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VALORANT Maps Guide – All Maps and Tactics


With VALORANT being the place of action nowadays, more players have started to join the ranks. What we deal with is a tactical shooter. Therefore the most important thing is knowing your way around. As players continue to craft tactics on the available locations, let’s have a look at strategies, callouts and more, on our definitive VALORANT Maps Guide

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Each map has specific locations to set your team before the timer runs out. The Active Phase where you can move until the barriers go down is 1:40 minutes. So you will need to have at least general knowledge about the VALORANT maps to decide on where to go.

As you may already know from FPS games, you have two sides to be assigned automatically. In VALORANT, the sides are called Attackers and Defenders.

We will be going into detail for all maps relating to the role of your team whether being an Attacker or Defender. Here are the 3 VALORANT maps currently available:


VALORANT Maps Guide - Split

Split is a three-lane map. League of Legends and other MOBA players will easily recognize the pattern. There is a mid-lane and two other lanes towards A and B sites with many conjunctions in between. There are underground passages, zip wires to transit vertically (you can also shoot while using them) and a lot of corners to take cover. But first of all, we shall look into an overview to better shape our surroundings.

VALORANT Map Overview - Split

The spawn points are already determined on maps. Your team is placed either at the Defenders’ Spawn or the Attackers’ Spawn. Whether you are an Attacker or a Defender, teams will always be spawn at the same point of the map until they switch sides after 12 rounds. 

Let’s explore the map regarding the role of your team; learning where to stand, defend and raid will be crucial in your play.

Your team being the Attackers

Split has two sites for The Spike to be planted:
A and B Sites.

At initial rounds, your team needs at least one player at each one when the barriers go down.

B-Main and A-Main are generally alert points for Defenders. There will always be somebody throwing in abilities at these two locations.

A-Ramp is the favorite location for Defenders since they can turn A-Main floor to lava. Do not rush there unless you are sure the grounds and corners are safe.

Keep an eye on B-Link, as Defenders might use it as a “go around” to corner you, even before you can get close to the planting area.

Bottom Mid is a crossroads between two sites and a popular fighting territory. Be cautious while going there via A-Sewer. Try walking rather than running while crossing the passage since the water splashes are going to give your position away immediately.

VALORANT Map Overview - Split Attackers Side

Callouts you need to be careful of when you have planted your Spike on A:

  • A-Rafters
  • A-Tower
  • Screens

Points to consider if you have planted your Spike on B:

  • B-Main
  • B-Tower
  • B-Alley

Your team being the Defenders

VALORANT Map Overview - Split Defenders Side

As for Defenders, the barrier placements are applicable. Check each site before rushing into one.

A-Main is a total battleground. Investigate before showing your face. Use smokes to avoid enemy sight.

A-Rafters is a popular place to poke enemy, yet do not waste too much time hanging around. Running on this area will produce too much noise, so switch to walking.

Check Bottom Mid and A-Sewer from Top Mid, shortly after the battle starts since there is always one Attacker lurking around there.

B-Tower and Back B have good positioning, yet it is hard to retreat later if you have seen movement at B-Link recently.

Be careful while climbing up B-Stairs on mid-match since it leads to multiple corners. Always switch to walking whenever you go up the stairs.

If the Attackers have planted The Spike on A, try to take a position at:

  • A-Tower (on high alert)
  • Screens
  • A-Main

If the Attackers have planted The Spike on B, hold these forts:

  • B-Tower (on high alert)
  • B-Alley
  • B-Main

Best Agents to play on SPLIT:

  • Sova: Split has a lot of corners and alleys. Sova’s revealing abilities are quite useful to spot enemies around multiple angles.
  • Brimstone: His ability to grant three smokes at once on the map is efficient especially on initial fights at A-Main and B-Main.
  • Viper: That enormous Toxin Screen can conceal the entire planting area of A and B, creating fewer spots to watch out.


