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TFT Leveling Guide: When to Level Up

tft leveling guide when to level up

TFT Learning Curve

As you all know, TFT is famous for being shaped by your choices, and leveling up at the correct pace of the game is one of the choices you have to make. Once you master this fundamental leveling strategy you will complete one branch of the basic knowledge of the game, which consists of 4 branches:

We are here to teach you when to level up with fundamental leveling up strategies as SenpAI! Let’s hop into the guide!

TFT Fundamental Leveling up Strategies

Although there are 4 main leveling up strategies in TFT, only 2 of them are currently used in Set 4 because of the fast pace of the current game. These strategies are:

  • Standard *
  • Slow Rolling*
  • Hyper Rolling
  • Fast 8

Standard Roll*

This strategy is mostly focused on high-level units, mostly 4-cost units, you basically try to survive through the late game and win the game with 4 and 5-cost units. Although this is a standalone strategy, you might need to switch between the strategies below to balance your board and your strength depending on the pace of the game you are in.

Basic Information

You have to remember this strategy is the first leveling strategy of the game and the difference successfully applying it created the difference between divisions in the ranking ladder, so practice a lot to master it because many of the highly ranked players already know this and already mixing it with other strategies.

This strategy consists of high-tier units, so you basically sacrifice early-game to make your economy ready for the late game. But you can always manage the early game if you get good items and units to keep your economy.

Leveling Up Rules

You have to:

  • Be level 6 by the second round of Stage 3 (3-2).
  • Get level 7 by the beginning of the 4th Stage.
  • Level 8 by the beginning of the 5th Stage, and get Level 9 when you need an extra unit.

Try to manage the early game until the late game,. Always be ahead of your enemies in level to pick high-cost units earlier. Pick strong 4 and 5 cost units that fit into your composition and try to make it work in the late game. Basically, sacrifice early game to power-spike in the mid and late game.

Slow Rolling*


This strategy is the way to go with strong mid-game compositions. Since the current experience table of the game made it hard to apply high-level compositions, this strategy is the way to go on many compositions. Although it looks like an easy strategy, it has many weaknesses like:

  • You might be under-leveled if you can’t 3-star your units early.
  • Your comp might be contested with an early 3-starring lucky opponent, which will make this strategy useless.
  • You can miss your power-spike pretty easily since you will have fewer carry champions in most scenarios.
Basic Information

By using this strategy your only aim is 3-starring most of your composition with rolling in sweet-spot levels for the champion you seek. For example, if you want to use Chosen Duelist composition you should start rolling at level 5 with your 50-gold interest every round because many champions in this composition are low-cost units but if you want to use Ninja-Shades composition you need to roll at level 7 because you will have 24% chance to find Zed and 30% chance to find Evelynn.

Leveling Up Rules

Inspect your compositions champions and find the average cost and heavy cost tendency.


  • Your composition has 3 or more low-cost units roll with your excess gold on Level 5.
  • It has 2 or more 3 cost units roll with your excess gold on Level 6.
  • Your composition has higher cost units more than lower-cost units roll with your excess gold on Level 7.

Skip the early stage with win or loss streaks and try to get your level sweet-spot, then try to 3-star your units with your excess gold as much as possible. The main difference between By Hyper-Rolling you don’t rush with all your gold you keep a more stable economy while remaining competitive and threatful for the late-game while potentially destroying mid-game.

Hyper Rolling


The characteristic of hyper rolling is betting everything in the early game and basically coin-flipping after mid-game. Hyper rolling heavily dependant on early game units and win streak to be competitive with other strategies. This strategy lost its viability after the changes made to the rolling odds, but you can still make it useful with compositions relying on 1-cost units. It is always good to learn more about the game after all.

Basic Information

By this strategy building a winning streak and winning the early game is crucial, although this strategy doesn’t have a place in the current meta it can be powerful with new compositions and changes in the meta, so that’s the reason we included that strategy. The main issue of this TFT leveling strategy is maximizing your 3-star 1 or 2-cost units to damage your opponents as much as possible.

Leveling Up Rules
  • You have to find your core units in Stage 2. You need to keep at least 10 gold interest range to minimize the outcome of focusing in the early game. Catching a winning streak is pretty crucial.
  • You have to roll with every gold you have in Stage 3 until you hit your carry to 3-star. Then you have to recollect your economy, getting 50 gold interest is more important than losing your streak from now on.
  • You have to get Level 6 on Round 4-2, you can roll through below 50-gold if you don’t feel strong at the beginning of stage 4
  • Stage 5 is your time to catch level with your opponents, you should have all the champions you seek to 3-stars until now. Find a higher cost unit you want to focus on and get Level 7 after you find it even if you have to empty your pouch. When you find it start building your economy again and finish your composition in level 8.

It is an early game focused TFT leveling up strategy, so try to pick one composition that fits and finishes in level 8. Focus on strong 1-cost units and try to level up your carry unit, use until your last dime in stage 3 to 3-star it. If you manage to do that, start to build up your economy in Stage 3. If you don’t feel strong enough at the beginning of the 4th stage roll until you feel powerful and get level 6 on 4-2. Keep up in levels with your opponents, in stage 5, you should 3-star most of your composition by now. If you did that start to build your economy for level 8.

Fast 8 (Can applied to level 7 or 9 too)


This composition is mainly focused on finding the high-cost units and strengthening yourself, earlier than your enemies to be clear. It can look like standard rolling but you basically aim for a losing streak with this TFT leveling up strategy.

Basic Information

Your only objective is getting to the level you aim for no matter what. This strategy is not really applicable in the current set but not bad as hyper roll, so you can still use it to apply your high-cost compositions.

Leveling Up Rules
  • Try to get a winning streak if you are lucky, get a losing streak otherwise.
  • (For Fast 7) You can level up after the carousel on round 3-4 if you have enough gold. (try to have 30 or more gold after leveling up.) You should do that when you need to take action to keep your win streak or to keep your HP.
  • (For fast 8 and 9) Don’t roll at level 6 in stage 3 only get what the game offers and build up your economy, try to keep your losing streak.
  • You have to get level 8 by round 4-3 with more than 30 gold if possible. Start rolling after you hit Level 8 to find your high-cost core units. If you manage to find them early you should look for building your economy again and you can look for Level 9 after that while buying your needed units when encountered or rolling while not losing your interest too much.
  • Start to put your excess gold for level 9 at the beginning of Stage 5 if you managed to get enough strength.
  • You can speed this process up if you are lucky and you high-rolled your core units. You can put your excess gold to leveling after that.

That’s all for our leveling guide, but that’s not all. Take a look at our other Guides to get better in TFT, VALORANT, and League of Legends. Unleash your true potential with SenpAI!

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