which will provide you the power-spike you lack.

There are certain prefixes to certain economy tactics, these are Slow Rolling, Hyper Rolling, Regular Leveling, and Fast 9. (Occasionally Fast 7 or Fast 9)

We are here as SenpAI to teach you to track your hard-earned gold and sparing it wisely.

Basics of TFT Economy

There are few variables which will impact your revenue as a Little Legend, these are:

Passive Income
  • In the first few rounds, you’ll gain increasing gold every round starting from 2 gold up until a base of 5 gold per round.
    • Starting from round 1-2, you will receive 2-2-3-4 gold, and then 5 gold every round after that.
  • You collect interest for every 10 gold you have up until 50. Interest is calculated at the very end of the round and ranges from 1-5 gold.
    • So if you have 50 gold when the round ends you’ll get an extra 5 gold.

There are win streaks and lose streaks in the game. If you are on either you will gain extra gold.

  • 2-3 win/lose streak: 1 extra gold
  • 4 win/lose streak: 2 extra gold
  • 5+ win/lose streak: 3 extra gold

With the enlightenment of the information above, there are few styles to play TFT. Implementing the correct style to the game you are in is one of the few masteries of the game and this is one of the causes difference between ranks in the game. There are 3 main economy styles in the game, these are:

  • Balanced TFT Economy: Weaker than other styles, but with this type of economy, you can win any game if you make good decisions and if you are lucky.
  • Aggressive TFT Economy: This focuses on power spiking early and win-streaking, punishing greedy opponents, and hopefully carrying your head start as an advantage into the late game.
  • Greedy TFT Economy: This sacrifices the early game to get you more overall gold, access to higher tier units earlier, and more chances to reroll.

Balanced TFT Economy

Going for the balanced TFT economy is the way to go if you know what you are doing. This economy is basically combined version of other two. You have to know your composition and it’s power-spikes very well and should always inspect other player’s boards to situationally switch between two economies down below. Although it is more difficult than the other styles, you will have higher chance to win the game.

Use this TFT economy if you:
  • Don’t have a obvious composition in the early game.
  • Already inspect other players in a regular basis.
  • Know phases and power spikes in the game.

You should be looking for either strong units or strong compositions temporarily in the early game tokeep enough gold to switch your composition and also collecting strong units.

You should keep your streaks either it is a win or lose streak. Build up your interest with it but don’t commit on your interest if you have an opportunity to upgrade your units. Prioritize leveling up if you have a winning streak but obviously don’t do that if you have a loss streak since you won’t have a strong board and can’t add a unit that can win the game singlehandedly.

  • You can learn both economy styles in detail since you will switch between them depending on the situation.
  • It is appliable in both streaks.
  • You will have strong points of both styles and can punish either.
  • Meta changes and power changes won’t hurt you as much.

Aggressive TFT Economy

The focus point of this economy is to spend as much gold as possible in the early game to use it for your advantage by rerolling to find key units which is also the key to your win and leveling early to obtain extra revenue with win streaks.

Use this TFT economy if:
  • You have more than 2 pairs in the early game.
  • Your composition has a high-cost key unit which is contested in the meta.
  • You have an early win streak.
  • Your composition has too many low-cost units.
  • If you have a good carry or good items.

Find an S tier unit which is compatible with your composition and reroll aggressively in the early game to rank up this unit, if you succeed it continue on hoarding other strong units which can help you to get through the early game.

Level up your Little Legend to put more units to the board every time you have an opportunity to put a strong unit and increase your odds to obtain a high-cost unit that can sustain your win streak during mid-game.

  • You can easily start a winning streak since the possibility of finding a low-cost unit is higher at lower levels, so you can easily merge them into a 2-star unit.
  • You can hit your enemies harder with high level units and punish them for being so stingy.
  • It is a high risk – high reward strategy, if you can’t find what you are looking for you will be punished excessively.
  • You will be building an early-mid game composition since you will be dependant on low-cost units you will most likely fall behind of enemies in aspect of power.
  • You will be highly dependant on your streak, if you lose your streak you may not sustain your snowball through mid and late game.

Greedy TFT Economy

This strategy is based on sitting over 50 gold to get maximum interest and using your spare gold to rolling and leveling up depending on the composition you have aimed.

Use this TFT economy if you:
  • Don’t have hope in the early game.
  • Aren’t trying to force a composition.
  • Like to make future plans in the real life.

Reaching to 50 gold is pretty important in this economy style. Your main focus is playing for the late game so choose a composition that is strong for late game. You can implement champions that can be considered strong in the meta you are in.

You should level up as you reach the 50 gold threshold, not doing so will cost you time and gold in the long run.

Your board won’t be very strong early on, although you should be able to kill couple units because trying a comeback with low HP is a hassle, nothing more.

  • Keeping your loss streak is pretty easy since you won’t have strong units early on.
  • You will always have enough gold to seize opportunities that can win you the game.
  • Being lucky can really make your game easier compare to other economies since you will also invest your late game.
  • You will most likely pick any item you want from carousels.
  • You can inspect other player builds and can avoid intercepting each other.
  • You can hard lose early game and can’t recover.
  • Other players can still hurt you in the late game.

Stay tuned for more comprehensive TFT Guides by SenpAI! We constantly improve our platform and share insights upon new sets, tactics & compositions. See you in the next round!

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