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VALORANT Skye Guide – How to Play Skye

Valorant skye guide

Hello Agents! SenpAI VALORANT Skye Guide, is going to be about; how to use Skye’s abilities, what you should do during teamfights and her role in the team.

You have to keep in mind that Skye is a support agent. You can both initiate and shape a teamfight with Skye. Therefore we would suggest you to stay safe during early and middle phases of a round and not making risky plays as Skye is most beneficial during late phases.


Play Behind Your Teammates

Skye has to play behind her teammates. As she is able to initiate teamfights and heal, staying alive for long time is one of her objectives. All of her abilities are very important for her team. She is a total teamplayer, use her abilities wisely.

Guiding Light (E) Ability

You can control Guiding Light as long as you keep holding fire button just like Jett‘s Cloudburst. If you stop pressing, you will lose the control of the ability. Additionally, this ability won’t activate whenever it hits a wall or sees an enemy. In order to activate it, you have to press E again. While defending a site, you can use Guiding Light for slowing down a possible execute or push. This will gain your teammates time for rotating and helping you to defend your site. Furthermore, your teammates can use your flashes for aggressive plays which might earn you critical advantages. Avoid using Guiding Light (E) for 1v1 individual fights. Use it in order to support your team. It is going to be very hard for you to equip your weapon and then attack to your enemy as this ability has a pretty long animation which is close to its blind effect.  Considering Guiding Light  has a reasonable price and blind duration, you can use it for making extra plays in rounds where you are eco or half buy.

Whenever Skye‘s Guiding Light (E) blinds somebody, in game sounds notify her. You can get info whether there is an enemy or not. However keep in mind that this notification is not only for enemies but also for allies. Blinding allies also gives her a notification which may be a wrong info for your teammates.

Trailblazer (Q) Ability

Do not use your Q to harm your enemies. It is supposed to use for gaining info for your team. While defending a site, you can use Trailblazer (Q) to get info for any possible executes or pushes happening. Moreover, you can use Trailblazer (Q) for getting info before entering a site which will reduce your chance of getting into a crossfire with your enemies and ease your duelists’s job.

Regrowth (C) Ability

Before using this ability try to gather as many wounded allies as you can. While using this ability your allies must be both in its radius and you have to be in their field of view. Any walls or buildings between you will cancel the healing. Try to avoid using Regrowth (C) in positions where you might get pushed by you enemies. Also don’t forget that Skye can’t heal herself. If you want to find other news and guides about VALORANT CLICK.

Seekers (X) Ability

This ability sends 3 Seekers to the closest enemies. Seeekers can be destroyed by shooting them. When a Seeker hits an enemy it nearsights them.  Main purpose of the skill is getting info for your team. You can use Seekers (X) in many situations such as; while entering a site, in a clutch situation, on a retake, getting info in late phases of a round to fortify your defences and slowing down a push happening to your site. Keep in mind that combining Skye‘s ultimate with her other abilities will make a much bigger chaos for enemy team, try to use them together as much as you can.


Recommended Team Composition

skye rehberi



skye rehberi



skye rehberi



skye rehberi



skye rehberi



VALORANT Skye Guide – How to Play Skye it is end of our article! What are your team composititons with Skye? Leave your comments below.


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