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VALORANT Patch Notes 0.50 – Agents & Weapons Update

VALORANT Agents & Weapons Update

VALORANT Patch Notes 0.50 comes with many balance adjustments to Agents, Weapons, and purses. And yes there is an FPS drop fix. Cypher’s Spycam no longer mocks people, Spike can no longer sit still on elevated grounds. Many more updates, bug fixes, and performance adjustments are coming along the way.

Let us warn you: There are a lot of fixes coming. We will be giving Riot’s notes accompanied by our comments.

Gameplay and Balance

Weapon Updates

  • You will no longer enter the “walking accuracy” state when transitioning from run to stop
    • We noticed many players were entering a walking accuracy state during their run-to-stop transition that made it appear as if shots they fired/landed were done at full speed.
  • Deadzone accuracy speed threshold increased: 25% >> 30%
    • Now that you can’t gain walk accuracy while transitioning from a run to a stop, we’ve also slightly increased the size of the deadzone (full accuracy state) to make it a bit easier to get an accurate shot out quickly


We will provide the full list of weapon rate updates since it directly relates the topic itself. Basically there were some changes in recoil efficiency and especially on the accuracy of sprays when you walk. Riot has decided that walk-spray is a little bit more powerful than they intended, therefore they have adjusted it.

Currently, Vandal has the highest pick-rate of all weapons. It had more recoil than other rifles even if you were crouching, so this seems to be fixed with the new VALORANT update. We know that players with more experience will likely “dislike” this adjustment, yet it is an important move to have a similar behavior among all rifles.

lots of technical notes coming up:

  • Recovery times on all Rifles have been updated, which should make tap and burst firing more efficient. Inaccuracy is accrued any time the weapon is re-fired prior to a complete duration of a weapon’s respective Gun Recovery Time.
  • Base walk accuracy: 0.6° >> 0.8°
    • We felt like walk-spraying with rifles was a little more effective than we’d like, particularly at longer ranges. We’re going to pull back on this accuracy slightly and continue to monitor
Valorant Weapons Guide - Rifles
  • Vandal:
    • Horizontal (Yaw) Recoil reduced by 15% while crouched and stationary
      • This was intended to be the case and now properly matches the crouch benefits of other rifles
    • Gun Recovery Time: .4s >> .375s
    • Tap Efficiency: 4 >> 6
  • Phantom:
    • Fixed an issue where the Gun Recovery Time was higher than intended
    • Gun Recovery Time: .55s >> .35s
    • Tap Efficiency: 3 >> 4
  • Bulldog Automatic Fire:
    • Fixed an issue where the Gun Recovery Time was higher than intended
    • Gun Recovery Time: .55s >> .35s
  • Guardian
    • Fixed an issue where the Gun Recovery Time was higher than intended
    • Gun Recovery Time: .4s >> .35s
Valorant Weapons Guide - Heavies

Riot has also upgraded the performance of Heavies to embed them more into the game. Heavies have a “heavy” price, yet can’t even come next to a kill-rate or pick-rate of a way cheaper Vandal. This seems to change after patch 0.50. Brace yourselves for Miss Fortune ultis from every angle.


  • Ares
    • Price reduced from 1700 to 1600 creds
    • Firing Error (this value is a curve that has intermediate values between each bullet; bullet 2 has slightly less error than bullet 1, and so on)
      • Bullet
        • 1: 1.0° >> 0.8°
        • 5: 0.85° >> 0.75°
        • 10: 0.75° >> 0.7°
    • Reduced the amount and intensity of horizontal (Yaw) Recoil after the first 8 bullets.
  • Odin
    • Reduced the amount and intensity of horizontal (Yaw) Recoil after the first 8 bullets

Agent Updates

We have added the changes with our comments regarding updates of Agents in VALORANT. Check HERE to see Riot’s own comments about each decision.

Overall, we see that with the following updates, Riot wants all agents to differ from each other in their specialties. So Agents who have similar abilities like slowing, denying vision will need to showcase their prior role in VALORANT.

By the current updates, developers try to avoid Agents stealing the spotlight from each other and have a close percentage of pick-rates.

VALORANT Patch 0.50


  • Slow Orb zone duration decreased from 9 seconds to 7 seconds
  • Slow Orb slowing amount decreased from 65% to 50%

Sage is the highest tier Agent in VALORANT right now. She gets locked in every game, by both teams. Riot knows it is getting out of hand yet Sage has the most cohesive skillset and cannot/should not be changed drastically. This is why we expect to see more adjustments to her abilities regarding response time and effect style. Sage is still the best interceptive around, even with the current changes. We believe this a constructive decision for the overall VALORANT experience.


