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TFT Patch Notes 10.18 – A New Galaxy and Farewells

TFT patch 10 18

Greetings Summoners! Patch 10.18 of TFT brought a few tweaks, changes in Galaxies some champion buffs, and a goodbye with it as it would be our last meeting with the galaxies. The next patch will be 10.19 which is probably going to bring a new set.

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TFT Patch 10.18 notes:

“Ground Control here. Welcome home. 

The last patch of Galaxies is here, and with it comes a huge new Galaxy to celebrate our journey through space. We’ve got more than a feeling that you’ll love the Grand Finale mechanic that combines the Trade Sector, Superdense, and Treasure Trove Galaxies into one. Meanwhile, the Dwarf Planet Galaxy bites the dust. This patch will also bring the end of the Galaxies Ranked season and pass so be sure to keep grinding with what little time you have left. As we descend the stairway from the heavens and enter the world of Fates, you may be wondering: just how many classic rock song references can he get into one patch notes intro? Well, at least one more. 

It’s the final countdown, let’s get into it! 



A new galaxy is born as Mortdog (Lead Designer of TFT) mentioned in his twitter, this galaxy combined the effects of other galaxies in one. Also, we offered our farewells to the Dwarf Planet.


The Big Bang – Players receive a free reroll each round, a Force of Nature when Stage 3 begins, and loot orbs from all minions and Monsters.
Dwarf Planet has been removed from rotation.


We’ve upped the chances of seeing The Big Bang for this patch to make sure you have a good chance to experience it. The odds are as follows:


20% – The Big Bang

10% – Normal Games 

10% – Treasure Trove 

10% – Trade Sector 

10% – Super Dense 

10% – Galactic Armory

10% – Plunder Planet

10% – Salvage Yard

10% – Manatee’s Delight 


This patch included some minor buffs, it can be related to being the last patch of Set 3.5.

  • Mordekaiser Magic Resist: 3540
  • Ezreal Attack Damage: 5055
  • Cassiopeia Noxious Blast Damage: 700/1500/3500750/1600/4000 



  • Fixed an issue where the Mech Pilots would pop out early if the Mech had GA and was killed by an Urgot.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple Hextech Gunblades would not generate enough shields.”


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