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Worlds 2019 Semifinals 2: SKT vs G2

 While one side of the bracket is featuring LPL autumn finals the other side is MSI semifinals rematch. G2 Esports is the second non-Korean team to ever beat SKT in a Bo5 series, so SKT is coming for revenge and this series is gonna be a banger!

Starting with G2, they had many question marks going into quarterfinals against DAMWON Gaming, they brushed off these questions and dissected DAMWON. Their game plan was perfect and they took advantage of DAMWON’S weakness’. G2 locked down Showmaker in lane and Caps was all over the map. Their only loss came when they played mage in the bot lane. G2 is a team that combines both immaculate micro and macro and they showcased this against DWG. Whenever G2 got ahead they could easily close games off of that small advantages.

G2 and SKT are the most diverse teams left in the tournament. They can play through any lane as every player in the rift is one of the best in their roles. While Perkz is on the road to becoming the best adc in the World(Not joking), he has only showcased this with Kai’sa and Xayah. When DWG banned Xayah and picked Kai’sa, G2 struggled in the bot lane. This could be a potential weakness that SKT could exploit as Teddy has a bigger adc champion pool. Even tho it hasn’t worked the best for teams, G2 can still pick mage bot laners as they have beaten SKT with Syndra in the bot lane in MSI.

SKT drew the easiest of the 4 quarterfinals and they fumbled a bit against Splyce. Splyce went toe to toe with SKT in the early game but got demolished by SKT in the mid game of the first two matches. The third match was however very different as Splyce used SKT’s over tendency to force fights with an Ornn pick and took a game off of SKT. Which was unexpected by everyone. SKT is a team that doesn’t play around and they seemed like they were fooling around a bit with their opponents.

One thing is working well for SKT; Top laner Khan playing so well. Khan beat Vizicsacsi so hard in almost all games. Vizicsacsi’s lack of being unable to play carry champions cost Splyce the series. Khan seemed like the strongest member in SKT and this is a good sign for them. As he was the weakest member who was overextending and getting caught. While Khan is playing well it can’t be said about the unkillable demon king Faker. In quarterfinals, Faker had his worst Worlds ever performance. Humanoid outclassed him but that wasn’t enough for Splyce to win, because SKT like G2 is a multi-threat team.

SKT still has room to improve as this doesn’t feel like their peak yet. They need to get to their peak till semifinals because G2 in quarterfinals seemed like a complete package and played like the world champion team.

Key Player for SKT: Faker

When Faker is playing he is the player to watch in his team. In all SKT iterations, he went through multiple playstyles; support, carry, roamer. Now he has the talented lineup he ever had and he needs to show up if SKT are to beat G2.  He needs to consistently beat Caps and hold him in lane so Caps don’t unleash his wrath all over the map as he did in quarterfinals.

Key Player for G2: Caps

Is it gonna be Craps or Claps? Will he roam like he did it in quarterfinals? Or will he try to beat Faker in lane and fall to his hubris? These questions will determine if G2 is going to complete their grand slam or not.

Series Prediction: 3-1 G2

There is a saying; ” Never bet against SKT”. I think that saying died when G2 won the MSI. They look more complete team and play to their opponents’ weakness’ so well. Also, Caps seems to have learned his lesson and is not trying to beat international midlaners like he did and failed before. Now he is playing to push and roam to enable his team members. Which is working amazingly for G2.