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VALORANT Patch Notes 1.03 – Improving Guardian

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Here we are with the newest patch 1.03 on VALORANT which is a light one due to keeping the integration of Competitive Mode for a while.

“….the first patch of Rated queue is looking fairly stable thus far, so we’ve opted to keep our balance changes light in order to let the meta evolve naturally.”


Gameplay and Balance

Agent Updates



Fixes on Cypher’s abilities are non-stop. His Cyber Cage got another fix to improve gameplay. 

  • Cyber Cage: Traps that were placed such that they were on the inside of a doorway, would not trigger when someone walked through them. Now fixed.

Weapon Updates


  • Price reduced from 2700 >>> 2500
  • Rate of Fire reduced from 6.5 >>> 4.75
  • Penetration power increased from Medium >>> Heavy
  • Input queue updated from 0.083 >>> 0.1175


Map Updates

Fixed several spots where it would affect gameplay.


  • Removed spot where Spike was unable to be retrieved once dropped.


  • Fixed multiple spots where players were able to clip inside level geometry
  • Removed more locations where Sova’s sensor arrow was able to go through walls


Mode Updates


  • New Orb Type – Twin Hunters
    • Capturing the orb releases two hunting wolves to track down the two nearest enemies (from orb location, they will not change targets after spawning).
    • WOLVES:
      • Speed up when they spot an enemy and dash at them when close, slowing and near-sighting for 4 seconds upon impact.
      • Have 100 HP and can be damaged
      • Will time out at 15 seconds, or when their target is killed
  •  Split: Orb Location
    • Mid defender side orb has been moved onto mid platform to make it slightly less defender favored

Quality of Life

Below are selected improvements. Check the full list HERE.

  • Now you can Surrender earlier on Round 5. Actually Round 8 was a bit late and it could become tiring to 

    • Unrated Mode vote requirements to pass changed from 100% to 80%
    • AFK players who are not spawning in are NOT counted as voting participants. So if a player is not spawning on your 5-person team, you don’t need a yes. For example, you can surrender with 3/4 votes in unrated, in cases where the 5th team member does not spawn in.
    • Competitive Mode vote requirements to pass remains at 100%
    • You can now call a surrender vote starting with round 5 versus round 8
    • A new button in the in-game menu has been added to call a surrender vote
  • Competitive matches have a new win-by-two overtime format with automated votes on whether the game should continue or end in a draw.
  • Removing a friend will now prompt a confirmation dialogue
  • Pressing Escape while typing in the chat box will clear the message
  • Added Agent silhouettes for observers
  • Agent health bars are now visible to observers
  •  Custom Games Tournament Mode:
    •  Custom games can now be set to Tournament Mode. This allows every player in the game to have access to the Toggle Match Timer cheat in game without having all other cheats enabled. It also allows observers to be flagged as moderators, which grants them access to additional cheats that they can use as necessary. Regular observers cannot use cheats anymore.

Bug Fixes

Below are selected improvements. Take a look at the full bug-fix list HERE.

  • Levels 2-7 for the Sovereign Ghost skin are now fixed and unlockable
  • Fixed:
    • An issue with the Match Timer hitching under unstable network conditions
    • Where players couldn’t jump off ascenders if jump was bound to the mousewheel
    • Some visual issues that could occur when reconnecting to the game while dead
    • Barrier phase announcement showing up in normal games for observers
    • Various UI issues on observer scoreboard

This is the end of VALORANT Patch 1.02! We can say that we feel content about the constant improvement Riot puts on the scene to create a better experience. See you in the next batch of the VALORANT updates.


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