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VALORANT New Cosmetic Content: Weapon Skins

The launch of VALORANT brought new cosmetic elements in-game. We have more skin families, a lot of gun buddies and cards to equip throughout our journey with missions and contracts. This will be an extensive post so let’s start with everyone’s favorite: weapon skins.

Check our VALORANT Weapons Guide for detailed stats for each weapon.

Weapon Skins

Many skins are introduced in addition to closed-beta ones. You can find the full skin list regarding closed beta HERE.

Reaver, Prism, Avalanche, Imperium & Ronin bundles are not available after launch and Luxe skin’s Blue variant is now its official appearance, plus there are no variants for now.

Here are the newest additions to the store:

  • Galleria Collection
  • Kingdom Collection
  • Prime Collection (BUNDLE)
  • Rush Collection
  • Couture Collection
  • Dot EXE Collection
  • Aristocrat Collection
Prime is the new name of the mined bundle that used be called “Hypebeast”

VALORANT is currently featuring this bundle as an appetizer for the upcoming cosmetic content. Prime Bundle also comes with some perks that can be bought by Radianite Points. All weapons that belong to this line of design has 7 levels:

  1. Standard
  2. VFX Upgrade
  3. Reload ANimation
  4. Death Animation
  5. Orange Variant
  6. Blue Variant
  7. Yellow Variant

We should note that Prime Melee only has the first upgrade which is VFX additions.


Instead of Avalanche and Imperium, we now have 3 different skins.

  • BP-9 Classic
  • Final Chamber Classic (formerly Sage’s)
  • Galleria Classic
  • Kingdom Classic
  • Pistolinha (formerly Raze’s)
  • Prime Classic


Shorty family stays the same, only the later one gets a new name.

  • DBS-20 Shorty
  • Snakebite Shorty (formerly Viper’s)


Frenzy got two additions to the madness.

  • AMP-11 Frenzy
  • Ragnarocker Frenzy (former Breach’s)
  • Rush Frenzy
  • Spitfire Frenzy (former Phoenix’s)
  • Couture Frenzy


Eco rounds’ best pick Ghost has two new skins. One belongs to a ferocious vampire so beware.

  • LP-15 Ghost
  • Dot Exe Ghost
  • Hush Ghost (former Cypher’s)
  • Luxe Ghost
  • Soul Silencer Ghost (former Omen’s)
  • Vendetta Ghost (Reyna’s)


Deadly sidearm welcomes the Aristocrat line instead of Reaver.

  • SAR-6 Sheriff
  • Aristocrat Sheriff
  • Game Over Sheriff (former Jett’s)
  • Peacekeeper Sheriff (former Brimstone’s)
  • Protektor Sheriff (former Sova’s)


The standard skin is no longer alone! Two more skins are added to collection.

  • CQ-SBR Stinger
  • Couture Stinger
  • Aristocrat Stinger


With the absence of Luxe variants, Spectre now has 3 skins aside from its standard form.

  • SMG-9 Spectre
  • Kingdom Spectre
  • Luxe Spectre
  • Prime Spectre


Bucky also was one of the loners. Kingdom and Galleria join the family.

  • PA-12 Bucky Bucky
  • Kingdom Bucky
  • Galleria Bucky


Luxe was the only other option; now Judge has the futuristic Dot Exe and Rush skins.

  • ACS-12 Judge
  • Dot Exe Judge
  • Luxe Judge
  • Rush Judge


Looks like Couture, Aristocrat and Rush skins are for the replacements since Bulldog also lost its only official skin Ronin.

  • 3X-PDR Bulldog
  • Couture Bulldog
  • Aristocrat Bulldog
  • Rush Bulldog


Guardian had nothing yet now also a part of Galleria and Prime lines.

  • DMR-4 Guardian
  • Galleria Guardian
  • Prime Guardian


If you wonder what we think, these additions look way better than the former Avalanche and Prism skins on Phantom.

  • SW-ACR Phantom
  • Galleria Phantom
  • Kingdom Phantom
  • Rush Phantom


Look who’s got the one bit from everything. Players’ favorite weapon totally looks on fire with these new additions.

  • AR-762 Vandal
  • Aristocrat Vandal
  • Dot Exe Vandal
  • Luxe Vandal
  • Prime Vandal


Scouters got two new skins to Marshal.

  • LAR-1887 Marshal
  • Couture Marshal
  • Galleria Marshal


The sound of headshot; Operator does not get much since it does not need nice clothes to put enemies down.

  • BSW-460 Operator
  • Luxe Operator


A Rush skin to Ares? How fitting.

  • LSW-RF Ares
  • Aristocrat Ares
  • Rush Ares


A futuristic touch to the big boy Odin looks extremely cool when fired non-stop.

  • HMG-50 Odin
  • Dot Exe Odin

Melee (Tactical Knife)

  • Default Melee
  • Kingdom Melee
  • Luxe Melee
  • Prime Melee

This is all for the VALORANT cosmetic content regarding weapon skins. We will be listing the gun buddies and cards as well on our upcoming VALORANT guides.


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