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Worlds 2019 Semifinals 1: FPX vs IG

Quarterfinals of Worlds 2019 have been completed and 4 giants are gonna clash in Madrid once before heading to the Paris for The Summoner’s Cup. This the most stacked semifinals lineup ever in the Worlds history. Today we will look at the first semifinal between FunPlus Phoenix and Invictus Gaming aka; The LPL Autumn Finals. 

LPL seemed to underperform in the group stages and many people considered that they would not be able to beat their quarterfinal oppositions. This was not the case as both LPL representatives demolished their opponents. Both quarterfinals went  3-1, but the teams’ road to success is very different. Invictus Gaming won their series by playing through TheShy’s ability to carry games using scaling champions. TheShy massively outclassed his counterpart Sword in all games and was the key member. It’s pretty much given that TheShy will perform well in the upcoming series as well.

While TheShy was a monster that can’t be said for his team members. Rookie was not up to his standards and JackeyLove made some questionable decisions, like teleporting behind enemies with Kog’maw. Even when they are having these bad moments IG is so skilled that they can easily turn the tides in their favor at any given time. IG are their worst enemies and it’s very hard to say how they will perform in the upcoming series.

FunPlus Phoenix is a very different team compared to IG. They are more calculated and they play trough their bot lane using mid/jungle combo to destroy enemy bot lanes and snowball. LPL champions live and die by Doinb’s ability to roam. This was their case against European fan favorite Fnatic aswell. Tian is the best performing jungler at the tournament(He is number 1 in all the jungle stats), he and Doinb’s roam timings are crucial to FPX’s success. While FPX is playing trough bot lane, top laner GimGoon’s ability to play weakside is also amazing. He doesn’t get ganked and doesn’t give solo kills to opponents very often. This is going to be very important against the upcoming series as both teams will have a very different approach to the game.

Even tho it’s been a long time, FPX’s only loss this summer split was against IG. Both teams have never met in a Bo5 before but they know each other so well and both teams will bring out different mind games into pick/ban phase.

Key Member for IG: Rookie

As stated above Rookie is not performing up to his standards and Doinb is the engine that starts the FPX machine. If IG wants to beat LPL champions and defend their title, Rookie needs to lock down Doinb in his lane like Caps did against Showmaker.

Key Member for FPX: GimGoon

No matter how good of a team you are you need to beat TheShy to beat IG and TheShy is on fire. Griffin had amazing players across the board but they lost because TheShy outclassed Sword. Like Griffin, FPX will not play trough their top lane. GimGoon will be all alone against TheShy and Ning. If he can withstand that onslaught while the rest of FPX bring out their style of game to the bot side of the map, FPX can easily win this series.

Series prediction: 3-2 IG

When you look at both teams the eye test is on the FPX side. They are the cleaner team, they execute their plays better, but this is never going to hold against IG. TheShy has consistently beaten every top laner he has matched against and he is going to do this to GimGoon aswell. What he needs is the rest of the map not falling victim to FPX’s skirmish and roams.