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World's First AI Video Coach for LoL

SenpAI is a LoL Coaching Platform with AI created Pro Player Video Guides and Match Analysis. You can watch pro player videos and guides tailored specifically for you.

League Of Legends - Ryze
League Of Legends - Ryze
League Of Legends - Fiora
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Climb faster with Personalized Pro-Player Videos

SenpAI suggests video guides from pro player games along with the item, skill and rune builds based on your champions and playstyle updated by each meta of League of Legends

League Of Legends - Ashe

Play better with your AI coach!

SenpAI offers actionable recommendations and personalized video guides based on the deep analysis of your LoL gameplay leveraging cutting-edge AI

League Of Legends - Blitzcrank

Track your progress to mastery with advanced statistics

SenpAI visualizes your LoL game in a 2D map, tracks your performance and shows detailed LoL stats so that you never skip important moments of your summoner rift

League Of Legends - Ezreal


SenpAI really can help players to climb faster in SoloQ

- Closer / Professional Player

SenpAI helps players to see where they need to focus and show them how to improve

- Pilot / Professional Player

It’s so easy to start using SenpAI thanks to its player friendly interface

- Armut / Professional Player