VALORANT Maps Guide - Haven

Rather than having two plant sites, Haven has three to attack or defend. You may think that either role is quite challenging to accomplish because of the possibilities. However, the sites are close to each other, which makes it easy to roam. 

VALORANT Map Overview - Haven

Continuing our journey on the VALORANT Maps, let’s have a look at the callouts and important waypoints of Haven in terms of team roles.

Your team being the Attackers

There are a lot of possibilities to run for in Haven. However, keep in mind that Defenders will easily relocate themselves since the sites are close to each other. 

Start with having Agents at all barriers. One person is enough for Mid-Window, but let’s not forget that advancing in front of an opening in a battleground is a bold move. Wait for Defenders to attack first. Once the throwables are out, you can get some air.

Double-check your senses before going into A-Lobby since there is likely someone waiting for you at A-Short. On the other hand, A-Long is an active danger zone at all times.

Mid Doors, also called Double Door, is where the Mid Court fights gets tricky. Double Door has access from both B and C Sites. Therefore you might need some map dominance before engaging the area. Otherwise, you could get vulnerable to crossfire.

Map Overview - Haven Attackers Side

Going forward from C-Lobby, you will see a Dragon. Don’t be fascinated and most importantly, don’t get hit by a bullet while viewing it. Think of Cubby as a bus stop and C-Long as the bus lane; you can’t park there. Cubby is both sides’ blind spot, so proceed carefully.

Locations to be aware of if you have planted your Spike on A:

  • A-Tower
  • A-Long
  • A-Short

Points to consider if you have planted your Spike on B:

  • Mid-Window
  • A-Link
  • C-Link

Areas to take notes of if you have planted your Spike on C:

  • C-Link
  • Connector
  • C-Long

Your team being the Defenders

Map Overview - Haven Defenders Side

There will always be an Attacker at Mid Window. If you have purchased your ranged abilities, wait for a couple of seconds, then use them.

A-Lobby is a popular spot to engage fights. However, approaching the enemy from A-Short is a bit risky since it gives less space to retreat.

A-Lobby will also be a blind spot until you proceed a bit into A-Long. While you were on your toes, an enemy could be aiming at you since they have clearer sight of you from the lobby.

Mid Doors (Double Door) is a vulnerable place for Attackers. Check to see if you can find a lone wanderer. The angle of the opened door wing is also a tactical design. It creates a blind spot for you, so proceed guardedly.

C Site provides a good start for Defenders since Connector and C-Link is generally covered by allies as the round starts. Focus on C-Long and make your way to Cubby before Attackers if you can. It will provide a tremendous headstart.

If the Attackers have planted The Spike on A, try to take a position at:

  • A-Tunnel
  • A-Tower
  • A-Ramp

If the Attackers have planted The Spike on B, hold these forts:

  • B-Door
  • C-Window
  • A-Link

If the Attackers have planted The Spike on C, look for them in these locations:

  • Plat
  • Connector
  • C-Long

Best Agents to play on HAVEN:

  • Sage: Having a skillset of astonishing defense mechanisms, Sage is ideal for both team roles. Her Barrier Orb (The Wall) can easily block danger zones efficiently like Mid Window, Connector, A-Long, C-Long and any entrance to B-Box.
  • Phoenix: An agent that can blind the entire Mid CourtA-Long and C-Long to strengthen your advance.
  • Breach: Seismic blasts would be handy in those long lanes. Breach can use the blind spots like Cubby to his advantage with his abilities to penetrate walls.


VALORANT Maps Guide - Bind

Out of all VALORANT Maps, Bind could be the most interesting one. The map has an overall eclectic feeling with sandy terrains, a bazaar-like atmosphere and well, teleporters. Having two sites to cover and teleporters to carry you from one to another, Bind is the only kind on Valorant, where you can use different techniques on navigating.

VALORANT Map Overview - Bind

Teleporters are not the only way to move around two planting areas, yet they add a lot to tactical fights. They make a significant sound while using them, hence the gameplay gets quite amusing when anyone hears it.

