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VALORANT Best Agents – Top Agents Tier List

VALORANT has been around since April 7th and we are having a better perspective on whom are the best Agents, best weapons, map strategies, and the overall experience. We are here to share our findings and our standpoint on Agents and their tier levels for now.

The tier list is based on our own experience in addition to cumulative community thoughts, Agent abilities, and play styles. You can find the best features of Agents at their linked SenpAI VALORANT Guide. Check them all to get a better understanding of all characters and their ups and downs and improve your play!

We will list all under their rank but let’s take an overall look first.


S Tier


valorant best agents

Meet the most picked Agent on VALORANT. She is famously labeled as “support” and her kit proves the utmost defensive abilities. However, Sage’s abilities also enable her to set up the most dangerous attack strategies. As you may agree, having the only ultimate that can bring back a teammate is extremely offensive.

Even with several nerfs to her Slow Orb or the increased cost of Barrier Orb, a team with Sage is still quite hard to counter. Slow Orb can determine if a fight will be picked or not. Barrier Orb can change the course of everything.

Sage is a must pick and currently considered best among VALORANT Agents. No one else is close to her stand for now.

Take a look at on our complete analysis of Sage at VALORANT Sage Guide – How to Play Sage


VALORANT Best Agents

As the closed-beta launched back on April 7th, Raze has definitely become the most anticipated Agent. Possibly due to her high damage output and strong characteristics, players often pick her. She is locked in so much up to the point the high pick rates and exploits intrigued Riot to make serious adjustments on her to keep the balance.

Despite the nerfs, Raze is still a big problem as an opponent especially Paint Shells catch you off guard. An ultimate with tremendous speed and damage, Raze holds her ground as the most offensive Agent. We expect to see a lot of Raze picks when tournaments start and can’t wait to see her Blast Pack boosted mobility with a pinch of creativity.

Take a look at on our complete analysis of Raze at VALORANT Raze Guide – How to Play Raze

A Tier


Sova Guide

Master of recon is undoubtedly one of the best Agents of VALORANT. A lot of plays show new, clever ways to dart your bolts around and it is actually fun to experiment with his abilities. Sova’s arrows and angle management is what makes him a valuable asset. Games like VALORANT rely heavily on “sight” so no wonder Sova is picked frequently thus making him an A Tier Agent.

Although his kit is open to experiment, the darts like Shock Bolt require high accuracy to inflict damage. Shock Bolt has a short duration on impact therefore it is kind of easy to go around it.

Recon Bolt is an incredible trait yet that one itself is not enough to keep him on S Tier. Owl Drone is vulnerable to attacks and the reveal window is too long to pinpoint enemies. Mastering and combining all abilities of Sova is harder than it seems. Sova has both attack and defense qualities to keep him frequent on tournaments yet not a “must pick” like Sage or Raze yet.

Take a look at on our complete analysis of Sova at VALORANT Sova Guide – How to Play Sova


VALORANT Best Agents

His fierce skillset makes Phoenix a undoubtedly walking damage outlet along with Raze. However, Phoenix’s play heavily relies on player reflexes. Abilities like Curveball and Run It Back race with time. Thus making him a hard Agent to master.

Phoenix is a fragger, an incredible asset on initiating site entries and high-risk locations. His skill set also allows him to heal himself, making him second to Sage as having regenerative abilities. This allows him to go forward, set back, re-collect himself to go down on his enemies again. Without a doubt, the well-designed kit will be shown off often in pro plays. Phoenix indeed needs to be mastered to enhance his abilities in quick-time events.

Take a look at on our complete analysis of Phoenix at VALORANT Phoenix Guide – How to Play Phoenix


VALORANT Best Agents

Starting with beta week two, players see Brimstone absolutely a must in certain maps like Haven. His vision denying Sky Smoke challenges enemy rotations and Orbital Strike completely shuts down an operation in an instant.

Brimstone is a valuable asset ın both offense and defense tours regarding his map controlling abilities. This is why the map turns into a sandstorm when both teams pick Brimstone. He brings a unique strategic play to matches causing teams to dwell on zone controlling more. Brimstone is quite vulnerable due to his skills’ need to be operated by a tactical map in-match. Therefore, players who would like to main him has to excel in map knowledge as well. Brimstone will be a favorite pick of tournaments for sure.

