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TFT Set 4: FATES News, Release Date & Champions

TFT Set 4 Champions

Everybody knows that we are going to leave TFT set 3.5 behind, the question is when will set 4 release? We will share the most up-to-date information below.

Set 4 hit the PBE on 09.02


TFT Set 4 Origins Cheatsheet

TFT Set 4 Classes Cheatsheet

TFT Champions

The champions that included in the set 4 are down below.

New Mechanic: Chosen

In TFT Set 4 – Fates you will be occasionally offered a chosen champion in your shop. They’re 2-star versions of the same champions in the game, so they cost three times their original cost but buying these bring you some advantages,

These champions carry a chosen origin or class, so using this champion will count as 2 of the chosen trait, these chosen champions also get +200 hp and of unique stat bonus;

500 Hp, 35% Spell Power, 50 AD


25% reduced mana cost. 

tft chosen garen
Vanguard chose Garen. (Chosen champions are 2 starred units offered by the shop.)

By buying this Vanguard Chosen Garen he will immediately be a 2-star unit and come with 700 extra health and count as two Vanguards.

Unfortunately, once you buy one “Chosen” champion other “Chosen” champions will no longer appear in your shop unless you sell that champion. So buying early or waiting for 4-5 cost Chosen will be your choice to make. Although being so awesome and seem like sweeter than honey you won’t be seeing these chosen champions every game, and it will be nearly impossible to find a fitting desired “chosen” trait to your team composition.

There are some chosen included synergy examples and some information about new traits from Riot Games down below

Origin information and Synergy Examples from Riot Games


When you’re first trying out the new set, the Warlord synergy is a good place to start. Warlords are all about conquering your opponents in battle and powering up each time you do.

When you activate the Warlord synergy, your Warlords will get some health and spell power for each battle they win and victorious battles they’ve already been in (even if you didn’t have the synergy active at that time). This bonus increases up to a cap of 5. This means the longer you use the champions, the more powerful they get. Let’s take a look:

  • Warlords have an additional
    • (3) 150 HP & 10 SP
    • (6) 400 HP & 25 SP
    • (9) 600 HP & 50 SP
  • Each victorious combat they participate in grants additional HP & SP, stacking up to 5 times.
    • (3) 30 HP & 3 SP
    • (6) 40 HP & 5 SP
    • (9) 80 HP & 10 SP
TFT Set 4
Example Level 7 Composition – 6 Warlord 2 Assassin 2 Keeper 1 Ninja
  • Nidalee – (1 cost Warlord Sharpshooter)
  • Garen – (1 cost Warlord Vanguard)
  • Jarvan – (2 cost Warlord Keeper)
  • Pyke – (2 cost Cultist Assassin)
  • Katarina – (3 cost Warlord Assassin) (Warlord Chosen)
  • Kennen – (3 cost Ninja Keeper)
  • Xin Zhao – (3 cost Warlord Duelist)

With this composition, you’re using Katarina as your primary carry—an explosive backline Assassin. Giving her the two Assassin bonus allows her spell to crit(!), and the bonus spell power from Warlord makes it that much more powerful. The CC from Pyke and Kennen, the strong front line of the Warlords, and the Keeper shields keep Katarina alive long enough to cast her ult for tons of damage!


Moonlight is one of the more unique traits in the Fates set, offering something new we think you’ll really be excited about. It is a 3-piece trait, and all of the champions are either 1-costs or 2-costs. This means you can activate this trait very early in the game! Once you do, the trait will upgrade the lowest star level unit by one-star level! (And in the event of a tie, the champ with the most items gets the star-up.)

This means if you have:
  • a 2-star Diana, a 2-star Lissandra, and a 1-star Sylas, then at the start of combat the Sylas becomes a 2-star! You can use this trait to access 3-star champions really early on.

Here’s where it gets interesting. What happens if you have 3 Moonlight champions and they are all 3-star? If you said “I should get a 4-star champion,” you are absolutely correct.


It is possible to reach new levels with the Moonlight trait, and we’ll see TFT’s first 4-Star champions. These are very powerful champions that make for really cool carry possibilities. They aren’t as strong as 4-cost 3-stars, but they pack quite the punch!

TFT set 4
Example Level 6 Composition – 3 Moonlight 3 Warlord 2 Assassin 2 Brawler 2 Dazzler

  • Diana – (1 cost Moonlight, Assassin)
  • Lissandra – (1 cost Moonlight, Dazzler) (Dazzler Chosen)
  • Garen – (1 cost Warlord, Vanguard).
  • Sylas – (2 cost Moonlight Brawler).
  • Vi – (2 cost Warlord, Brawler).
  • Katarina – (3 cost Warlord, Assassin).

With Moonlight, you can choose to either hit your 2-stars and move on, or you can slow-roll and chase that 4-star dream comp. This version does just that and uses Diana as a carry with Gunblade and 2 Assassin as well so that her spell can do as much damage as possible. Lissandra provides strong backup by Morello-ing the front line and reducing any healing coming in. This allows you to assault enemy back and front lines at the same time.


Cultist is another one of our major origins in Fates, with more champions than any other trait at 8 Cultist champions! Interestingly, this trait doesn’t offer any power to the Cultist champions themselves. Instead, Cultists use their powers to summon the Demon Lord Galio into the team! The more Cultists on the board, the more powerful Galio will be. 

  • (3): Tyrant Galio
  • (6): Demon Lord Galio
  • (9): Supreme Overlord Galio

Each level provides Galio a ton of stats and increased abilities. Supreme Overlord Galio is an absolute monster with more than 7000 health and 600 AD! But even Tyrant Galio offers a solid 1800 HP frontline with a big AOE stun that can be the difference between winning and losing your next fight.

TFT Set 4
Example Level 7 Composition – 6 Cultist 2 Duelist 2 Vanguard


  • Elise – (1 cost Cultist Keeper)
  • Twisted Fate – (1 cost Cultist Mage)
  • Pyke – (2 cost Cultist Assassin)
  • Thresh – (2 cost Dusk Vanguard)
  • Evelynn – (3 cost Cultist Shade)
  • Kalista – (3 cost Cultist Duelist) (Duelist Chosen)
  • Aatrox – (4 cost Cultist Vanguard)

This composition uses Kalista as the primary carry if you manage to get Duelist activated. That’ll give her a LOT of power, especially with Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Statikk Shiv. It also uses Aatrox to gather everyone up so that when Galio arrives you get the most value out of his massive slam attack. This is a pretty good all-around comp, especially if you need to tear through a powerful frontline tank.

Source (Riot Games)

Set 4 Release Date

Riot Games announced that TFT Set 4 is expected to be released on patch 10.19, which will hit the live servers on September 16.


Stay tuned for more comprehensive TFT Guides by SenpAI! We constantly improve our platform and share insights upon new sets, tactics & compositions. See you on the next round!


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