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VALORANT Aim Guide – Best Game Settings for Better Aim


Welcome to another guide to improve your play! We will be pointing out some ground rules to better your aim on VALORANT. Let’s head-on.

Almost every setting in VALORANT can be changed giving you full customization from crosshair to weapon skins. However, seldom there are just better settings for competitiveness.

Most Pro-Players change their VALORANT game settings for their own preferences, nonetheless, there are still ridiculous settings you should stay away from.

One of the most important skills to have in a shooter is good aiming. We will be giving examples over VALORANT to better comprehend our further steps on better aim. Let’s get right into it:


Aiming consists of two main things:

  • Dots per Inch (DPI)
  • Sensitivity


DPI: Dots per Inch. The term refers to how many pixels the crosshair (mouse) moves on the screen for how far you moved your mouse on your mousepad. If your mouse is set to 800 DPI, it will travel 800 pixels (‘counts/dots’) on-screen per inch of movement on your desk.

eDPI: Effective Dots per Inch. The term is used to measure “true sensitivity” and equals to DPI multiplied by sensitivity. This way you can compare settings regardless of the game or the hardware. Therefore, two players’ eDPI can be the same yet the DPI and sensitivity may be different from the other.


Sensitivity is the ‘DPI’ of the game, controlled by the software itself. Even if your mouse has the same DPI for each game, you can change the in-game settings for sensitivity and adjust it to your comfort. Sensitivity changes from one game to another so we need to analyze our preference for each.

The most important aspect of aiming is being comfortable, thus the more comfortable you are with your DPI and sensitivity, the better your aim will be.

TIP: The best way to find your sensitivity is to move your mouse the length of your mouse pad, and change your settings until the Crosshair moves a ‘perfect’ 180 degrees. We use 180° since games like CS: GO and VALORANT use more of a ‘Snappy/Tracking’ type gameplay. 180° also refers to the maximum distance you need to move your mouse since going above 180° is moving your mouse in the other direction.


Although VALORANT is a new game, shooter veterans know a thing or two about aiming. Most of these experienced players prefer to lower their sensitivity settings to increase their chance of hitting the opponent (except for Woxic).

VALORANT Aim Guide – Settings Interface for Sensitivity

most pro players prefer sensitivity below 0.50

By lowering the sensitivity, you decrease the possibility of over-aiming and missing. On the other hand, lowering sensitivity requires specific needs:

Large surface to move around: A large mousepad is needed for lowered sensitivity to be able to create fluid tracking of the opponent. Otherwise there will be a lot of overcorrecting which results in missing the shot in most conditions.

Also, to increase your hits, some mouse models have sniper modes (DPI shifts), which lower the sensitivity for a brief time period. This is a very reflexive thing to use and not generally preferred by players. In this case, it is a matter of choice.

choose settings according to your setup and preferences

There are many pro players on the scene using different settings. You can always analyze them however to expect these settings work the same as they work for the pros themselves is not realistic.

VALORANT Aim Guide – Settings Interface for Crosshair

We will provide you with some of them to set an example but always try with your own gear to reach your own comfort zone. You can check all aspects of pro settings to better apprehend and create your own style.


  • DPI: 450
  • Sensitivity: 0.78
  • eDPI: 351
  • Scoped Sens: 1
  • Windows Sens: 6


  • DPI: 800
  • Sensitivity: 0.75
  • eDPI: 600
  • Scoped Sens: 0.75
  • Windows Sens: 6


  • DPI: 400
  • Sensitivity: 0.47
  • eDPI: 188
  • Scoped Sens: 1
  • Windows Sens: 6


  • DPI: 800
  • Sensitivity: 0.345
  • eDPI: 276
  • Scoped Sens: 0.75
  • Windows Sens: 6


  • DPI: 400
  • Sensitivity: 0.52
  • eDPI: 416
  • Scoped Sens: 1
  • Windows Sens: 6


  • DPI: 800
  • Sensitivity: 0.57
  • eDPI: 456
  • Scoped Sens: 1
  • Windows Sens: 6


Even all shooters have similar guns, the physics and the mechanics vary among the games. For example, the “Aug” in Fortnite has a range far greater than the “Aug” in CS: GO.

The basis of having a good aim relies on the steadiness of your hand and what tricks are available to you in the physics engine of the game. To start off, as we mentioned earlier, having a lower sensitivity is generally better. You need to practice your stance, movement, and aim all together to achieve decisive shots. Practice is what makes it worth so here are some tips to start off.


Warm-Up: Pro players always warm their fingers up to react faster. There are many mini-games and applications to exercise with. You can always use VALORANT Shooting Range beforehand to practice your aim.

Low Sensitivity: If you are new to playing shooters we suggest you lower your sens settings to improve your aim. High sensitivity is harder to control and you need experience. You can switch to it gradually in time to move around faster.

Practicing with Bots: A quick tip would be to go into the Practice Mode and start trying out different variations of the bot training. For example:

  • Tweak the respawn time and armor level of the bots in the ‘Shooting Test’,
  • Change the bot difficulty in the ‘Spike Defusing’ and ’Spike Planting’ modes

Crosshair Placement: Adjust your crosshair and try different sizes to find your style. Choose the best color that would not blend with the environment and easy to pick on enemies. You can watch others to have some insight into crosshair settings.

Practice your peek around corners with stable movements. Choose a point to shoot and try to shoot the same spot all times. This is a time consuming yet important practice to improve your crosshair placement.

Don’t create too thick and too large lines for your crosshair in order to have a clear vision.

Aim for the Head: Many new players put their cursor on the ground level unconsciously. You need to fix your aim onto where their heads would be. This will turn into a habit if you pinch yourself from time to time and pull your crosshair back into where it belongs.

Learn from the Best: SenpAI offers pro players’ moves at your fingertips. Check our AI Coaching to watch and learn from the best players around the world.

Different weapons require different approaches

  • Spray weapons: Start aiming from the top of the chest due to the recoil.
  • Medium to long-range weapon: If you have Vandal or Phantom, go straight for the head, since the bloom or recoil on either weapon is not that bad.
  • Snipers: If you want to get a cool clip for Reddit with Marshall, consider scoping in on the target, then scoping out (make sure you don’t move) then shooting your target. You will most likely hit the target since the Marshall has 100% no scope accuracy.

Those were just a few quick tips, but make sure to keep in touch to get more news and insights from SenpAI about VALORANT in the future!


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