Take a look at on our complete analysis of Brimstone at VALORANT Brimstone Guide – How to Play Brimstone


Cypher Guide

Information is everything. Playing VALORANT, knowing enemy rotations, and surveilling both sites at once is an amazing opportunity to plan your strategy ahead of your opponents. We could call Cypher as a B Tier on 2nd week but as players learned how to place Spycam onto quite weird places and combine Cypher’s kit in interesting ways, he became a callout master.

Having Cypher on your team means allowing him to talk a lot. He can lock locations easily besides informing his teammates. Cypher is a controller and his kit is not designed to inflict damage. Thus on the offensive side, his point is a little lower than his peers. However, with communication, Cypher can set the enemy up and carry his team to a decisive victory. He is completely OP regarding teamwork, therefore will be picked frequently in pro plays.

Take a look at on our complete analysis of Cypher at VALORANT Cypher Guide – How to Play Cypher

B Tier


VALORANT Best Agents

Yet another reflex-relied Agent, Jett’s entire skillset is about agility, even her blades. Jett is well expected to be seen on pro plays however, she is quite hard to master. Jett can catch up with rotation changes and combine horizontal acts with vertical. This makes her hard to catch up with even when you’re the one who’s controlling her.

Jett mostly has a mobility-based kit. Only Blade Storm acts like a second weapon. An an ultimate that does not lose aim by movement makes her a dangerous attacker. Jett’s defense lies on evasion so her overall kit is not quite enough to list her as an A-Tier Agent.

Jett needs to be mastered in order to be seen around as much as others. Despite her mobility, it is easy to track Jett due to the common physics of her air bending.

Take a look at on our complete analysis of Jett at VALORANT Jett Guide – How to Play Jett


VALORANT Best Agents

An Agent especially players who would like stealth assaults, Omen is a total trickster. He denies vision, roams the map, and actually looks like Shaco disguised as a mega minion. Omen is highly used as an element of surprise on the attack side, therefore his rates higher on that tier. Just like Brimstone, Omen players also need a vast knowledge of maps in order to put on an impressive performance.

Pick rates of Omen is lower than most Agents due to his skills need a bit more mastering, making him eligible to Tier B for now. We expect within time and some updates, Omen will be more popular among VALORANT since he already has a kit that harbors quite a potential.

Take a look at on our complete analysis of Omen at VALORANT Omen Guide – How to Play Omen


Breach comes locked among the 10 Agents available in closed-beta. Players need to go through experience points and contracts in order to unlock new Agents. In the first two weeks of beta, Breach was sitting on the bench while players experiment with available Agents like Jett, Phoenix, Sage, etc. In our opinion this is why the pick rates on him are lower than he deserves.

Breach is an amazing asset to have in your team due to his abilities heavily relying on crowd control. Obviously with Breach, you can secure angles, blind your enemies to enable fraggers, and combine your abilities with other AoE skills. If you would like to main him, you also need to know your way around the map.

Shooter players know that games like VALORANT is all about communication. Breach is all about CC and both his defense and offense are only valuable if there’s teamwork. This makes him a little bit lower in the Tier list yet we believe he will become an important asset in tournaments.

Take a look at on our complete analysis of Breach at VALORANT Breach Guide – How to Play Breach



Why one of the most intriguing Agents is sitting alone in C Tier? Viper is a controller and was the face of VALORANT in news outlets for a long time. She has some toxicity but only to writhe her enemies in her hands.

Viper is frequently played however her kit is a little bit underwhelming compared to other Agents. All of her skills inflict damage over time thus the situation makes players use her kit only for zoning. In addition to that, the skills are in a shared pool of fuel, keeping her out of utilization when the resources are dimmed. Her ultimate is indeed a clutch monster and a game-changer yet her strong side only resides on her ultimate in terms of abilities.

Due to the current disadvantages above keep Viper away from higher tiers for now. We hope to see some upgrades to her skillset in the future thus more Viper plays among the community.

Take a look at our complete analysis of Viper at VALORANT Viper Guide – How to Play Viper

Last but not least we may update our thoughts on the tier list we have provided for you in the future, according to recent plays and our own experiences. Since all Agents in VALORANT have their bests and disadvantages, . The game is still in a closed-beta so we expect to see more adjustments and improvements. Come back to this article in time to learn SenpAI‘s idea on the best Agents and the tier list in VALORANT!


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