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TFT Patch 10.20 Balance Changes (October 7 Hotfix)

tft patch 10 20 hotfix

Riot Games released additional balance changes on October 7 and implemented it to the live release as a hotfix. Changes to the 10.20 patch of TFT are down below:

 Nerfing a few overperformers that are currently dominating most games. 

  • Spirit Attack Speed: 35/80 ⇒ 35/70

The attack speed of the Spirit trait really breaks the game with Zed carry. Not sure if this change is enough but it is better than nothing, right?

  • Aphelios starting Mana 120 ⇒ 90

Riot tried to bring Moonlights back in the last patch but seems like they went too far. Aphelios did kind of break the game with additional power.

  • Janna max Mana: 50 ⇒ 60

Minor but pretty solid change. Decreasing the constancy of the shield of Janna was really needed since Janna is pretty strong during the early game.

  • Ashe Hunter’s Focus Bonus Attack Speed: 50/75/30045/65/300

Ashe was already a solid carry before buffs, looks like these buffs may have caused her to spoil the game and Riot is here to rewind it.

  • Veigar Dark Blossom Damage: 500/650/1000 ⇒ 450/600/900

The last change of Veigar’s ultimate did really retrieve the personality of Veigar. However making sure the one-shot doesn’t seem viable, particularly with the Mage trait, it is a solid change as well.

Thats all for Patch 10.20 Notes of TFT! Stay tuned for comprehensive TFT Guides by SenpAI! We constantly improve our platform and share insights upon new sets, tactics & compositions. See you in the next round!

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