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Winter Sports: Skin Lines in League of Legends

The cold and snow are here and these folks have some interesting ideas on how to have fun, I give you the Winter Sports universe. In this world, we get to see some of our favorite champions put aside seriousness to unwind during winter.

While all the Winter Sports featured in this skin line might not be familiar, they promise loads of fun. From a cheerful little village trying to get rid of a man-rat to a king planning an exciting sport, you’ll fit in just fine.

Riot initially released these skins to celebrate the 2010 Winter Olympics and no one knows if we will see more skins. However, the ones they released all contribute to the lore and general spirit of the season.

Winter Sports Universe – Characters

Ice Toboggan Corki

Ice Toboggan Corki

Since a certain bird froze the Judges and Referees, folks like Corki can do whatever they like.

Skin Story

Having broken the land-speed record in most other vehicular sports, Corki has turned his attention to the ice luge—a momentum-based activity that doesn’t require a state-of-the-art flying sled with a forward-mounted machine gun. He brought one anyway.

The Mighty Jax

Winter Sports - The Might Jax

Whether he once defended people through Law or he simply is a great player, Jax will prove his mettle once again.

Skin Story

The hockey prodigy known as Jax is feared throughout the tournament circuit for his incredible reflexes and ability to kill a man with any object. There are rumors he used to be a defense attorney, but nobody knows for certain.

Curling Veigar

Winter Sports - Curling Veigar

How an all-powerful yordle like Veigar came to love Curling is a question no one can answer.

Skin Story

Curling is a sport where players slide stones across the ice with a stick. Veigar is an evil yordle obsessed with annihilating the great cities of Valoran. It just makes sense.

Team Spirit Anivia

Team Spirit Anivia

Anivia has bad sportsmanship but then there is no one around to sanction her. She froze them all.

Skin Story

Despite her festive colors, Anivia is an incredibly poor sport. She has been known to wall off the exits to locker rooms and fire icicles at her teammates when faced with a loss, behavior that would be disciplined… if she hadn’t frozen the judges and referees.

Whistler Village Twitch

Winter Sports - Whistler Village Twitch

Skin Story

Whistler Village is an idyllic mountain hamlet known for spiced cocoa, competitive winter sports, and rumors of an insane man-rat living in the woods. Attempts to appease the creature with spiced cocoa and competitive winter sports have been unsuccessful.

Union Jack Fiddlesticks

Union Jack Fiddle

Do you feel like giving a being of fear a skin story? Have at it. However, remember that fear is bad for sports PR.

Skin Story?

Pip pip. Cheerio.

Vancouver Amumu

Winter Sports - Vancouver Amumu

Do not, I repeat, do not touch any of the cursed mummies, never mind their cuteness.

Skin Story

The Vancouver Board of Public Safety would like to assure citizens that no cursed mummies have been spotted within the city limits. Cursed mummies are not native to the Vancouver area. Please do not touch cursed mummies, spreading their mummy curses.

Festival Kassadin

Festival Kassadin

We have opted to wait for participants to return from Kassadin’s festival. It was an easy decision because he kept every preparation a secret.

Skin Story

Reigning from his frozen throne on a lonely mountain, Kassadin prepares in secret for a special festival hidden deep in the icy wastes. Whether it’s a winter sports festival, none can say… except for the attendees, who think he’s being ridiculous.

Wrapping Up

For a skin line that promises fun, the Winter Sports shows that even in the most enjoyable of games, there are dangers. I hope you enjoyed reading about this world, feel free to check out the Winter Wonder universe.

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