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VALORANT 2.10 Patch Notes – Why is it Canceled?

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Hello Agents, I would love to say welcome to VALORANT 2.10 Patch Notes, but unfortunately this time I cannot do that, Riot Games has announced that VALORANT Patch 2.10 Notes won’t make it this week due to testing of an update of the game engine. Which will hopefully improve the game quality, and stability. Let’s give the information we have about the canceled VALORANT 2.10 Patch!

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Riot Games skipped a patch note first time since the launch which was in June 2020. So, we can say they’re highly prioritizing consistent new updates. They always bring big guns with Episodes and slightly smaller ones with every Act. They also include many bug fixes, and game system changes in every patch note, don’t be surprised when you see a huge hoard of changes in VALORANT 2.11 Patch Notes hopefully with a better and more stable game engine!

As we can see in the tweet above, they stated that testing is required for the update they made to the game engine because they decided to squeeze VALORANT Patch 2.10 to VALORANT 2.11 Patch Notes, we always want a better game engine right? So it is time to give them a bit more time, no wonder they will bring awesomeness as they always do!

When Will VALORANT Patch 2.11 Be Released?

VALORANT 2.11 Patch will be released in 06/08/2021 (June 8) and it’s going to a big update i guess!

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