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Best 5 Mid Lane Champions

The Best 5 Mid Lane Champions for Season 10

The Best 5 Mid Lane Champions for Season 10! With the approaching end of League of Legends ranked season 9, it is a must to discover new champions to add our champion pool to protect our league in season 10. Adding new champions to pool can help to climb the League of Legends ranked ladder to reach Gold, Plat, Diamond, and even Challenger ranks. Additionally, your champion pool is one of the greatest factors affecting you league.

Mid lane is the most advantageous and strategical point of the Summoner’s Rift. By defeating your lane, you can provide great benefits for your team to lead the game to the victory. Normally, strong characters of the game are always constant, but meta changes every patch. Today, we’ll take a look at the champions those will help you to increase your rank.


Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork

The Best 5 Mid Lane Champions for Season 10

One of the most picked mid lane champion in League of Legend history, Orianna dominates her opponents in lane and even in late game teamfights. By commanding her ball to perform abilities, locating it carries a great importance to the victory. While using W ability to grant teammates movement speed, also slows opponents for out-positioning. The great game changer, the reason of many victories with Orianna; her R ability, Command: Shockwave. Attaching the ball with E, Command: Protect, to the ally champion with great engage abilities like Jarvan IV or Malphite, creates absolute-win scenarios with the ultimate ability, Shockwave.


Ahri, the Nide-Tailed Fox

The Best 5 Mid Lane Champions for Season 10

Ahri, is a very strong pick for mid lane in early, and late game. Ahri’s Q and E abilities grants great advantage for taking the dominance in the lane. Thanks to the passive spellvamp effect from her Q ability, her lane sustainability and staying on lane time increases, makes her take the level advantage. At the same time, with E ability, taunt effect supports the great damage dealing in early game. Also, Ahri has a great mobilitiy by her R ability to take river for roams to other lanes. All of these speciality together on a champion, makes Ahri one of the most preffered champions while getting out of elo hell.


Fizz, the Tidal Trickster

The Best 5 Mid Lane Champions for Season 10

Fizz ensures victory with his ability to counter many mid lane champions. The Tidal Trickster is a quite strong pick against Talon and Zed, two of the most played AD mid lane champions. Anyone, who seeks for absolute victory and show their skills in mid lane, prefers Fizz. One of the most remarkable champions to be listed.


Yasuo, the Unforgiven

The Best 5 Mid Lane Champions for Season 10

Yasuo is one of the most preferred champions since release with his gameplay and style. Also, Yasuo is a really strong pick for the early game, getting stronger with snowball effect for the late game. With the items purchased, attack power and attack speed increases hot, so you will become a fearful opponent. Still, Yasuo is one of the first characters to be banned in ranked matches!


Malzahar, the Prophet of the Void

The Best 5 Mid Lane Champions for Season 10

Malzahar is not much favored among League of Legends mid lane players despite his power. The Prophet of the Void can be played as a mid laner or a top lane champion. One of the reasons the champion is not picked much is that he has not mobility, or and ability to avoid ganks. He can counter many of his opponents thanks to his passive shield against skillshots.


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