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The Death Sworn: Skin Lines in League of Legends

Hello Summoner and welcome to a world where Death sends out chosen champions to reap the Living. The Death Sworn are selected to bring more souls to the underworld during the Harrowing. With an aim to make the Living kneel to the Dead, the Death Sworn constantly reap life wherever they can find it.

Here, we have an alternate universe with a realm that belongs to the Dead. This realm not only grows stronger, it also extends its reaches to the land of the Living. Death’s realm even grew so strong that the Lords of the Living thought they could pacify them (Death) by sacrificing the Star Child.

While this action definitely backfired, other Death Sworn still continue to carry out their given mandate.

Death Sworn – Underworld Twisted Fate

The Death Sworn - Underworld Twisted Fate

Instead of using brute force or violence to fulfill his role, Twisted Fate opts for subtler means.

Skin Story

For those dreading their inevitable meeting with Death, Twisted Fate offers another path. If they win his game of chance, a life of luxury awaits them. If they lose, he gladly adds yet another card to his ever-growing deck of doomed souls.

Death Sworn Zed

Death Sworn Zed

Zed sees his new responsibilities as a continuation of his earthly desires; killing.

Skin Story

Having lived his life in the shadows, Zed‘s eventual return from the dead should have come as no surprise to anyone. A master of unliving darkness, he is only too happy to spend all eternity spilling mortal blood, as one of the Death Sworn.

Death Sworn – Reaper Hecarim

Reaper Hecarim

The forerunner of the Harrowing, Hecarim offers no second chance to any who declines Death’s offer.

Skin Story

When the dead refuse to take their place among the Death Sworn, the spectral knight Hecarim rides them down with his scythe at the ready. In his wake charge countless subjugated spirits, now yearning for nothing more than the reaping of fresh and defiant souls.

Death Sworn – Reaper Soraka

Death Sworn - Reaper Soraka

The Star Child herself, Soraka, was offered up by greedy and cowardly rulers of the living. Now, they will all suffer the consequences of their actions.

Skin Story

With his silver tongue, Twisted Fate tricked the lords of the living to offer their beloved starchild to Death in exchange for their own immortality. Little did they know, eternal life without their avatar of compassion and mercy would result only in eternal suffering…

Death Sworn – Underworld Wukong

Underworld Wukong

All Wukong wants is for his skills to be acknowledged. Whether the recognition comes from the living or the dead, it matters not.

Skin Story

Once a pupil of the martial arts, Wukong trained under his masters’ strict traditions and doctrines. In him, Death saw limitless potential, and chose to claim the disregarded student for the underworld instead. Now, Wukong fights alongside the undying hordes, no longer bound by the rules of the living.

Death Sworn Katarina

Death Sworn Katarina

To continue killing even after dying? A dream come true for Katarina.

Skin Story

To fully swear oneself to Death’s service, a mortal must be prepared to sacrifice the living. A skilled assassin in life, Katarina pledged her sinister blades willingly, and was granted spectral abilities allowing her to pass in and out of the underworld with ease.

Death Sworn Viktor

Death Sworn Viktor

The Man who died for his beliefs, Viktor fervently believed that the dead will one day rule the living.

Skin Story

On a cold, dreary night, a pioneering inventor was tried and hanged for preaching his glorious vision of the future—a world in which the living knelt before the dead. Death had to admire Viktor’s conviction, and sent him back into the mortal world, blessed with powers beyond imagination.


Most of the lore community believe that other skins like Darkrider Sejuani and Gravelord Azir should belong to this universe. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section. For another exciting skin line, you can check out the Blood Moon universe.

Stay Tuned!

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