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League of Legends Worlds 2021 – Semi-Finals

zed worlds 2021

Hello Summoners! We’re reaching the end of Worlds with only 3 matches left. Then we’ll know who is the winner of Worlds 2021, which will get a new line of skins. 


Saturday: DK (LCK) vs T1 (LCK)

Sunday: GEN (LCK) vs EDG (LPL)

If you want to read about the Quarter-finals you can click here!

The winner of each match will go to the finals to compete for almost 500 thousand US dollars. Where the loser will get a little over 300 thousand.

We have 3 Korean representatives and 1 Chinese, each match will be a best of 5.

Each team has their preferences of playstyle and champion pool, so let’s see what they’ve got:

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