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Woad – Skin Lines in League of Legends

The Woad skin line takes place in alternate Freljord. Its stories tell of the Woad Tribe living in the coldest and toughest parts of the frozen lands. This tribe has great warriors and mighty goddesses. However, the stories also tell of danger, betrayal, revenge, bravery, and love.

Darius became the clan’s king by undertaking the direst of missions. The warrior came back victorious, setting a standard for other aspiring warriors. The stories also tell of Morgana and Kayle, two celestial sisters locked in a rivalry older than Freljord itself. Kayle betrayed her sister and Morgana started planning her revenge as soon as she recovered.

Finally, we have Ashe and Quinn who always look out for the tribe. No one can count the number of times these two marksmen have saved the tribe from danger and famine.

Fun Fact: The Woad skin line draws inspiration from the Celts, wonderful people with an interesting culture. You can find them somewhere in Europe.

Woad Ashe

Woad Ashe

You will probably only find Ashe if you get lost in the frozen lands. Your survival however depends on whether she deems you pure of heart or not.

Skin Story

A legendary wilderness archer, Ashe is the first and last member of the Woad Tribe many a wayward traveler will ever meet. Nothing is known of her past, save for frozen corpses littering the northern trails.

Woad King Darius

Woad King Darius

Darius broke the kingship test record and set a new one. The tribe will have to find another monster for the test, Darius killed this one.

Skin Story

For a Woad tribesman to be named king, they must venture alone into the den of a glacial hydra and return with one of its heads. Darius, it is said, came back with all nine.

Battleborn Kayle

Exiled Morgana and Battleborn Kayle
Morgana and Kayle

Kayle is a goddess who believes in justice and purity. However, she had a hand in her sister’s fall and Morgana yearns for revenge.

Skin Story

Kayle is a benevolent goddess in times of peace, and a terrifying battle spirit in times of war. She wears the traditional warpaint of her people as a living record of their victories and power.

Exiled Morgana

(See splash art under Battleborn Kayle)

The tribe betrayed Morgana several hundred years ago. The goddess now plans on exerting revenge on everyone who helped kick her out, Kayle included.

Skin Story

A battle spirit exiled from her tribe in a past age, Morgana has silently plotted revenge on her betrayers and their descendants for hundreds of years. Each passing winter she comes closer to her goal—a climactic battle in which the tribe falls, and Kayle with it.

Woad Scout Quinn

Woad Scout Quinn

Together with Valor, her bird companion has rescued many lost souls from the unforgiving weather in the mountains.

Skin Story

Pity those poor souls lost in the northern mountains—Quinn, the scout of the Woad Tribe, will always find them. And those who cross her path are said never to return.

Woad – Wrapping Up

The Woad theme is one of my favorite of all the skin lines in the game. It shows power, survival, and primal impulses all wrapped in one. Another unique skin line is the Road Warrior universe.

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