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League of Legends Worlds 2021 – Semi-Finals

zed worlds 2021

Match 1 – Worlds 2021

DK hasn’t lost a single map until now, and they like to play very aggressively with picks such as Miss Fortune and Leona for bot lane, a Twisted Fate on mid to roam with the Lee Sin Jungler, and a tank Jax or Graves on the top lane.

T1 on the other hand prefers a composition around the AD Carry with an assassin jungler. On bot lane they like Aphelios with Lulu, with a Twisted Fate on mid to roam bot lane, a very mobile jungler like Talon to get vision of the enemy team, and a Graves or some poke like Jayce on the top lane.

Match 2 – Worlds 2021

Gen.G really like a poking composition. Zoe on mid, Lee Sin jungle, and a bot lane of Miss Fortune and Rakan, that can siege very well, and a tank Renekton for top lane to be the front line.

EDG has a stronger approach for objectives and build their composition to control the whole map, for this the like the Graves on the top lane pushing the waves, a tank jungler like Jarvan IV who can engage and disengage, a Ryze on mid lane that can roam with the team, and a duo of Ezreal and Yuumi for bot lane, which can cover a lot of ground with the global ultimate and the move speed.

That’s it for today, let us know in the comments your predictions and who do you think will win!

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