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VALORANT Patch Notes 1.04 – Viper Gets Buffs

valorant 1 04 patch

Patch 1.04 of VALORANT is here to balance some Agents as well as buffing Viper. It is time to take the enemies’ breath away & sting like a snake. Let’s go!


Gameplay and Balance

Agent Updates



More balances to Viper since the last ones were not quite effective. Her ultimate now feels like Viper can create more intriguing plays than just sitting inside with a shotgun. Enemies now have to be way more careful before going into Viper smokes. Viper is now able to use C & Q more effectively if she activates both of them at once.

  • Viper’s Pit:
    • Max time outside of her ult before it collapses changed from 5>>>15 seconds
    • Viper can hold the ability key to drop her ult early
    • Enemies in Viper’s Pit have their minimap obscured and do not provide minimap detection to their allies
    • Increased the brightness of the red enemy glow at the edge of Viper’s near-sight
  • Decay:
    • Enemy decay per second increased from 10 to 15 from all sources.
    • After exiting Viper’s smoke, enemy decay sustains for 2.5 seconds before starting to fade
  • Fuel:
    • Having both Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen active does not consume additional fuel beyond the cost of having one active


patch 1 04



Guess who needed a well-expected balance update. Raze players have to think a bit much before launching their ultimate.

  • Showstopper: Ultimate Cost changed from 6 to 7 Ult points


patch 1 04



Riot has actually buffed Brimstone’s arms. Seriously his arms look better now. This is definitely the highlight of patch 1.04.

  • Orbital Strike: Ultimate Cost changed from 6 to 7 Ult points
  • Stim Beacon: No longer Buffs enemies and no longer shows its effect radius to enemies
  • Brimstone’s Arms Fidelity: Graphic update to Brimstone’s arms.




Cypher just has to be in every single patch. No fixes for Trapwire this time.

  • Cyber Cage:  The cage can now be picked up during the buy phase

Weapon Updates


  • Fixed bug where running inaccuracy on the right-click was much higher than intended
    • running was adding a 1.5 penalty because it was referencing our generalized running error curves for pistols
  • Fixed bug where jumping had no inaccuracy penalty
  • Running spread is changed from 3.4 >>> 2.1
    • primarily a bug fix
  • Jumping spread changed from 1.9 >>> 2.3
  • Walking spread changed from 1.9 >>> 1.95
  • Added a 10% bonus to accuracy when crouching and stationary
    • Intent is to feel consistent with crouch providing an accuracy benefit


  • Weapon Stats textbox in the pre-round shop has now an easier appearance to compare weapons

Elderflame Skins

  • Adjusted the volume on the Elderflame Operator equip animation
  • Fixed bug that would cause the volume to stack if you spam equipped the Operator
  • Enemy footsteps duck cosmetic bus properly
    • This means that enemy footsteps will always lower the volume of the skin sound effects that are not important to gameplay, like the flame whooshes, dragon roar, etc.
  • Elderflame Melee inspect animation now has sound effects for level 1 and 2

Quality of Life

  • Observer minimap vision cones are now colored by team
  • Replaced Reyna’s Voice Over for Italian and Mexican
    • Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the talents we identified for the role were not able to record due to regional restrictions. You can now find in-game, the voices we originally intended for Italian and Mexican Reyna!

Performance Updates

  • Gun pickup targeting and Sage Ultimate targeting unified with ally character highlights, saving VRam and GPU performance
  • Minor rendering performance fixes
  • Gun skin upgrade videos are now streamed instead of locally stored, reduced install size by 380MB

Bug Fixes

Below are selected improvements. Take a look at the full bug-fix list HERE.

  • Fixed:
    • requirement for Reyna to look at Soul Orbs to activate them and maintain her healing, behavior should match that of patch 1.02
    • one-way Brimstone smokes when the player’s camera was around the top of the smoke
    • Breach’s Aftershock not properly applying damage to all characters if multiple are hit by it
    • Marshall bug where the weapon maintained accuracy while walking
    • a bug where the “equip” button would stay greyed out when purchasing a skin variant that is being previewed

This is the end of VALORANT Patch 1.04! We can say that we feel content about the constant improvement Riot puts on the scene to create a better experience. See you in the next batch of the VALORANT updates.


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