Moreover, these transition points have only one-way access from each site, so it is not like you can travel anywhere on the map. When you have teleported, you arrive at a metal door that automatically opens at a certain proximity.

Moving onto our tactical locations regarding the most interesting of VALORANT Maps, we will be getting into the details of Bind.

Your team being the Attackers

Before the Active Phase is over, you need one agent waiting at the gates of B-Lobby, one on the corridor of A-Link and B-Link, two at A-Lobby and finally one towards A-Short departing from A-Lobby.

Sometimes towards the mid-match, Defenders would like to surprise you by coming out of A-Exit so keep an eye on that.

A-Cubby and A-Bath are the initial battlegrounds for teams. Throw in your smokes and proceed carefully.

A-Tower is considered a good snipe point, so check there first and then your right side before heading over the central part of A Site.

A lot of spell exchanges happen on Hookah at the start of the match. Do not rush in towards B-Windows since you will be welcomed by lots of bullets.

Map Overview - Bind Attackers Side

A-Lamps is a convenient place to hide whether you have planted your Spike or trying to trace your opponents. Be careful at the entrance since there may be Defenders already stationed there.

B-Hall and Vent are noise machines. Walk whenever you pass through there. Do not forget to use A-Port and B-Port to evade or quickly change locations to plant The Spike to create diversion.

Callouts you need to be careful of when you have planted your Spike on A:

  • A-Bath
  • A-Cubby
  • A-Tower

Points to consider if you have planted your Spike on B:

  • B-Exit
  • B-Window
  • B-Hall

Your team being the Defenders

Map Overview - Bind Defenders Side

Attackers love to assign more players at A-Bath than B-Lobby on initial rounds. Keep that in mind when distributing Agents.

A-Port is quite handy for Defenders regarding the disturbances caused by Attackers on A-Cubby. You have an advantage on sight and also a Teleporter to evade if you feel suppressed or battered.

A-Lamps is a good place to hunt if you had the hunch of Attackers planting on A Site. They may be watching the entrance therefore always walk on its premises.

Attackers usually decide B Site is easier to plant a Spike on. Keep an Agent of your team constantly checking the site from B-Elbow or B-Garden.

There is usually a fight at Hookah and B-Window. Therefore smoking the area from time to time could be a deterrent.

If the Attackers have planted The Spike on A, try to take a position at:

  • A-Bath
  • Pillar
  • A-Tower

If the Attackers have planted The Spike on B, hold these forts:

  • Hookah
  • B-Elbow
  • B-Garden

Best Agents to play on BIND:

  • Cypher: With his Trapwire and Spycam abilities, Teleporters could easily be monitored. A lot of Cypher players choose A-Cubby as their headquarters.
  • Sage: Those port exits are a problem for both sides. Barrier Orb is quite useful in blocking unwanted guests from appearing behind metal doors. Her ultimate works on every map, yet on Bind, she’s way more mobile to recover an ally and change the tides.
  • Omen: A teleporter should be with his friends. As it would seem like every Agent is Omen on this map. But the reality is Omen has 3 ultimates in his pocket walking around Bind.

Is there a 4th map for VALORANT?

It was confirmed that 4 maps and 12 Agents are planned for the release of VALORANT. Since we have 10 Agents and 3 maps for the closed-beta, rumors and some leaked screenshots from the expected last map have started going around the internet recently. We had already seen shots of canals and gondolas on the first teaser. Hence, until the official release, we can assume that the new map is going to take some inspiration from Venice

Play VALORANT with Headphones

Concluding our VALORANT Maps Guide, we would like to remind you that playing the game with a headset or simply with headphones would be a determinant on the game results. VALORANT is a game of teamwork. You need to make calls, comply with the needs of your teammates and listen to your surroundings to catch up with the signs of the enemy. Study our VALORANT Maps Guide to better respond to the heat of battle!

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