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VALORANT Reyna Guide – How to Play Reyna

VALORANT Reyna Rehberi

*RELEASED with patch 1.0

Class: Duelist

Origin: Mexico


All dead and I’m still hungry.

– Reyna

An angel towards her allies, albeit suspicious, Reyna is a ferocious hunter after the hearts of her enemies. Her hunger for the life itself makes Reyna an incredible threat in single combats where she denies all eyes from sight.

Based on a strong firing ability, the immortality of Reyna is shaped by her executions, and she needs to make sure that her enemies are destroyed in order to continue her heartbeat.

We’ve heard of the rumors, an Agent that drains life, a vampire even. Reyna is now live on VALORANT to approve all that. Reyna literally drains life out of her foes after denying the breath into of their lungs. Her moves and appearance remind us of Mortal Kombat’s Sindel as well as Syndra of League of Legends in a more modern way.

Our VALORANT Reyna Guide consists of all her abilities, how to use and combine them. Let’s go!


C – Leer (200 Creds)

Uses per round: 2

EQUIP an ethereal, destructible eye. ACTIVATE to cast the eye a short distance forward. The eye will Nearsight all enemies who look at it.

This is the only ability of Reyna that does not need Soul Orbs (we will explain what that is later.) Leer‘s sight radius works as Sova’s Recon Bolt while mumbling sounds and blocking vision. You can think the ability as a flash like Phoenix’s Curveball. It can be used to deny info about your rotation or a fragging element.

Leer has a short duration yet its altitude can be adjusted to operate sight radius. Try not to be out in the open when configuring its place.

Q – Devour (100 Creds Each)

Uses per round: 4 – Shared with E

VALORANT Reyna Guide

Image will be uploaded soon.

Soul Harvest: Enemies killed by Reyna leave behind Soul Orbs that last 3 seconds.

Devour: INSTANTLY consume a nearby Soul Orb, rapidly healing for a short duration. Health gained through this skill exceeding 100 will decay over time. If EMPRESS is active, this skill will automatically cast and not consume the Soul Orb.

An incredible move upon kill, Reyna drains the life out of her enemies after she shots them down. An orb will appear as your enemy falls which will allow you Q and E to activate.

Even from long distances, Soul Orb can be used through abilities. Don’t hesitate on pressing them as you have secured your kill from afar. You can only obtain Soul Orbs from the kills Reyna scores and cannot use other dead bodies achieved by your teammates.

Devour will add up to your health and continues as the timer ticks while the excess health points decay. Your excess HP will be shown next to your HP points with the color purple. It enables Reyna to move around to search for another kill especially upon Spike defuses.

E – Dismiss (FREE) – Signature Ability

Uses per round: 4 – Shared with Q

VALORANT Reyna Guide
Image will be uploaded soon.

INSTANTLY consume a nearby Soul Orb, becoming intangible for a short duration. If EMPRESS is active, also become invisible.

Dismiss is a crucial addition to VALORANT. It actually enables Reyna to disappear for a short time -if her ult is on- which is absolutely terrifying in a shooter.

Upon getting kills, Dismiss has high potential gameplay options. Activate your ultimate close to choke points, get a kill, activate E, quickly position yourself with a surprise element. A very fun option to anger your opponent. Seriously that is frustrating.

Dismiss has the option to make Reyna become invulnerable and unable to shoot which is a first for VALORANT. Within that short time frame, no one can hurt you yet you can’t hurt anyone as well.

X – Empress (6 Points) – Ultimate Ability

Obtained by

Kills, Orbs, Spike Plants/Defuses

INSTANTLY enter a frenzy, increasing firing, equip and reload speed dramatically. Gain infinite charges of Soul Harvest abilities. Scoring a kill renews the duration.

Empress is like having a Brimstone Stim Beacon on a constant run, Sage’s Healing Orb with a twist aaand you can be invisible. Wow.

An ultimate that has so much fragging capabilities and looks like an actual night terror is amazing. However, Reyna is all shots. You need to get kills to enjoy the extra benefits of her ultimate.

More, MORE!

In team fights, make the entry with Leer (the eye) and your ultimate -if available- to increase the chance of getting kills. Reyna is only powerful if she scores so you’re actually making a bet here. If you trust your aim, Reyna is for you. On the other hand, if you are new to FPS games, we recommend you save your option to unlock her for another time.

A little bit agility in gameplay and shooting mastery is needed to operate Reyna since her C is her only skill that activates without any dependency. All these fun tips depend on you having kills which is a downside. However, it would be too overpowered without that link. We will see how the future unfolds for her. We will be working on Reyna to provide you with more insight in the future. Check this VALORANT Reyna Guide back to see more options on gameplay!

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