Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

– What is SenpAI ?
SenpAI is a web application that analyzes your Dota 2 & LOL matches and provide instructions to improve your gameplay. Dota 2 & LOL are very complex games with over a hundred heroes with different skills, flexible roles and game objectives. Every match is a different story and we will help you see what you can do to be more successful.

– Why do I have to login with Steam?
Steam is the platform where we can access your recent matches. Also we want to use this platform you are already familiar with. Steam provides you a secure & reliable login system.

– Why do I have to verify my LoL Account?
We want every user to own their LoL account in SenpAI. This way, no one else can access your personalized performance analyses generated by our AI.

– What do you provide me about my gameplay?
Our AI coach will analyze your match based on your role. We have designed different features for each role. You can find the description below.

– How does AI work for post game analysis?
AI Coach analyzes your match withes replay files. After processing the replay of you match, it provides your role-specific features and make comments for potential improvements on your gameplay. SenpAI’s main goal is to increase your win probability.

– What is “Performance Analysis”?
You can review your progress on the last 10 games of each role.

– Why is my match “Not Available”?
If there are matches tagged with “Not Available”, it means match replay is not available on Steam servers.

– When will my matches be analyzed?
Every time you access to our service we check your recent matches and if replays are available in Dota 2, we will process them.