  • Cyber Cage no longer slows enemies that move through it
  • Spycam cooldown when destroyed increased 30 >> 45 seconds

We can hear Cypher players sigh. With the slow removed, Cypher now is not in the same league with Sage in terms of stalling. This is actually good for the “now” of VALORANT; to have various sets of skills among the number of Agents it currently has.

Players will need to use Spycam in a more efficient way since it is the most valuable asset of Cypher. Now having 45 seconds to get back into the game if destroyed, an actual game changer for Cypher mains. Riot intends to gently force players to be more creative with their camera choices. We are actually excited to see the new ways of people monitoring their enemies!


  • Dark Cover:
    • smoke duration increased 12 >> 15 seconds
    • projectile speed increased
    • cooldown increased 30 >> 35 seconds

Stealing the spotlight, no more. Omen is one of the best vision-deniers in VALORANT. Riot thinks Brimstone became a dominant pick with the intention of “stealing sight” so they have buffed Omen to give this title back to him. We need to see more Omen plays. SenpAI approves!


  • Snake Bite radius increased 350 >> 450
    • We’re increasing Snake Bite’s radius to match other area-denial abilities

Viper is a quite deadly Agent, yet she’s on the lower side of the pick-rate board. It is good to see a buff on her side yet we expect to see more adjustments to her skillset in order to see her more on the battleground.


  • We see you b-hoppers out there, jumping through Incendiary, Fireball, and Snake Bite while taking no damage. We don’t want to completely negate this skill but we also don’t want it to trivialize a whole set of character abilities.
    • Height required to jump out of all damaging area-denial abilities 80 >> 120
    • Snake Bite, Fireball, and Incendiary damage tick speed increased (total damage per second unchanged)

An actual buff to burn feet more? On a wider zone? Wow. This is a major buff on AoE damage in VALORANT. Players often use these skills to deny entries and rarely inflict actual damage on their foes. It will be interesting to see how this new power will change the use of utilities.


Some arrangements are done to Agent abilities. Sage’s Barrier Orb gets the biggest nerf, making it the most expensive skill around VALORANT grounds.

  • Sage Barrier Orb increased from 300 to 400 credits
  • Raze Blast Pack increased from 100 to 200 credits
  • Phoenix Curveball increased from 100 to 200 credits
  • Brimstone’s Incendiary increased from 200 to 300 credits
  • Jett’s Updraft reduced from 200 to 100 credits


  • Armor carried over from prior rounds is no longer destroyed when new armor is purchased, allowing you to sell newly purchased armor and return to your previous armor status (instead of having no armor)

Let’s say you have purchased an armor and went into battle. You have survived and the new round is about to start. You wanted to buy the Heavy Shield instead of the Light Shield you’re wearing. Then you have retracted from the decision and sold the Heavy Shield back. Normally you would stand there naked, however from now on you will have your Light Shield or whatever you had before, equipped back.


  • Total credit cap is reduced from 12,000 to 9,000

Some players were getting way too rich, so Riot has arrived to keep things in balance. This way, no team will be extremely rich and hold a tremendous advantage against the other for long periods.

Character Updates

  • Sova‘s Owl Drone now includes a layer of sound for engine rotors

Map Updates

Below are selected improvements. Check the full list HERE.

  • SPLIT: Arrangements for Attacker side barriers, revised art and textures on certain locations. The changes are done to create more stable gameplay for Attackers to match with the Defenders side.
  • HAVEN: Updates on floor materials to improve real-life sound feedback. A new map exploit system to keep players “down to earth”.
  • SPLIT/HAVEN/BIND: Cypher’s camera is fixed. Spike now can fall from boosted positions. Overall map exploit fixes.


Below are selected improvements. Check the full list HERE.

  • When the Spike is planted, the Spike icon in the upper middle UI now pulses with the audio beeps
  • New artwork for pings to increase readability in the world
  • Re-enabled portrait for player’s minimap icon
  • Enabled attack/defend icons in the upper-middle game info UI for all players, not just observers
  • Hooked up “Ult Almost Ready” VO when the character uses the Ult Status radio command and are within 1 ult point of being fully charged


Below are selected improvements. Check the full list HERE.

  • Added a setting that allows toggling between walking and running
  • Viper’s Poison Cloud no longer enters cooldown when picked up during the buy phase
  • Added foe coloring for Sova’s Hunter’s Fury
  • Made performance optimizations to address FPS drops when you or allies are shooting
  • Observer HUD
    • Dead players will now appear greyed out on the HUD rather than hidden
    • Team colors on the HUD will swap when switching sides, rather than the teams on the HUD changing position


Take a look at the full bug-fix list HERE.

Check out our VALORANT Guides covering all Agents, Weapons Maps below!

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